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How To Get Royalty Free Music for Your YouTube Videos

A lot of vloggers like to have music in the background of their YouTube videos, and even vloggers who prefer not to might like to use music in their intro or outro sequences. Music tells your audience how to feel while they are watching your YouTube video. It can make things fun, or creepy, or get people pumped up!

Any period of silence in a video is a chance for viewers to lose interest, so having music playing behind you can be useful for holding people's attention.

Your videos should only contain music that is royalty free or they will be flagged for removal. Working hard on a video only to have it taken down can be really frustrating so it's better not to take the risk. This post will show you where you can find royalty free music for YouTube.

What Does 'Royalty Free' Mean?

'Royalty free' does not mean that the artist has given up ownership of their music, just that they have licensed it for others to use. Licenses have conditions, but they should not affect your ability to use royalty free music in your vlog. The most common condition for using royalty free music is that you need to credit the artist, which can be as simple as including a 'music by' note in your video's description.

Because royalty free music still has a copyright claim on it YouTube may occasionally flag your video even though you are only using music you are allowed to use. YouTube's flagging system is automated and prone to error. If your video is incorrectly flagged you can dispute it with YouTube and get your video cleared again.

Where Can I Find Music for my Videos?

There are a lot of places to find royalty free music. Here's a list of five:

1. Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor: When you download Filmora it comes with a built in library of music that you can use in your YouTube videos. The songs are all by real bands from the Pacific north-west and the genres range from hipster-folk to electronic rock. You can download the latest version of Filmora Video Editor at filmora.wondershare.com.

2. Youtube Audio Library

Youtube Audio Library: The popular video sharing site has a large selection of royalty free music for its users to put in their videos. The licenses for some tracks require artist attribution – credit to the original band or artist. All downloads from YouTube's audio library are free.

3. FreePD

FreePD: The unique thing about FreePD.com is that the music is actually in the public domain, not royalty free. FreePD has compiled a selection of songs whose artists have chosen to give up their ownership rights. Because there is no copyright claim on any of the music from FreePD it is less likely that YouTube will accidentally flag your video. It costs $14 to download FreePD's entire library of music.

4. AudioJungle

AudioJungle: AudioJungle.net has a large selection of royalty free music and sound effects. An individual song can cost anywhere from $7 to $19. You will be able to use music from AudioJungle in your YouTube project with their standard license, but there are different levels of licenses for television and other mediums.

5. AudioBlocks

AudioBlocks: Audioblocks.com is a subscription service where you pay either $79 a month or $99 a year for access to their library. As a subscriber you are allowed unlimited downloads. You keep your downloads forever regardless of whether you renew your subscription. There are no different licensing levels on Audioblocks so you can use your downloads however you like.

5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud: Soundcloud.com is a music sharing site where real artists post new music all the time. Not all songs are available for download, but the ones that are are free. However, you cannot use every downloadable song on SoundCloud for your YouTube videos. The artists on SoundCloud use a variety of licenses outlining how you can and cannot use their music. Often you are allowed to use a song, but are required to give the artist credit. This varies from artist to artist, though. If a musician has not specified how you can use their music then there is no harm in asking for permission – it is a social site.

Jun 01,2018 11:01 am
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