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Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Are you into video editing and looking into installing a video editing software or looking into subscribing to an online platform for the same? Both have the potential for creating perfect, and professional quality videos, but the choice of an online video editor will give you some good experience. Online video editors are easy to access. There are several online video editors on the internet which are user-friendly like InVideo. There are made with armature users in mind thus very easy to navigate even for those who have never edited a video before. The software come with several effects and tools that simplify the editing process.

While using a free online video editor, you can access several add-ons that will enhance your user experience. The add-ons are made in a way that they add new tools to enhance a user’s experience and the overall use of the software. These add-ons are provided by the software's developer or they are mods by some of the users. They are freely updated are simple and free to download.

Filmora Audio Recorder

Record computer system audio

Capture microphone audio

Customize recording volume

Record screen and webcam as well online video editor

It is a simple online video editing software, it is meant to create perfect and professional-looking videos without the user having to train to be a professional video editor. is a unique software since it enables users to easily edit videos and this is one of the aspects that sets it apart from other competitors.

media io

Shooting videos has been simplified with the advancement of digital phones enabling just anyone to take a video through their phone camera. On the other hand, it is quite challenging, expensive, and hard to make these recorded videos look nice and professional. You will have to seek assistance at a fee to have the videos edited for you.

 Steps to follow while using

Choose a File

Choose a video that you want to work on from your archives and upload it to the application

Making Edits to your videos Online

Here you can add text, audio, subtitles, rotate, crop, add effects, and subtitles among several others.


After you have done your editing to satisfaction, proceed to download the finished video for sharing or other uses.

FlexClip Online Video Editor

It is a multipurpose online video editing tool that allows you to make videos, movies, and slideshows within the shortest time possible. It enables the user to cut a clip from a video and quickly make it more dynamic by adding voice recordings and texts. The app allows you to completely control a video's appearance background appearance and much more.


Key features of flexClip are an easy to use and a clean storyboard, videos and music, a large stock of images, and editing features like trim, text, animation, split, watermark, and photos. FlexClip will fulfill all your needs when it comes to editing a video like a professional, you can use the application to create videos for occasions like weddings and much more. It is very easy to use.

Steps on How to Use FlexClip

Add Media

You will select to add videos and photos from your computer's storage or library to the app's storyboard.


Here, you will add text, music, a voice-over, or a watermark to personalize or customize the video.


You can download your edited video in your chosen ratio or definition for your use.

Canva Online Video Maker

A choice to edit your videos using a free online video editing software like Canva is advantageous because of the easy-to-use interface and the basic editing features. Canva video editing software will give you basic editing features like splitting, cutting, and trimming as timeline editing features. It enables you to add as many layers and elements as you want to the storyboard.


Canva online video maker gives you a variety of video sizes free to customize depending on the type of video you want to edit. It also gives you a choice to resize, crop, rotate, flip and adjust a clip or image. For the addition of a voice-over, a webcam video, or a screen recording you can use the in-app recorder available. Canva allows usage without having to sign in and is also available for use on mobile devices on the go. It is also a collaborative app that allows the usage of others all at the same time while editing.

Steps on How to Use Canva Online Video Maker

Step 1:

Start by selecting the project type you want to work on. It is because videos for different platforms do have different dimensions. If you already know the dimensions of the video type that you want, proceed to click Create a design Custom size and input the correct details. If not sure, select the video title after what video you want to make.

Step 2:

Chose a Template or Make one. After choosing a project type, the app will open for you a blank window whose bottom will display your timeline which allows you to add frames and choose the length of the video.

Step 3:

On the screen's left side, you will find tabs for stored videos, photos, elements, audio files, and texts. You can pick elements to create something more structured. Choose elements and scroll to frames. These will enable you to create shapes if you drag and drops items in them.

To add your prerecorded video, audio and photos, use the Upload tab. For cropping, use double-click a video or image on the screen.

Step 4:

For editing, the software offers several choices. You can add, edit, transition between frames, drag and drop animate pictures, and add elements to make them fade, and tumble among others.

Step 5:

Download and publish. After you are done doing all the necessary edits, you can preview your work before downloading using the play button on the top-right of the screen. In an event that you want someone’s opinion on the editing, you can share the video as well as editing privileges.


Online video editors come with several features that you need to awesome videos without having to possess prior knowledge of video editing. The applications support editing of all types of videos in the browser without having to unnecessarily upload. Some of the online editing tools offer social media ad makers that you can use before resolving to edit to create your own.

Transform Long Videos into Short Ones Instantly

Turn long videos into viral clips. Effortlessly transform lengthy videos into engaging, shareable clips.


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