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2022 Full Guide about TikTok Aspect Ratio

2022 Full Guide about TikTok Aspect Ratio

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TikTok videos are booming these days. The reason behind that is extraordinary content and the perfect TikTok video ratio. No videos will get popular until they are made properly.

Part 1 What Is TikTok Aspect Ratio?

01TikTok Video Maximum Size

When you talk about the TikTok videos then they can be uploaded in more than a single measurement. This means that the maximum size varies according to the dimensions, TikTok video size ratio, lengths and the device which you are using to upload the videos.

02TikTok Video Dimensions: Portrait or Landscape?

You can upload TikTok videos in both portrait and landscape form. However, it is advised to upload the videos in portrait as the social platforms prefer vertical videos. This is because the mainly used device is mobile phone and vertical videos are perfect for them. This also boosts the engagement of the audience. You can also make such videos through smartphones. Additionally, you get an option for selecting the video mode if you create videos using TikTok.

03What is the Maximum Size of a TikTok Video?

The file size for TikTok videos can vary according to iOS and android users. If you are uploading via android then it must be 72MB and for iPhone, it gets increased around 4 times. For iPhones, the maximum file size should be 287.6 MB. This size becomes 500 MB if you talk about the ad videos of TikTok.

04What is the Length of a Video on TikTok?

As far as the length of TikTok videos is concerned, if you are shooting the videos on the app then it could be no longer than 60 seconds. However, the most recommended length of the videos is 15 seconds. The videos that are more than 15 seconds get posted in different segments of 15 seconds. Also, you can upload videos of more than 60 seconds if they are made elsewhere.

Part 2 Top 6 Tips for TikTok Video Ads

01Types of TikTok Video Ads

Infeed ads: These ads are displayed on the news feed of the user. They can see these ads as they scroll the 'for you’ section of TikTok. They very well suited to the feed of TikTok. The user can easily scroll around the ads and news feed. When creating a feed ad you must keep in mind that the video should be full screen so that it would make the user stay back to the video. This is the most popular advertising format amongst businesses.

Top view ads: These ads are shown on the news feed for some seconds. As the user signs in to TikTok and the news feed is opened, these video ads pop up after 3 seconds. However, you get the option to skip the ads. Also, these ads are subjected to sound and auto-play.

Branded effects ads: These ads allow the user that they can create the videos and ads by using their own custom filters. Through this, they can optimize their videos according to their requirements.

Brand takeover ads: user will see these ads as soon he opens TikTok. As the name suggests the takeover ads take over the screen for 3 to 4 seconds and then they change into an in-feed video ad. This can be an excellent option to create awareness and generate sales.

Branded hash tag ads: in these ads you can ask the user to create some in line videos with your product and then post them with a particular hash tag. These ads are perfect to make a reach among the audience and also boost brand awareness.

02How to Optimize TikTok Videos with a Clideo

If you want to optimize your video using Clideo for making it smartphone perfect, then here are some simple steps to do so:

Step 1: first of all, when you are going to optimize video through Clideo, you will need to log in to  Further, upload the video using your personal computer, DropBox account, or Google Drive account. If your video is already posted then it can also be optimized. All you need to do is simply copy-paste the URL and edit it in Clideo. 

Step 2: The next step is to resize and optimize the video. As your video will get uploaded an editor will open. Here you have to click on the input custom or preset dimensions. As you are editing TikTok videos you will need to select an aspect ratio of 9:16 or 1:If you want to crop the video you can do it using the editors and position selectors. This tool also allows zooming in and out of the particular frame. You can also change the background colors.

Step 3: After this you will need to download the edited file. Before downloading do not forget to take the preview of the output file and then simply download the video in your device.

Clideo online video resizer

03How to Resize Your TikTok Video File

Resizing the TikTok video file is absolutely easy. All you have to do is select or upload the video and resize it using the options given in the app. You can resize the videos according to your choice. Further, save the resized video or simply upload it.

04Top 6 Tips for TikTok Video Ads

Vertical videos: For TikTok videos ads, the easiest way to share them is in the vertical mode. This mode is specially optimized for smartphones and also it gives the best possible view of what you are sharing.

Attention of the audience: It is very essential to grab the attention of your audience. As there is so much traffic on social platforms, it is very important to get the views properly. For this, you will have to make your video eye-catching as well as insert some such things that hold the user back to your video.

Magic of music: TikTok is the platform which has a different magic of music. So don’t forget to add music in your video ads. Keep yourself updated with what is trending in the market so that you can make your videos accordingly.

Centralize the content: It is important to centralize your content or else it will not give you the expected results. Do not add stuff in your video. Make sure that your video is up to the mark and you are offering only what you want to.

Length of videos: The ideal length for TikTok videos is suggested to be 9 to 15 seconds. So assure that your video is not so lengthy and free from stuff.

Use the proper tools: like all the other things, it is also very important to use the proper tools to create and edit the videos. No matter if you creating a video or editing it, all you need to do is use the latest Wondershare Filmora Video Editor tool. By using this tool, you can make your videos exceptionally outstanding. Here you get a number of filters, transitions, text editing and much more to do with your videos. Also the color changing options make this a must using tool.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

TikTok is a leading app these days that is booming with its visual content. This is loved by the marketers as well as the customers too.

The audience is keen to see some fresh content and this is what TikTok up to. Videos made with perfect dimensions, sizes, aspect ratios, and background filters get a massive popularity.

The videos can also be optimized and made better using various latest tools like Wondershare Filmora. These tools are capable of making your video more engaging and interesting.

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