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Subscribe Green Screen - Make it Easy to Add YouTube Video CTA

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 23, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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Advances in filmmaking have brought many concepts into reality. And the green screen is one common practice. Green screen technology is a technique where you use two images or video streams to composite them together. You can use any background images, either foreground or behind the actors. For YouTube, you can use green screen subscribe to facilitate video Call To Action. A green screen easily produces impossible scenes and expands filming ideas. Everything done at the Studio is also the best way to protect actors from hazardous environments.

More so, the best trick is to allow actors to appear together on the screen even when the scenes were captured separately. And did you know that subscribe green screen makes it easy to add YouTube Call To Action and direct viewers on what to do?

subscribe green screen

Methods to add a subscribe button to your video

Viewers are not likely to subscribe to any channel if they are not guided. One best method is to engage a subscribe button to your video and draw the attention of as many as possible.

1 Use Subscribe Green Screen

Put your green screen to work by subscribing to it. Follow these steps to produce eye-catching videos, with a call to action closing point.

Step 1. Set screen
You need to create a background at the Studio – and that's the green screen. Keenly hand it on a frame before you start filming. Also, note that no wrinkles or fold-ups are visible.

how to make subscribe green screen

Step 2. Adjust lighting
Lighting is important to facilitate high-resolution video output quality. Put appropriate lighting settings to avoid directional shadows and get the best results.

Step 3. Set up the subject
Give ample space between the subject and the green screen for an effective outcome. If they are too close, there will be a reflection of the green screen on the subject. It isn't professional as it will be hard when it comes to matching to a different background.

make your own green screen - set up the object

Step 4. Start filming
Begin to film your video and ensure you take various shots for comparison. It is good to film at different angles to see what works best.

Step 5. Polish the rough cut
Tune all the footage to perfect video clips. It will save your efforts when keying out green screen footage. Remove the unwanted parts by trimming. You can also do other edits like merge and split where necessary.

Step 6. Key out the footage and edit the green screen
Your footage is now ready, and you are now free to edit the green screen. It is better to engage reliable editing software to remove the green traces in the shot.

Step 7. Paste the new background
Any background concept can now fit in. Add your desired background video or image in a new layer below the subject. You can continue to make other necessary adjustments like sharpness and hue for reality.

Step 8. Add Call To Action
Finally, tell your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel while watching the video. You can also introduce your other channels that aren't yet known or those that have not reached 1,000 subscribers.

2 Using YouTube Studio

You can also enable the green screen to subscribe via the YouTube Studio. It is a YouTube application that provides you with the tools you need to create a successful YouTube channel. You can manage your videos, respond to comments and even add adverts to your content for pay. Here are the steps to add subscribe button.

Step 1. First, go directly to "" or click on your profile picture on the YouTube page to launch YT Studio.

add subscirbe button using youtube studio

Step 2. Click on the "Menu" option and choose the "Settings"> "Channel" option.

add subscirbe button using youtube studio

Step 3. Then select the "Choose" image and select which subscribe button image you wish to use as your branding watermark. You can easily get one on the Google images section.

Step 4. Next, choose the display time for the branding watermark. It could be a custom start time if you want the branding watermark to start showing at a specific time. You can also choose "End or video" for it to appear at the last 10 to 15 seconds of your video. Likewise, the branding watermark can show throughout the video if you choose the "Entire video" option.

Step 5. Finally, save the changes. Voila! Viewers can subscribe to your channel easily, with a single click of a button.

3 Using Subscribe Effects

You can also use the subscribers' effects to add a Call To Action. Remember, your main aim is to increase the audience to your channel. And in most cases, viewers forget to subscribe even though they love your video. Perhaps they don't understand the importance it holds to your channel. You can do this using a reliable video editor software – Filmora.

Filmora is a sophisticated tool that is easy to use and export your videos to your computer and upload them to YouTube. It has over 300 effects for YouTubers and comprises exclusive overlays for any scene. Follow these steps to add the subscribe button with subscribe effects.

Key Features of Filmora
  • Edit and export your videos at up to 4K resolution
  • Supports GIF animation, which you can use for CTA
  • It has an advanced text editor
  • Easily remove background noise for a polished video sound
  • It has an audio equalizer functionality for audio uniformity
  • It has the video stabilization functionality
Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1. Launch Filmora
Open Filmora on your computer, then navigate to the upper left corner of the screen. Click on the "Sample Colors" and select the "Green color." Next, drag it to video track into the timeline. Then adjust the duration of your video track to your preference.

make subscribe green screen with Filmora

Step 2. Design the subscribe GIF animation
Use a different color shade to design the subscribe GIF animation. Take "Red" in this case as it smartly blends with the green color that we choose earlier. Drag the red color above the green background.

make subscribe green screen using Filmora

Step 3. Adjust the red box
Make the added color red button look like a subscribe button. Then place it at any point you want it to appear in front of the background.

Step 4. Add the subscribe text
Write a text into the button. Filmora offers you various styles of text to choose from. You can select the text style you want to use, then drag and drop it into the timeline.

make subscribe green screen using Filmora - add the subscribe text

Step 5. Edit title with "Subscribe"
Edit your text with the word "Subscribe," then place it under the red rectangle and hit the "OK" button.

Step 6. Animate the "Subscribe" button
Double click on the "Red" button. Just go to the "Animate" tab and click on the "Customize" option. Next, click on the "Add" button.

make subscribe green screen using Filmora - animate the subscribe button

Step 7. Animate text as well
Go to the "Text" option in the timeline and click on "Advanced" text editor. Then go to the "Animation" tab and select the animation you wish to use. Here, you can adjust your text's start and ending time when you want it to start fading.

Step 8. Export GIF
Your Subscribe GIF is now ready to be exported to your video. Hit the "Export" button and select which format to export it in.

make subscribe green screen using Filmora - export gif

Extra Tip: Ways to Include Calls to Action on videos

Know how to include CTA in your video marketing strategy to boost your subscribers.

  • Include Annotations
    Annotations are eye-catching and a quick reminder for viewers. You have a variety to choose from, like bubbles, shoutouts, etc. They are used to remind you to subscribe to the channel, view another video, or comment after watching it.
  • Edit CTAs in your video
    It lets the viewer know what to do next before the video ends. The likely reminder is to subscribe to the channel. They could also be reminded to watch the next video or leave a comment.
  • YouTube Ad Overlays also work
    However, ad overlay is for content creators with Google AdWords enabled on their YT channel. Adding an Ad Overlay will link you to any part of the web. Do you want to know the best part? No cost at all! You only need to pay for the views you buy during your video promotion.


● The best strategy to get viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel is to engage a Call To Action. A bigger number of subscribers guarantees more watch time and the possible growth of your channel. Subscribe green screen even makes it perfect as far as video creation is concerned. You can get different video background ideas and make every scene look authentic. You can engage a third-party tool like Filmora. It will effortlessly add a green screen subscribe in a few steps. Likewise, you can add annotations and other text styles to enhance your look.

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