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Guide to Using DALL-E 2 to Generate AI Images

Max Wales
Max Wales Originally published Apr 27, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Artificial Intelligence has been a trendy topic since multiple AI tools were introduced to resolve several functions. From writing down blogs to generating images, AI has been heavily involved in basic operations. Since the major operatives are to optimize the flow of operations, image creation has been among the influences. DALL-E OpenAI is an online image generator providing such an experience.

This article provides all the prevalent details on using DALL-E 2 as a source to generate images. Learn more about this OpenAI image generator and find out how it comes to help the market.

In this article
  1. What is DALL-E 2?
  2. How to Generate AI Images with this OpenAI Picture Generator?
  3. Is DALL-E 2 AI Image Generator Free?
  4. Tips for Using the DALL-E 2 for the Best High-Quality Results
  5. Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora - More Than AI Image Generation

Part 1: What is DALL-E 2?

DALL-E 2 has been operating in the AI market for a while now. The tool is based on some impressive AI models that help it in creating unique content. Following its operations, it functions online, which makes it a much simpler option to go by. While the backend operations are exceptionally advanced for such an AI image creator, it represents a simple interface.

There are several things to note about this AI image generator. All you are advised to do is to provide a text prompt, which returns you with an accurate result. The more advanced the prompt, the more precise the results. DALL-E 2 promises quality and unique content, highlighting it among other image generators. The concept of realism and originality is commended, which is brought together by the combination of concepts, attributes, and styles.

Talking about the complexity of the mentioned prompt, no particular restrictions are involved. Users can write as detailed a prompt as they want to for creating profitable results. Following are some exceptional models adopted by DALL-E OpenAI that will help you understand more about its features:


The question that most users ask is how tools like DALL-E 2 understand the textual concept easily. This is because of their training on prolific databases which link the text with the visual representations. CLIP, known as Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training, is a model trained on millions of images and captions. This is how the model predicts anything that is provided to it through prompts.


Once the existing model utilizes the CLIP model for understanding the textual prompts provided, the process leads to the next stage. The next stage of image generation employs the GLIDE model. This particular model inverts the image and uses the concepts of the Diffusion Model to create impressive results with properties similar to the images in the database.

Feature3Prior Training

Another model that is employed by DALL-E 2 in the operations is the prior model. This model is adopted for mapping the textual encodings to the image encodings. It helps create the perfect image that fulfills the requirements inserted by the user. 

Turn Your Words into Art!
Experience the magic of Text to Image with Filmora AI Image Generator, where your words come to life in beautiful visuals.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Part 2: How to Generate AI Images with this OpenAI Picture Generator?

With considerable knowledge about this exceptional AI image generator, you might need an overview of its operations. Following are the steps that you should follow to generate AI images using DALL-E 2 :

Step 1Sign Into Dall-E 2

You need to start the process by signing yourselves in with an account. You can continue with your Google or Microsoft account.

create your account
Step 2Add Prompt and Generate

After signing in successfully, you have to provide the text prompt for the required image. Continue to select the “Generate” button to proceed.

press the generate button
Step 3View the Generated Results

The output results will be displayed on the screen, where you can click on any image and expand its view.

check the generated results
Step 4Select an Image and Process

You can select the “Download” button to download it on your device. Furthermore, you can continue to “Edit” the image or create more images using the “Variations” option. If you want to make this public and let other people view it, use the “Share” button or simply save it in the collections of this online platform using the “Save” button.

save the liked image

Part 3: Is DALL-E 2 AI Image Generator Free?

DALL-E 2, like every professional tool, has set a specific price to make its utility effective. It does not come against a long list of plans but has a straightforward set of plans under its pricing. To operate the platform, you need to have credits for yourselves. All you have to do is to buy at least 115 credits for a price of $15. This can be increased to the point under the same ratio until needed. You can follow this table for a better understanding:

Number of Credits Pricing
115 $15
230 $30
345 $45

Part 4: Tips for Using the DALL-E 2 for the Best High-Quality Results

Do you want to make your experience with DALL-E 2 exceptional? Being new to this AI functionality, you might require some good tips that can help you maintain high-quality results. In this part, we have provided you with a set of directions to follow for creating exceptional AI art:

01of 04Be Descriptive With Prompts

You need to ensure that the textual prompt provided to the platform is comprehensive. It should contain all attributes, properties, and elements properly. The more descriptive the prompt is, the better the result with this OpenAI image generator.

02of 04Include Style in Details

It is better to provide the AI image creator with some explicit details, including the style. Make sure to mention what kind of image you want to create, with tags such as ancient paintings or futuristic images. Such details can genuinely help in getting proper results.

03of 04Define Viewing Point

You should understand that providing data such as the camera view angle or position makes the image more specific. Rather than offering something that does not have any significance, the camera angle makes the results restricted.

04of 04Do Edit Images on DALL-E 2

Since DALL-E 2 provides a proper system to make minor edits on the image, utilize the service. This can help you make your images unique and change systems that are creating problems as a result. Make proper blends in the created image to generate art not commonly seen.

Turn Your Words into Art!
Experience the magic of Text to Image with Filmora AI Image Generator, where your words come to life in beautiful visuals.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora - More Than AI Image Generation

When it comes to AI image generators, the more the variety the more satisfactory the outcome. You can complement Dall-E 2 with Filmora AI Image. Both are great text-to-image tools, but they can provide unique results when used together. But with Filmora, you get 3 resolutions to choose from and images that you can use directly for your video projects. Let’s have a look at the AI image feature in more detail.

Why Use Filmora AI Image

  • Turn Your Words into Art: Filmora AI Image Generator brings the magic to text-to-image uniquely. Use your own words to bring beautiful visuals to life.
  • 3 Resolutions to Choose From: You get to pick the perfect resolution for your AI-generated image, giving you more control of your project.
  • Ability to Use Directly for Video Project: The AI-generated image can be directly used in your video editing project, allowing you to transform your inspiration into visual images using just text descriptions.
  • No Limit to Art Style: You are not limited to several dull art styles when using the AI Image feature. Generate different art pictures based on the unique picture style you are looking for.
AI Image Generator
AI Image Generator

How to Use Filmora AI Image?

Using the Filmora AI Image feature to generate realistic images is as simple as telling it what you want and an image is instantly generated. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1Open AI Image Generator

Once you launch the Filmora Software, create a new project. Click AI Image at the top of the Media panel to start generating your images.

ai image step 1
Step 2Generate Images from Text

In the prompt text box, enter a description for your desired image. Try to be as descriptive as possible, choice the preferred resolution, and the "Start Creating" button.

ai image step 2
Step 3Download and Use the Image

Once the image has been generated, Click on the “Download Icon” to download it to the local folder or start using it in your video project.

ai image step 3

Once you have generated your image, you can further enhance it using the following AI Features directly on Filmora:

  • AI Portrait - Remove video and image backgrounds easily without using a Chroma Key or Green Screen.
  • Auto Reframe – Resize your images and videos automatically to fit different screen sizes of resolutions.
  • AI Smart Cutout – Automatically removes any unwanted objects from the image, including people and icons.
  • Instant Mode – Add multiple images or videos to Filmora, and it will automatically create a video for you with no editing skills needed.


We hope you have learned much about DALL-E 2 and its operations as an online image generator. While AI is taking the world by storm, it is essential to realize that tools like DALL-E OpenAI provide exquisite functionality. They help the world see the brighter side of AI. Thus, learn more about this tool and discover how to create the best images with DALL-E 2.

Max Wales
Max Wales Mar 27, 24
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