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Midjourney AI Video Tutorial: From Prompt to Final Render

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Mar 07, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

The role of Artificial intelligence (AI) in video creation is indispensable. With AI video generation tools readily available in the market, there is always something new to try. However, Midjourney stands out as one of the best AI video prompt generators. It creates some of the most realistic images and highly engaging videos. In this article, we will introduce Midjourney and provide a detailed guide for the generation of visual products from the Midjourney video prompt.

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Part 1. Midjourney: AI Image Generator Explained

Midjourney is a renowned generative AI used to create images from text prompts. It works great in creating AI art just like many other AI tools in this category. However, Midjourney is closed-source and self-funded. This means it uses heavier machine learning technologies, including diffusion models and large language.


With more features being introduced, Midjourney now allows users to generate concise AI videos with just a few clicks. The features visually narrate the journey of image inception to the results of unique AI-crafted visuals. Although Midjourney doesn’t have a free trial, signing up for a subscription is worth it. With their lowest-tiered plan going for a reasonable $10 monthly, you get a high level of realism and detail for every visual output it generates. It is also relatively easy to use Midjourney and get outstanding results with just a few steps.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Stealth Mode allows users to hide generated images from the greater Midjourney public.
  • Many commands and parameters allow users to use text prompts to adjust different aspects of their images, such as blend or change quality and resolution.
  • Vary Region tool, allowing users to edit and regenerate specific sections of videos or images
    • Only accessible via Beta in Discord.
    • Midjourney’s developer-focused approach likely alienates less technical users
    • Controversies around image and visual content sourcing that have led to alleged copyright infringement

    AI-Generated Videos with Midjourney

    Midjourney allows users to generate videos using specific parameters. The –video parameter on the AI platform allows you to create a short move based on your initial image grid generated on the platform. Let’s have a look at a few examples of Midjourney video prompts and the results produced.

    • /Imagine a botanical sketch of fern fronds—video
    prompt 1
    • /imagine prompt Vibrant well painted California poppies –video
    prompt 2
    • /imagine prompt photorealistic aerial view of skyscraper in New York City –video
    prompt 3

    Part 2. Generate AI Video from Prompt: Step-by-Step Guide

    Midjourney does not offer a free trial and you will have to sign up for an account to start generating videos with this tool. Although the platform may appear a bit complex for beginners, generating videos from Midjouney video prompts is quite easy. Here is a brief step-by-step guide to get you started.

    Step 1Sign Up on Midjourney

    Head over to Midjourney’s official website, and sign up for an account or sign in If you already have one. Click Join the Beta to get started and fill in all the necessary information. Click the + button on the Discord toolbar to add the Midjourney server to your account.

    midjourney sign up
    Step 2Find a Community to Join

    On the popup that appears, click Join server and then “Don’t have an invite.” From the list of featured communities that appear, choose Midjourney. You will now and when you log in again be redirected to the Midjourney Discord Server. This also allows you to browse the artwork of other users by visiting different rooms.

    midjourney community
    Step 3Subscribe to Midjouney

    Sign up for a Midjourney subscription to start AI video generation on Midjourney. Find the text prompt near the bottom of the screen. Start typing /subscribe to sign up for the Midjourney’s paid plans. Select the plan that you want and subscribe.

    midjourney subscriptions
    Step 4Join A Newbie’s Channel

    Midjourney can be a bit hectic for beginners, but joining a channel makes it easier to use. Choose any of the newbie’s channels left sidebar and choose a room to enter. This allows you to view other creations that the Midjourney AI bot has generated for other users

    midjourney channels
    Step 5Enter the /imagine Command

    Midjourney requires that you enter every video prompt starting with /imagine keyword. Type your Mindjouney video prompt in the form of /imagine in the channel to start generating your work of art. This should be a detailed explanation of the Midjourney AI video prompt that you want.  Be sure to add the --video option at the end of your prompt. For instance, your prompt can be /imagine prompt Vibrant California Poppies –video

    midjourney prompt
    Step 6Customize Midjourney AI-Generated Video

    Midjourney Video prompt will produce four photos that you can further edit to enhance your video Underneath the pictures, you will find the buttons U1, U2, U3, and U4, and V1, V2, V3, with V4. You may decide to upscale the images or add more information using the U buttons. The V buttons, on the other hand, allow you to alter the chosen grid picture.

    midjourney prompt
    Step 7Save Your Video

    Once satisfied with your edits, save the AI-generated video and click the generated link to download the video. You only need to react to the Midjourney AI video with the ✉️ emoji and you will get a Direct Message with a link to download the video.

    midjourney save video

    Part 3. Wondershare Filmora: AI Video Generation Made Easy

    Wondershare Filmora is a versatile and user-friendly video editing software. The easy-to-use tool incorporates AI features that make video generation and editing.  It also comes with great AI features that can be used to complement the capabilities of Midjourney AI video.

    Generate AI Video with Filmora: A Brief Guide

    Filmora AI Text to video is a great tool when you have a topic but lack the time or skills to create a video. With just a script, Filmora will quickly generate a video that befits your description. You can then edit the video to make it more relevant and appealing to your audience. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Filmora AI text-to-video feature.

    Generate AI Videos From Prompt
    Generate AI Videos From Prompt
    Step 1Launch the AI Text-to-Video Feature

    After starting the Filmora software on your PC, navigate the icon options on the main window and click AI Text to Video. This will launch the tool, allowing you to add the description of the video you want generated.

    launch filmora
    Step 2Set the Preferences to Generate AI Video

    The "Generated by AI" option allows you to specify the type of text you want when you do not have a script. Select from the drop-down list and then enter your topic name. Go ahead to provide additional details and then click Generate Text.

    set preferences
    Step 3Customize AI Text Prompt>

    Once you have added the script to Filmora, customize the setting as desired. You can customize the Text Language and choose the Aspect Ratio to be more specific on the video results that you want. Then click the Text to Video option to get the process started.

    Step 4Personalize Video and Export

    Filmora will generate a video in seconds based on your script or test description. The video comes with voiceovers, images, and background music. You can personalize it to make it more relatable to your topic before you Export the processed video.


    Other Filmora AI Tools that Support AI Video Generation

    Filmora offers more value that just AI video prompt generation. As a video editing features, you get features to enhance the quality of your video and edit with no hassle. Some of the tools that enhance the AI video prompt generation include:

    Try More AI Features
    Try More AI Features

    The AI Copilot Editing tool is like having a personal video editing assistant. This AI feature will automatically analyze the content of your video footage and provide specific suggestions for edits. By using it in your video projects, you save all the guesswork in editing and produce better video content.

    With the AI Thumbnail generator, you can automatically generate a thumbnail for your AI video. Gets 3 best shots from the AI-generated video and edits the thumbnail to attract more audience. This AI feature also allows you to choose from 58 presets depending on the goals of your video.  

    The AI Smart Masking feature in Filmora allows you to make your AI-generated video more exciting. You can enhance with object masking using only a single brush stroke. The AI smart masking feature will intelligently recognize objects in the video and fine-tune mask control for each detail, saving you time and effort.

    AI Copywriting is an interesting AI feature of Filmora that allows you to generate text and scripts for your video. It is a great tool when you do not have an idea of the video to generate. Let the tool inspire you with AI-generated scripts or text prompts for your next video. The feature is also helpful in generating titles and video descriptions instantly.

    Editing a video can take time, and the AI text-based editor can be a lifesaver. This AI feature will seamlessly edit the text in your video for specific purposes. You can use it to input accurate subtitles by effortlessly converting spoken word to text.


    In this article, we have reviewed the top AI Prompt Video Generators, with a focus on midjourney and Filmora. While the two tools are different, they make creative artworks accessible to all kinds of people by using a few simple descriptive words. The Midjourney video prompt particularly allows you to create a short and realistic video from a grid of four images based on your text descriptions. It will be interesting to see the kind of development these tools will have in the future, but they will certainly cause more evolutions in content creation. By understanding how each works, you get access to the world of AI video generation and start creating some interesting projects.

    Caroline Laurent
    Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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