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Introducing Fadr: A Dedicated AI Voice Enhancement Tool

Are you a music enthusiast who wants to create your music? If yes, then look at the Fadr AI tool, which can help you make your music.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 24, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Fadr AI is an interesting AI-powered tool that you can use to create music. With this tool, you can make your remixes, stems, and different song mashups as you like. Here, you can find many features which can be very helpful to you.

Fadr provides instrument separation, keys, chords, and more to enable its users to create different and unique music. Many music creators are using this tool to make different versions of existing songs. It is only because this tool makes it easy to create professional-quality music at a very low cost. In this Fadr review, you will learn about this tool and its features to help you make the right decision.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Fadr AI: A Simple Voice Generating and Managing Tool
  2. Part 2: Discussing Some Top Features of Fadr AI and Their Functionality
  3. Bonus Part: Finding Out a Way To Manage Your Audios Using Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Fadr AI: A Simple Voice Generating and Managing Tool

A lot of different managing tools are getting popular these days. This is because they are helping individuals and businesses to improve their work by managing different things effectively. Here, Fadr AI is also one of these tools, which provides many different features to its users. With the help of this tool, you can generate music that has never been made before.

This tool has an “Explore” section, which allows you to have insights into the trending music at the moment. Moreover, it also has different tools, including Remix, DJ, and a few more, which you can use to make various mashups according to your music taste.

fadr ai platform

Part 2: Discussing Some Top Features of Fadr AI and Their Functionality

With the continuous development worldwide, the music taste is also changing very fast. Nowadays, pop music, remixes, and mashups are getting more viral than the original content. Therefore, if you also want to create some unique music according to the trend and get popular, you can look at the following features of Fadr.

1. Stems

Stem is an exciting feature of this tool. It allows you to extract data from the songs in a straightforward way. To understand how you can extract data from your favorite music, take a look at the simple steps below:

Step 1: Accessing the Stem Page

To begin with, using the stem feature, you can simply go to the tool's official website. You can choose the "Stem" option from the drop-down menu by hovering the mouse on the "Create" button. This will take you to a new window where you can upload the desired file.

access stems feature

Step 2: Processing the Audio

You can upload files in MP3, WAV, and a few other formats here. Once your files are uploaded, then you can adjust their settings according to your requirements and can download them for later use.

 process audio in fadr

2. Remix

Remix is another tool that you can use to mix up songs to create mashups. Each song uploaded on the Fadr AI is separated into different stems, which you can combine to make unique music. Then with the help of the AI remixing engine, you can ensure that your music is well synchronized. Here, you can also follow these steps to make your remixes:

Step 1: Selecting the Remix Tool

You can select the Remix tool from the drop-down of the "Create" button. Following this, select different packs of remixes to create the desired content. Here, you can choose any previously available tracks or make new ones according to your needs.

access remix tool

Step 2: Adjusting the Music

After selecting the desired tracks, you can drag and drop them on the main timeline and make the required adjustments. Following this, you can simply click the "Export" button to get the desired audio file.

set music preferences

3. DJ Tracks

DJ tool is a unique feature in Fadr that allows you to play two different kinds of songs simultaneously. This way, you can enjoy the feel of being a DJ by running two or more songs side by side. Here you can also adjust the volume of both songs and their overlapping. To use this tool, check the following steps below:

Step 1: Select the DJ Tool

If you want to become a DJ, you can take help from this tool. You can choose the DJ option from the main webpage of Fadr. This will take you to a new window where you can select the song for the work.

open dj track tool

Step 2: Adjusting Volumes

Once your selected songs are uploaded on both tracks, you can easily adjust their volumes and overlap. This will help you to create a DJ track according to your taste which you can enjoy with your friends on different occasions.

adjust dj tracks

4. Revoice

The most unique and attractive feature of Fadr AI is its revoice tool. This amazing tool allows users to change their current audio file voice into another with just a few simple clicks. For this, you can see below how you can use revoice feature step-by-step:

Step 1: Uploading the Desired Audio

To start changing audio file voices, you first need to select the "Revoice" option. For this, you can lead to the "Create" tab on the official website of the tool. This will take you to the revoice tool window, where you can upload the desired audio file.

revoice fadr feature

Step 2: Selecting the Right Settings

After uploading your audio file, you can select the desired voice to which you want to convert your existing file. You can click on the "Revoice" option below the audio track. After this, you can select the voice which you like and then click on the "Revoice" button to start the process.

select revoice settings

Bonus Part: Finding Out a Way To Manage Your Audios Using Wondershare Filmora

Once the audio is created across Fadr, how to manage it in content creation is unclear. Instead of simplifying the tasks, the operations get complex. This is where it gets important to discover an alternative for managing both audio and content creation.

Wondershare Filmora is one of the best video editing tools, which helps thousands of people to edit their videos. This professional tool can make your content look unique and attractive. One of its best features is that you can also adjust your audio. This tool provides you with a list of features that can be used to improve your audio and video content.

Free Edit Audio & Video
Free Edit Audio & Video

Key AI Features of Wondershare Filmora to Look Into

Here you can look at a few of its AI audio features which you can use very easily. Utilizing these tools helps you improve audio quality and remove unwanted voices.

1. AI Audio Denoise

Audio Denoise is a beneficial tool that you can use to remove background noises from your content. Here, using AI technology, you can improve the background noises of several scenes with just a few simple steps. This can help you to enhance and boost your audio quality. You can use this feature for different scenarios, including podcasts, YouTube videos, online meetings, and much more.

ai audio denoise filmora

2. AI Audio Stretch

You know that if your audio track is not perfectly aligned with your visual content, it can leave a bad impression on your audience. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the audio track is well-stretched according to your video duration.

For this, you can take help from the AI Audio Stretch tool, which can stretch your audio track instantly. This way, you can save hours of cutting and adjusting the music of your videos.

ai audio stretch filmora

3. Auto Beat Sync

Auto Beat Sync is a very helpful feature that allows you to ensure that your audio matches clearly with your video. This can help you to build a smooth user experience, which can improve your content engagement. To use this tool, you don't need to have heavy high skills or editing knowledge because all of your work is done with just one click.

auto beat sync filmora

4. Silence Detection

Sometimes a few silent moments are also recorded during the video recording process. This can create some awkward moments in the video, which can ruin the content follow. To prevent this from happening, you can use the silence detection feature. This can help you remove these silent moments automatically based on your criteria.

silence detection filmora


With the help of different managing tools, you can improve your work quality very effectively. Here you can use Fadr AI to generate different types of music, which you can add to your video content with the help of Filmora. Moreover, you can add more creativity to your visual content using the effects features of Wondershare Filmora.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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