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Generating Your Favorite AI Robotic Voices with Top-Ranging Voice Generators

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 04, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

As technology continues to evolve, modern devices have come into being. With the integration of AI technologies and tools, these devices have become capable of assisting humans. AI tools are better at analyzing, understanding, and following instructions. Some of these integrations were Alexa, Siri, and Google. These virtual assistants could understand human vocal commands and respond respectively.

Virtual assistants have robot AI voices. At first, only a few multinational technological companies could generate such voices because of their complex algorithms. However, in-built APIs have made robot voice generator text-to-speech accessible. Users can generate any AI robot voice for voiceovers, virtual assistants, gaming, and other matters, which will be the center of focus in the article.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Robot Voice Generation: Looking into The Details
  2. Part 2: AI Voice Editing with Wondershare Filmora: A Desktop AI Tool
  3. Conclusion
AI Robotic Voice Editor
The best editor allows users to edit videos and audio files from anywhere.
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Part 1: Robot Voice Generation: Looking into The Details

If you want to generate some unique robot AI voice, here you can check out the following tools, which can help you a fair deal with this:

1. Speechify

Speechify is one of the best robot voice generator text-to-speech software available. This tool uses AI technology to convert text into downloadable audio files. You can also use this tool to read web pages, documents, emails, and other formats. It uses different AI algorithms and NLP techniques to make natural-sounding AI voices.

Key Features

  • With Speechify, you can listen to your text format in more than 70 languages with 100+ AI voices. This includes the premium voices of celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • You can easily read different textual content with the help of this tool. This way, you can learn a lot in a short span of time.
  • Speechify supports a lot of devices, including your laptops and mobile devices. You can also use its Google Chrome and Safari extensions.
speechify robot voice generator

2. Voicebooking

Voicebooking is an AI-based tool that you can use to generate voiceovers for different projects. You can do many other things using this tool, such as sound designing, audio production, and much more. This AI voice robot helps save a lot of your time and resources by decreasing the chances of retakes to 70%. Moreover, the tool is a great aid in e-learning as it can narrate whole books.

Key Features

  • Voicebooking has a script-writing feature that you can use to write different scripts according to your needs. You can also use this feature to review your scripts and improve them.
  • After recording the voiceover, you can make more adjustments using this tool. Here, you can edit and mix the voiceovers for better results.
  • The tool is supported by cloud technology, and so it assists in establishing productive remote workplaces. You can generate high-quality audio content quickly and efficiently and share it with your teammates.
voicebooking robot voice generator

3. PlayHT

PlayHT is a unique tool that offers state-of-the-art AI voices to work with. With the help of these AI voices, you can easily create amazing AI robot voiceovers for multiple projects. Here, you don't need human intervention, as you can enter the text and use the TTS feature to convert it into a human-like AI voice. Moreover, it can generate video transcripts of YouTube and TikTok videos' voice narration.

Key Features

  • PlayHT uses the most advanced text-to-speech technologies to mimic the nuances of human speech. This way, it creates realistic and engaging human-like voices.
  • This tool has a very easy user interface and can easily be used by a layperson. It also has a lot of customization options that you can use to adjust background music and more.
  • You can also interrogate this tool on platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and others. This can help you to create engaging content to share with your audience.

Image name: top-ranging-robot-ai-voice-generators-3.jpg

playht robot voice generator


If you want to generate some realistic voiceovers for different purposes, you can get help from This online tool can help you to transform your text into human-like AI voices in a very effective way. Here, you can also use other customizable settings and advanced features to ensure your robot text to speech generator feels more personalized.

Key Features

  • io has a lot of different features that you can use to generate interesting robot AI voices. Here, you can adjust the pitch, speed, and language of the AI voice you want to create.
  • This tool can be used for commercial purposes, including content for Facebook, commercial ads, TikTok, and much more.
  • Using this tool, you can easily convert text up to 2,000,000 characters into speech. With the help of this feature, you can convert long texts into audio at once, saving time and effort.
speechgen io robot voice generator

5. Narakeet

Narakeet is an AI-based tool that helps in taking care of different time-consuming tasks of its users. You can use this tool to convert your text to speech and create engaging videos. This tool helps people to make narrated videos in an easy way with the help of AI technology. Although Narakeet is an efficient robot text-to-speech generator, it has prominent applications in e-learning.

Key Features

  • This tool supports around 90 languages and 600 voices, making your video content unique and more attractive.
  • Moreover, users can edit the videos simply as they would edit text. This way, they can save a lot of hours from video editing.
  • You can also use the markdown tool to make a video presentation with images and music. This way, you can make your presentations more amazing.
narakeet robot voice generator

Part 2: AI Voice Editing with Wondershare Filmora: A Desktop AI Tool

The above-discussed tools are considered the best robot voice generators, but when it comes to editing the generated voices, they may lack certain features. Video editors require a tool that saves them time and effort by assisting in multiple tasks from one platform.

Wondershare Filmora can be your key to creating a robot AI voice. It is a cross-platform software that allows users to edit videos and audio files from anywhere. It offers modern manual and AI features, a simple user interface, and timeframe editing. The software has inbuilt video templates, handwriting styles, and lighting effects. It provides high-level visuals that will make your videos seem like Hollywood videos.

Free Download
Free Download

With its AI-collaborated algorithms, it has made workflow faster and more convenient. Users can edit all types of content, i.e., vlogs, podcasts, voiceovers, and more. Let's explore some of its AI features to see how Filmora is worth your attention:

1. AI Audio Denoise

Removing noise from a particular audio can be easily executed with the help of Filmora. Its AI Audio Denoise tool provides a dedicated system for managing audio separately. All forms of noise and distortions are easily exempted from the audio using sliders.

ai audio denoise filmora

2. Text to Speech (TTS)

The dedicated feature of text to speech offered by Wondershare Filmora helps create the perfect robot AI voice. With the selection of the right voice from 10 different voices and 25 different languages, you can generate the perfect results instantly.

text to speech filmora

3. AI Smart Cutout

Filmora is an exceptional tool for editing, trimming, and making high-quality professional videos. Its ability to remove objects, people, and merchandise from videos creates perfection. It provides users with options like Transparency Grid, Transparency Black, or Alpha Mode to ensure efficient and effective editing.

ai smart cutout filmora

4. Motion Tracking

Do you want to add visual lights to your Instagram reels? Or do you want to make your YouTube subscribe and like recommendations creative? Filmora's motion tracking helps you select an object for tracking, and all the elements will follow its motion. It even allows you to blur a person or object you do not want in your videos.

motion tracking

5. AI Image  

With Filmora's AI Image, you can generate pictures from texts. There's no need to give it a visual inspiration; insert your textual idea, and AI will generate it. We know that every platform has unique resolution demands. Considering this, Filmora allows you to generate pictures in 3 different resolutions.

ai image filmora


In the end, with the help of different AI tools, generating a robot's AI voice has become convenient. After generating that, you can use this AI to generate video voices using Wondershare Filmora. You can also use different AI features of Filmora to automate your editing process.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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