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D-ID Studio: Refining Video Creation with Flawless AI Technology

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Making a video is itself trouble. Getting the perfect shot, the angles, and visible views. Then comes the task of editing a video, which is a struggle. But why let yourself suffer when you can have it done? AI tools and software are the future of this global village we’re living in.

D-ID videos are one of these tools that have provided the opportunity to uplift the entire process of video creation. With the perfect interaction developing through AI avatars, D-ID videos issue one of the most professional vibes. Assisting through its API, D-ID Creative Reality Studio comes up with some impressive innovations. In this article, we will go through the entire discussion of this intuitive reality studio.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Are The Ethical Concerns of Using AI in Video Generation?
  2. Part 2: Reviewing D-ID: The Digital People Text-to-Video Platform
  3. Part 3: How To Use D-ID Creative Reality Studio to Perfection?
  4. Bonus Part: Editing Video With AI Tools on Filmora After Creation
  5. Conclusion
AI Video Creator
A video editing platform offering AI services.
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Part 1. What are The Ethical Concerns of Using AI in Video Generation?

The use of AI in video generation raises several ethical concerns that must be carefully addressed. Here are some of the key ethical considerations that should be considered by using AI in video generation:

1. Deepfakes and Privacy Concerns

AI tools can create videos that highly resemble reality. These videos are known as Deepfakes. Because of their uncanny resemblance to real people, someone can use it to spread misinformation. This advancement raises concerns about misuse to defame, trust in media, and distinguishing between real and fake videos. This unethical use of personal data may also harm individuals and raise privacy concerns.

2. Bias and Discrimination

AI-generated videos can be biased and hurtful to specific gender, race, or nationality. As a result, a question arises on how AI can be biased. If the training data contains biased input related to gender, race, or attributes, the generated videos may exhibit similar biases. It can be harmful to some social communities that are not well-developed.

3. Unauthorized Video and Copyright Issues

AI-based video generation techniques can create videos featuring individuals without their knowledge or consent. It can lead to non-consensual pornography (often called "revenge porn") or the creation of explicit content involving innocent individuals. It also violates the laws of intellectual property and raises copyright issues.

4. Psychological Impact and Consequences

You can use advanced AI tools can be used to create embarrassing videos. These videos may violate someone's privacy and be against their religious or moral ethics. A person can get hurt by such fake data about him on the media. It impacts their emotional and psychological health and may lead to harmful consequences.

Part 2. Reviewing D-ID: The Digital People Text-to-Video Platform

D-ID Creative Reality Studio is a step forward toward video creation. It claims to be the first AI video platform that can digitally create photo-realistic humans. D-ID Studios has put industrial brands and marketers at ease instead of paying models every time to advertise their products. They can buy subscriptions to D-ID studios to generate professional content without hiring resources.

The process of creating a photo-realistic human is simple as it sounds. D-ID videos provide services to its users through text-to-create. Users need to give instructions in textual form, and the results will be convincing. Other than this, D-ID offers an API, live chats, and avatar creation, which makes it a special platform.

Features To Mark About D-ID Studio

On assessing what D-ID is, let’s see how the AI features of the D-ID creative reality studio work. A comprehensive review will help you figure out all the essential details about this AI video generator:

01of 03Chat D-ID

The collaboration between ChatGPT and many apps has enabled users to talk to AI for assistance. For instance, Snapchat introduced its “My AI” feature for entertainment purposes. However, D-ID creative reality studio aimed to be one step ahead in the industry.

With D-ID and ChatGPT's collaboration, you can video chat with your AI like a natural person. With its photo-realistic human, it'll be like talking to an actual person. Chat-DID can be used for both personal and business communications. You can ask your D-ID AI for advice about friendships or relationships. On the other hand, it can give your business advice like an expert.

chat d id studio

02of 03Creative Reality Studio

Have you ever wondered if you could create a real-looking avatar? D-ID video has brought the best innovation to you. It has connected its text-to-image, D-ID’s deep-learning face technology, and ChatGPT features. The combination creates a diffusion allowing human avatars to talk. You can personalize these avatars to your likeness, along with the option of including yourselves as an avatar as well.

d id creative reality studio

03of 03API

If you wish to make your presentations creative and engaging, human engagement is always prioritized. You only require one image to create a talking head image with a D-ID video. Once you have selected the portrait, you need to give it a voice. You can personalize the voice in 100 languages and add it to your video chats, games, and other videos.

d id api

Part 3. How to Use D-ID Creative Reality Studio to Perfection?

Let’s see how you can create videos through D-ID creative reality studio. Following are some simple steps to create an AI video using D-ID:

Step 1Choose Your Presenter

Start with opening D-ID Studio on your browser and logging in with your account. From the left side panel, click on "Create Video." Below the "Choose a presenter" option, choose your presenter. However, if you want a personalized presenter, select the "Generate AI presenter" option. On the right side of the screen, a description box will appear where you can add the textual appearance of your D-ID video AI.

create video and select the presenter
Step 2Add Text-to-Speech

Once you've generated your AI presenter, move to the right-side panel. Below the "Script" option, add the textual information your AI will speak of. You can add 3800+ characters there and select the accent, gender, and style of voice. Below the "Audio" option, you can record your voice to add to your D-ID video.

Following this, the platform also allows you to add breaks in your conversation or use AI to continue generating text. Conversely, you can select the "Upload Voice Audio" section from the top to add a pre-generated voice or record one for the AI avatar.

add text and set parameters
Step 3Generate Your Video

After adding all the specifications, select the "Generate Video" button at the upper right corner of the D-ID window. You'll see a preview of your video. Below the preview video, time duration, name, and total credits will be needed to generate the video. Click “Generate” to generate your D-ID video.

generate video in d id

Bonus Part. Editing Video With AI Tools on Filmora After Creation

Like DID's creative reality studio, Wondershare Filmora is a video editing platform offering AI services. You can add various enhancements to make your videos attractive. Not only does it offer video editing, but AI video editing. AI video editing features save you time and struggle. This is what makes Wondershare Filmora a better option than D-ID Studio, as it offers novel AI techniques to generate the perfect video.

Free Download
Free Download

Top AI Features Offered By Wondershare Filmora

While you have assessed how Filmora makes things easy, it is time to learn some in-depth details about the AI video editor. Let’s see how you can edit your video in Filmora using its AI features:

1. Motion Tracking

You can elevate the beauty of your videos through Filmora’s motion-tracking AI. This feature will add life to your effects and texts in videos. It requires you to choose the object you want to motion track. The rest is AI's work. It'll auto-track the movements of the selected object. Your effects will move in the same direction. You can also add mosaics and motion graphics to your dance videos.

2. AI Portrait

Wondershare Filmora provides a dedicated system of using its AI portrait feature, which allows you to segment the media background using a single click. With 70+ effects available in AI Portrait, the user can easily access the options and add unique effects within the portraits. The effects detect the human within the effect and offer the finest results that cannot be achieved through manual editing.

3. Remove Video Background

If you have made an Avatar video from D-ID Creative Reality Studio but need to know how to change the background. Then Filmora is here at your service. The AI video background remover will auto-remove the background of your video. You can select a background from Filmora or customize it. The AI supports all video formats, including MP4, WebM, and MOV.

remove video background filmora

4. Text to Speech

With Filmora’s text-to-speech AI, you can add voice to your videos. You need to give textual instructions, and AI will transform it into audio. The agent can be customized as male or female, as Filmora offers ten different voices to choose from. Additionally, it supports 25 different languages that can transcribe an English script to other languages.

text to speech filmora


You’ve seen how D-ID Creative Reality Studio can help you excel at your business engagements. You can edit and make a new video from scratch through it. Although the pricing plans and claims are low, they are still there. Only editing a tape through it isn't worth it. In comparison, we suggest you use Wondershare Filmora for video editing. It offers unlimited video editing tools at low or no cost at all.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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