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8 Valuable Image Ratio Changer Online

8 Valuable Image Ratio Changer Online

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To upload an image on different platforms supporting different sizes, you need to change the aspect ratio accordingly. To get this task done, there are several online and other programs available.

Image Ratio

This article will help you to learn more in detail about the image ratio changer and the tools to edit the same.

Part 1 What is the Aspect Ratio and Its Importance?

An aspect ratio in the simplest terms is defined as the relationship of the image width with its height. Denoted by x: y, where x is the width and h, is the height, an aspect ratio defines the shape of an image and can be different for different platforms and sites. Thus, one image with a certain aspect ratio might not fit perfectly on another site or a platform that supports a different aspect ratio. For instance, an image created for Facebook might not appear to be right in size when posted on Instagram. Similarly, an image seen on a smartphone will have a different look when watched on a big TV screen.

It is important to have the right aspect ratio as a set or recommended by the site or the platform so that they look appealing and interesting. To change ratio of image, there are several tools available.

Part 2 Top 8 Online Image Resizing Tools to Change Aspect Ratio


Using this simple browser-based tool, you can quickly resize the image and change photo ratio. You can either browse and add the image or can simply drag and drop it to the interface. The tool allows you to choose the aspect ratio from multiple supported options. You can also perform other editing tasks like cropping, flipping, rotating, and more.


To edit your images and videos in a hassle-free manner, this is a good tool to use. Not only the local files but also the ones on Dropbox, recorded and online can be added to the program for processing. You can resize the added file by selecting its aspect ratio and multiple other editing options are also supported. The free version of the tool comes with a watermark on the processed files.


Using this online tool images of up to 100MB and 100MP in GIF format and 30MB and 10MP in other formats can be added to the tool for the processing. You can drag and drop the file or can import it to the interface. After the file is added, you can choose the aspect ratio and can also crop the image as needed. Additionally, you can rotate the file, add a background, and also the target format.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express

This online tool from Adobe will let you edit the aspect ratio of images in all key formats. The process is simple and quick where you are just required to add the image and then choose from several pre-set aspect ratio for social media sites. Option for setting customized aspect ratio as needed is also there.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express


Using Kapwing, local as well as online images can be processed for multiple editing options including change image aspect ratio online. The interface of the tool looks cluttered, but once you get the hang of the same, multiple tasks can be performed quickly. You can choose from multiple options supported for the aspect ratio and the option for padding and choosing the background color is also there.



To crop your images automatically and manually, this is a great tool to use. After the image is added to your system, the program will start processing to crop your videos automatically using the best parameters. Though the aspect ratio is also selected automatically, there is also an option to change picture ratio manually as needed.



Add the images from the system, Google Drive, and Dropbox to this online tool for processing. Social media presets for resizing the images are available at the tool and you can even choose a customized option by setting the height and the width. Cropping options with the fit and fill feature is also supported by the tool.



This online image editing tool supports multiple functions like image resizing, converting, compressing, adding effects, and more. The image resize section of the program allows you to select the desired width and height and set its aspect ratio as well. Additional settings like interpolation, DPI size, and more are supported by this picture ratio changer.


Part 3 Best Software to Edit Videos Effortlessly – Wondershare Filmorapro

When you need to edit the videos professionally and that too in an effortless manner, Wondershare FilmoraPro is the best tool. This excellent Windows and Mac-based software can customize and edit your videos in just a few simple steps. Videos in all formats can be processed using the software with precision.

Key features of the software

Support to all video formats for quick and precise processing.

Customizable animation options are supported like motion tracking, pan, zooming, ease-in, ease-out, and more.

Create professional-looking videos using features like text and tiles, lights and flares, masking, warp, distorting, and more.

High-quality preset options are available like auto-correction, control settings, color wheels, scopes, and more.

Audio supported functions supported like automatic audio-sync, audio compression, audio noise reduction, audio transitions,

Windows and Mac support.

Wondershare Filmora Pro

Power Up Your Story with Filmora Pro. Professional video editing made easy.

Wondershare FilmoraPro

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Aspect Ratio defines the size of an image and it’s a relationship between the width and the height.

It is important to have the right aspect ratio for the image to appear fit on several social media sites, devices, and platforms.

To change the ratio of image there are several online and desktop tools available. Online tools are simple and free to use.

To edit the videos professionally Wondershare FilmoraPro is the best software.

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