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Finding the Best Options for AI-Generated Anime

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Originally published Mar 07, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

In the past, video editing tools were highly expensive, complex, and require technical skills. Thus, video creation was limited to professionals who had access to costly equipment. Today, video editing tools have transformed and become affordable and feature-rich. Similarly, AI-generated anime art is trending because it has been replaced with manual anime art-making

Anyone with a computer or smartphone can generate professional-looking art videos. The entry barrier has been lowered, and creators from any niche can make stunning videos with AI. If you want to produce high-quality content to capture the audience's attention, this article is for you. So, delve into this discussion based on the best tools to generate AI art anime free for beginners.

In this article
  1. For Beginners: Some Easy-To-Use AI Art Anime Tools
  2. Conclusion

Sora AI: Shaping the Road To Proficient Text to Animation Creation

Sora AI is the recent launch of OpenAI that aims to create realistic and imaginative videos. It has cutting-edge technology and text-to-video generative models to bring life to your vision. Sora works with your text prompts and creates video frames with diffusion model architecture. Previously, animation was a time-consuming process, but now Sora AI can generate them within seconds.

sora ai generated anime

Users can give prompts with pre-existing pictures and videos, and Sora will extend the media in length. Besides, it can compose videos and add transitions for cohesive flow. This AI tool can understand prompt context efficiently to craft complex scenes with multiple interacting elements. Thus, you don't need any specialized skills to get AI-generated anime because Sora can do all.

Potential Use-Cases of Sora AI

Sora changes the dynamics of animation creation as it will be accessible to all soon. Anyone with a creative vision and language command will be able to produce animation. You can uncover its use cases in various fields from the given points:

  1. Social Media Content Creation: Influencers on social media look for engaging short-form videos. Sora AI can facilitate them by creating appealing shots within seconds. Also, it can generate content that aligns with the required aspect ratio of social media platforms.
  2. Research and Development: In educational and research fields, Sora assists in visualizing concepts. It generates hypothetical scenarios for learners to grasp complex concepts. So, an educationist can get help with material development to foster quick learning.
  3. Professional Editors and Designers: Visual artists, designers, and filmmakers are reviewing Sora AI for accuracy and speed. In the future, Sora will cut the need to buy expensive shooting and video editing equipment. Thus, professional video makers can use it for visualizing concepts with text prompts.

For Beginners: Some Easy-To-Use AI Art Anime Tools

If you are a beginner in the AI-generated anime artwork field, let us introduce some basic AI art makers. Such tools are available online to assist you in experimenting with AI-anime art. Using them, you can explore the world of anime art as these AI tools can produce creative artwork with your prompts.


The first free AI art anime platform on our list is, which offers 13 anime-based models. It is trained to generate anime art with your text prompts and apply anime art to your image. Here, generating art from text requires text instructions, an art style, and an output resolution prompt. Users can even give negative prompts and example images to get personalized artwork. ai generated anime

Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
Basic From $9/month
Starter From $23/month
Hobby From $39/month

2. Filmora

Another incredible software for creating AI-generated anime videos from text is Wondershare Filmora. This AI video editor has all basic to advanced editing features to cater to all your editing needs. It is capable of transforming your words into visual stories effortlessly. Besides, you can tailor your video appearance with different styles, fonts, animations, and colors.

Filmora also lets you adjust the text language, video ratio, and voice. Afterward, AI starts working and crafting engaging videos automatically with your preferences. Also, it can generate a compelling script when you don't have words to explain your text prompts. Notably, it's a cross-compatible platform that is available online on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.


filmora ai generated anime

Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
Subscription Plan From $19.99/month
Cross-Platform Plan From $49.99/year
Perpetual Plan From $79.99

3. Fotor

If you need to visualize your anime character design concept, try Fotor and get AI-generated anime. It's an online tool for transforming text and pictures into high-quality anime artwork. You can obtain landscapes, anime manga drawings, characters, and scenes from this artmaker. To do so, users have to give prompt text, aspect ratio, model version, style, and negative prompt.

fotor ai generated anime

Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
Fotor Pro From $39.99/year
Fotor Pro+ From $5.99/year


The launch of ZMO.AI brings creativity to your doorstep with a single click. You can unleash your AI creativity with a variety of filters and prompt customization. This AI anime art for free can create art with your image or text prompts. Following that, you can choose the art category, style, output resolution, canvas size, and number of images. ai generated anime

Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
Starter From $14.9/month
Pro From $29.9/month
Boss From $59.9/month

5. AnimeGenius

This AI art creator platform is an excellent option for beginners who want AI-generated art without hassle. It offers more than 100 anime art models to choose an art style. You can get anime art by uploading images, pose, or text instructions. What's more, users can set the output image ratio, resolution, and number of images. AnimeGenius also provides a high-priority mode to speed up the art generation process.

animegenius ai generated anime

Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
Basic From $9/month
Plus From $29/month
Pro From $59/month

6. Pica AI

In the realm of basic AI art anime free generators, Pica AI is quite popular due to its diversity in styles. It can convert a photo into your preferred anime style with AI algorithms. Within its diverse art styles, there are options like cyberpunk, oil painting, fantasy 3D, cartoon, and much more. Users can add text instructions for personalized results despite uploading images to create anime art.

pica ai generated anime

Pricing Plans

Plans Pricing
1000 Credits From $9.9/month
12000 Credits From $39.33/year


In essence, current advancements make the creation of AI-generated anime accessible to all. Following that, Sora AI emerges with its text-to-animation conversion abilities. This article sheds light on all its aspects and briefly introduces some basic AI anime artmakers. Above them all, Wondershare Filmora stands at the top as an easy, accessible, and all-in-all AI-powered platform.

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Mar 27, 24
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