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How to Create a Sports YouTube Channel on Mac?

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Dec 14, 2023• Proven solutions

It is no secret that there is a huge audience of sports, including e-sports and gaming, on YouTube who appreciates high-quality content. These viewers are searching for sports YouTubers who create insightful and entertaining content that isn't only rich in terms of content but production as well. It means that sports channels on YouTube have to rely on special video editing effects to ensure they are delivering what their viewers expect.

That being said, it is usually not easy for aspiring sports YouTubers to start since they have little to no experience when it comes to creating premium sports videos for YouTube. This article will help you out in terms of starting a new YouTube sports channel, especially if you are a mac user.

youtube football field

Section 1. Necessary Elements of a YouTube Sports Channel

If you want to start a YouTube sports channel, you need to keep in mind that sports videos are fundamentally different from other types of videos. This requires you to have a strong grasp not only on content but video editing as well. Here are some of the top elements that every YouTube sports channel needs.

1.Insightful Producer Perspective 

First of all, you should try to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the sport you are going to talk about on your channel. If you are just an amateur or a casual fan, you will need to do more preparation as a sports YouTuber.

sports channel host

2.Brief and Clear Delivery 

The second most important thing is to communicate your perspective in an entertaining, brief, and interactive manner so your viewers remain engaged and keep coming back to your channel. If you fail to communicate properly, your viewers will go somewhere else to watch what they are looking for.

3.Advanced Video Editing 

Apart from the content, you need to make yourself familiar with using advanced video editing features such as picture-in-picture, screen recording, and audio recording. These allow you to provide a high-quality viewing experience to your YouTube channel audience.

4.Branded Intro & Outro 

You need to set yourself apart with the impactful branding of your sports YouTube channel. It means that the software you are using on your Mac needs to have smart editing features including the ability to add cool intros and outros that become the trademark of your sports channel.

sport intro

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Section 2. Must Use Feature for Making a Sports YouTube Channel

There are many features that you may need in your sports content creation. High video quality will bring more views and attract more fans to your YouTube channel. Here are some features you may use in making sports videos.

1. Making a Sports YouTube Channel - Screen Recording

One of the top features that you must use in your sports content creation is screen recording. It is a vital feature for all sports YouTubers and it is used extensively for multiple reasons:

  • It gives content creators the ability to give demonstrations in a clear and convenient manner that is easily understandable.
  • Screen recording also allows them to create how-to and tutorial videos for games and other sports.
  • They can also use this feature to record a video clip that may not be easy to include in the final video.


This feature will give your audience the opportunity to understand your point clearly without having to visualize everything in their heads. Everything you say would be right in front of them in the form of screen recording and they can easily get your perspective.

2. Making a Sports YouTube Channel- Picture in Picture 

Another key feature that is widely used by YouTube sports channels is picture-in-picture, especially those who engage in live commentary while the game or match is still being played. As a Mac YouTube channel producer, you must use this feature to gain the following advantages:

  • Picture in Picture allows you to stay visible to your audience while commentating or giving your opinion on a game.
  • It also provides you with the ability to divert more focus on the game so the bigger part of the screen is dedicated to sports.
  • You can also switch between the smaller and bigger video sections when necessary, for example during a break or interval.
  • It gives you the opportunity to make your YouTube channel more personalized with your own take on picture-in-picture.


Picture in picture is a great feature for sports YouTubers on Mac as it keeps the video entertaining and personalized. Without using a picture-in-picture feature, you will find it difficult to compete with other sports YouTube channels.

3. Making a Sports YouTube Channel - Audio Recording

There are times when you cannot use the native audio of the sports video and need to add your own. It means that you need to record your own audio file and add it to the video before uploading it to your YouTube channel. This feature allows you to:

  • Edit the audio of your sports video to make it more customizable according to your target audience.
  • Remove the audio that might cause copyright issues and add your own to ensure your content remains original.
  • Add your own remarks, commentary, and opinions in the video in full or in parts to make it more engaging and interactive.
  • Make videos where you just need background music and don't need the original audio such as montages, tributes, etc.


Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Clear and crisp audio recording is necessary to ensure that the video you upload on your sports YouTube channel is of high quality. Low-quality audio will damage the whole experience and leave a bad taste in the mouth of your viewers.

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 Filmstock Stock Media Library

Section 3. What Video Editing Software Has these Features?

There are many video editing software applications that enable you to use the above-mentioned features. However, if you are just starting out and want to become a producer of your own YouTube sports channel using Mac, here are some of your options:

1.WonderShare Filmora X - Make sports channel editing easier

If you are just getting ready to do a YouTube sports channel and do not have any experience, Filmora is a good choice. There is no video editing software that provides better value.

This software contains most of the features and functions needed to create sports videos, such as audio and screen recording along with pip capability, and picture-in-picture. You can also use Filmora X to add cool branded intros and outros to customize your sports videos.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2.iMovie - Build-in software for Mac users

If you don't want to rely on third-party software, the default built-in video editing software on Mac provides you with the basic editing features you may need.


3.Adobe Premiere Elements - Professional software to edit sport videos

If you want professional-grade software and don't really care about the price, you can get Adobe Premiere Elements. Keep in mind that it is a highly advanced software for professionals and you may not need a wide variety of features offered here.


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