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8 Fastest Growing YouTube Channel in 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 23, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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YouTube is among the most frequently visited streaming channels. It has risen to fame in the last two years when the pandemic hit the whole world. Business owners, students, and the world have turned to social media for business, entertainment, and educational purposes. And YouTube was the first thought channel to bring everyone on board. With an advanced algorithm, you can find content that perfectly matches your interests easily. This also saw an increase in YouTube subscribers as well as content creators. But wait! You must be wondering about the channels that made it to the top. That’s what this article is yet to disclose to you. Keep reading.

How do popular YouTubers affect our lives?

Being a website open to the public, YouTube affects our lives dynamically. It depends on how you use the site. It can affect your life either positively or negatively.

- Learning

Through tutorial videos, YouTube has improved learning. Students who choose to work with visual components can refer to YT for in-depth illustrations of various studies. They can freely acquire course videos and other information.

- Remote access

Users are not limited to accessing any site regardless of their locality. With just a click of a button, you can get any information, such as how to use a product or service. You can also contact a content creator via community comments on their pages.

- Entertainment

This is an excellent platform for people to interact and keep busy with trending videos and music. You can also search for other Do It Yourself videos to try out home remedies.

- Earnings

You can earn money through YouTube once you hit the 1,000-subscription mark. You can also link your Google Adsense account for additional earning opportunities.

The Top 8 YouTubers Who Will Be the Fastest Growing in 2021

Check out the fastest-growing YouTubers who gained high popularity in 2021. They dwell in a variety of sections ranging from film production, children’s stories, gardening, startups, and many other categories.

• Jeferee Star

fastest growing youtube channel - jeferee star

He started in 2006 and has risen to be a YouTube star today. Before building his YT base, Jeferee started making it big on Myspace. He is still recognized for his make-up talent. But it is his melodious singing that brought him to fame. He currently has about 17 million subscribers, having gained over 5 million followers last year.

• Goldmines Telefilms

fastest growing youtube channel - Goldmines Telefilms

With movies, songs, and comedy combined, Goldmines Telefilms has also seen many subscribers resolve to its content. It currently has a subscriber base of about 30 million, having gained over 10 million subscribers in 2020. Their secret lies in driving the audience's attention.

• Inventor 101

fastest growing youtube channel - Inventor 101

Many people have resolved to do business online lately. More startups are being launched each day. Inventor 101 dwells on giving tips on everyday life hacks and how to survive business shortfalls. This channel has grown immensely since April 2019, going from 50,000 to about 1.3 million subscribers.

• Urban Gardening

fastest growing youtube channel - Urban Gardening

Many people become innovative after spending more time at home. Gardening is one activity that topped the list of starter adventures. This saw the Urban Gardening channel rise to fame, getting up to 800 thousand subscribers in a short period. Look through for how-to guides and other tips on home gardening.

• Cocomelon

fastest growing youtube channel - Cocomelon

Kids love singing along to lovely tunes. Cocomelon brings to your screen cute nursery rhymes and knows how to keep kids locked in through 3D videos and fun-filled songs. The YouTube channel saw a drastic rise from 2005 with 36 million subscribers to 85 million subscribers today.

• T-Series

fastest growing youtube channel - T-Series

T-Series is among the increasing number of YouTubes in the film industry. It has been keeping viewers entertained with its ever-increasing Indian movies. Led by Sh. Gulshan Kumar, the channel had a rise of about 40 million this year, rising to 166 million subscribers currently.

• Felix Arvid

fastest growing youtube channel - Felix Arvid

Known as PewDiePie, Felix has seen a drastic increase in the past year. His channel is about jokes that appeal to both young and old viewers. He has so far managed to reach about 101 million subscribers this year. His channel has gained 6.63 million subscribers.

• Just Eat

fastest growing youtube channel - just Eat

This is an online takeaway company that has steered home food deliveries. Before the spike in subscribers, Just Eat had been running for over 10 years and currently has a total of 60 million subscribers in 2021, up from the initial 2.4 million in 2011.

How to increase your YouTube subscribers faster.

  1. Long videos should be published.
    Research shows that the possibility of longer videos ranking high in search engines is greater than shorter ones. Aim for your video to rank high in YouTube's search engine. The best way is to have longer videos that show detailed information to viewers.
  2. Optimize watch time.
    YouTube also factors in the watch time, both for SEO results and promotional purposes. Videos with a high watch time are likely to be promoted on the YouTube homepage. You can use lots of patterns interrupts to keep people watching or include graphics to help them focus more.
  3. Embed your videos into blog posts.
    Blogs are a great way to tell your viewers what your product brings to the table. If you can get someone to read your post, then it shows they like your stuff. So, embed your video and let them learn via detailed steps, and they'll probably subscribe to your channel.
  4. Add a brand watermark.
    A branding watermark helps viewers subscribe to your channel right inside the video. You can use a link that looks like a "YT subscribe" button. Also, make it large enough to be visible at a glance.
  5. Promote videos on the end screen.
    Remember that the more someone watches your videos, the higher the chances of them subscribing to your channel. So, do the trick and promote your next video on the end screen of the current video. This will make a viewer watch more and more of your videos, and probably subscribe to your channel.
  6. Respond to every comment.
    Show that you care. And note that every comment or review matters a lot to your brand. So, strive to respond to every comment that a viewer leaves on your page.
  7. Give thought to the channel description.
    Here is where some YouTube channels miss it all. The description should be engaging and inviting. That’s the only way to lure viewers to hit that subscribe button. Let the description tell viewers what the channel is about and give other important information.
  8. Video quality
    Your video is your voice when it comes to promoting your channel. Ensure you give people quality videos with a piece of detailed advice that works for them. Also, remember to upload quality videos regularly to boost the growth of your channel. A good video should have high resolution, among other good qualities.

Filmora - a useful tool to help make creative videos.

Being creative and composing powerful videos is a plus if you want your YouTube channel to grow. That’s the tactic that highly ranked subscribers employ during video creation. We use Filmora, a video editing program with advanced features, to transform your video into a work of art. Use it to edit and export your videos at a high resolution of up to 4K. It also lets you layer several video clips with its Picture in Picture track feature.

Other important characteristics

The video should be edited with as little effect as possible. You can edit your video by splitting, merging, rotating, etc., from its interface. Filmora has simple steps for these.

Noise removal
Polish your video by removing unwanted background noise to help improve the overall outcome.

GIF support
You can add GIF images and then import or export your video to YouTube and other platforms

Detach audio
Filmora lets you do audio separation from your video and edit it separately. You can change the background music to your favorite.

Preview your video frame by frame and make any precise adjustments necessary before you release it to the public.

Advanced formatting
Stylish effects like overlays and transitions can give you a compelling piece of video that will woe subscribers to your channel.


YouTube is a trustworthy platform that provides a diverse range of activities such as gaming, tutorials, the film industry, and cooking, among many others. Content creators use it to promote their brands and build a database of subscribers. It takes a considerable amount of effort to match the fastest-growing YouTube channels. A major contributing factor to the highly increasing number of subscribers is a clear video that is easily understood. The best video editor, Filmora, can help you achieve a milestone as far as composing a selling video is concerned.

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