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YouTube Monetization: Does YouTube Pay Monthly?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 05, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

Any YouTuber can earn passive income monthly if they’ve reached the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) requirement? Yes, the YouTube Partner Program gives creators access to start generating revenue with their channel once they reach a minimum of 1,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 watch ours in the last twelve months.

For anyone looking to start earning passive income via YouTube, but have the question, “Does YouTube pay monthly?” The answer is YES YouTube pays monthly. However, there are other things you must know if you want to start making money from YouTube. So, in this article, we will discuss all you need to know about how often YouTube pays and other YouTube monetization tips.

In this article
  1. How Often Does YouTube Pay
  2. How Does YouTube Pay – Typical Methods Used
    1. Affiliate Marketing
    2. Brand Sponsorship
    3. Selling Own Products or Services
  3. More FAQs About How Much YouTubers Make

Part 1: How Often Does YouTube Pay

As mentioned earlier, YouTube pays monthly. It’s usually within the first 10-14 days of a new month (10th day or 14th day of a new month). However, to be able to receive your funds, you must reach the minimum threshold of your local currency as required by YouTube. For example, $100 for content creators within the United States.

Also, you must comply with the YouTube monetization policies and not be suspended by YouTube in the past month.

Part 2: How Does YouTube Pay – Typical Methods Used

Research shows that YouTube’s average pay rate is within the range of $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view. This means for every 1,000 ad views, a YouTuber could earn $18, while for every 1,000 video views, you could earn $3 to $5. You might ask “Does YouTube pay creators per view?’ Well, the answer is NO, YouTube doesn’t pay creators per view. They pay per monetized view.

However, to get started making money per monetized views, you need to join the YouTube Partnership Program. As mentioned earlier, YouTube Partner Program (YPP) gives creators access to start generating revenue with their channel once they reach a minimum of 1,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 watch ours in the last twelve months. It gives creators access to different monetization features like advertising, merchandise sales, fan funding, and lots more.

●   Earn Money Through Ad Views

Advertisers pay for YouTube ads based on clicks and impressions, and YouTube monetizes creators' videos by displaying these ads in different advertising formats like pre-roll, display, etc. So, once these ads display in your video and your subscribers click on them, you get paid.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube’s average pay rate is within the range of $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view, while for every 1,000 video views, you could earn $3 to $5. But, out of the money earned, YouTube pays creators 55% and keeps the remaining 45%.

With Ads, you can earn money based on every 1,000 views get from your video and the number of clicks you get on ads placed on your video. However, for ads to be displayed on your videos, you must adhere to YouTube’s creator guidelines, as videos that contain foul language, violence, adult content, and other unwanted subjects won’t have ads displayed on them.

The image below displays the requirement to start displaying ads on your YouTube videos;

youtube partnership program

Part 3: More Opportunities To Earn More Money From YouTube

Besides ads, there are other ways to monetize your YouTube channel. You could also earn through a corporate sponsorship from brands, selling your products, etc. Keep reading to find out more ways to earn money from YouTube.

1.   Affiliate Marketing

youtube affilate marketing

You might have come across YouTube videos where the creators talk about their favorite brands and add links to the platform for the brand. Well, that’s a form of affiliate marketing.

YouTube Affiliate marketing involves a creator reviewing a product like makeup, digital cameras, mobile phone, and lots more including services in their video. Plus, the links to the recommended product or services are usually added to the description of the video. So, once a viewer clicks on the link and purchases the product or service, the YouTuber gets a certain percentage of the money.

If you get an affiliate link to a product on a platform, you can create a video relating to that product, then in your video description, you’ll add the affiliate link there. So, when anyone purchases the product using your affiliate link, you’ll get your percentage off the price they paid. On average, companies will be willing to pay within 5% to 50% of the purchase price.

2.   Brand Sponsorship

youtube brand spinsorship

The fact YouTube is the most used video-playing platform makes it a great spot for businesses and organizations to promote their product or services. So, once you grow your YouTube subscribers to a certain level, you’ll receive emails from companies and brands to partner with you to sponsor their products or service. Honestly, there are lots of brands who will be happy to pay you to promote their products/services,

Research shows that sponsorship deals are usually within the range of $200 to over $10k. It all depends on how the brand/organization is willing to cooperate. It could be pre-roll, post-roll, etc.

Also, your YouTube channel data statistics such as total subscribers, average video impressions in the past months, likes, comments, and more are other factors that will determine how much brands will offer you to seal a sponsorship deal.

3.   Selling Own Products or Services

sell products on youtube

Selling your products or services is another great way to monetize your YouTube channel. You could sell your merch, gaming tools, and other things related to the theme of the content you create for your loyal fans to purchase.

If you don’t have a product, you could charge your viewers for exclusive content, sell online courses for dropshipping, sell cryptocurrency trading e-books, etc. The only thing is you need to have a large following to earn well from this YouTube monetization option.

Part 4: More FAQs About How Much YouTubers Make

At this point, you should already have a brief idea of how YouTube monetization works. However, if you still want to discover more information, keep reading to check out more FAQs on how much YouTubers make.

1. Who is The Richest YouTuber?

The richest YouTuber as of 2021 is Mr. Beast. He has made up to $54 million in revenue from his YouTube channel.

2. Do YouTubers Get Paid Well?

The rate at which YouTubers get paid depends on certain factors like the audience they aim for, how frequently they publish the nature of their material, and lots more. As we mentioned in the article, the average pay rate on YouTube is within the range of $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view, while for every 1,000 video views, you could earn $3 to $5. Also, research shows that the highest-paying YouTube category is the “Make Money Online” category with an average CPM of $13.52.

3. How much does a YouTuber make a year?

Honestly, there's no specific answer to how much a YouTuber makes a year. However, research shows that an average YouTuber makes up to $60,000 annually.

Final Words

As you can see, there are different ways you could monetize your YouTube channel. Be it via affiliate marketing, ads, selling products, or more. Regardless of how you want to monetize your YouTube channel, the article has covered the basics you must know to make the process easier.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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