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Empowering Content Creators With AI Video Generation Through

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Jul 28, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Artificial Intelligence tools have changed the dynamics of various industries. It even involves the field of video editing and video generation. These powerful tools use AI to automate and enhance the video creation process. Video editing is now evolving from traditionally manual processes to more automated methods. AI can perform tasks like motion tracking, background removal, and much more.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Reviewing and Its Operability
  2. Part 2: Features of That Make It a Competitive Option
  3. Part 3: How To Utilize For Creating a Great AI Video
  4. Part 4: Introducing Some Top-Notch Alternatives
  5. Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora: A Name in Making For AI Video Editing on Desktop Platforms
  6. Conclusion

Part 1: Reviewing and Its Operability is an extraordinary video generator that simplifies the process of creating videos. By simply providing a transcript, you can generate videos using this platform. What sets apart is its innovative use of AI avatars that looks realistic. Moreover, they can read the script but also incorporate natural gestures.

Furthermore, you can change the voice of the AI avatar to suit your preferences. If you're not satisfied with the available voices, you can even clone your voice. Additionally, the Synthesia avatars option allows you to choose the character of your choice. With these remarkable features, has changed the way we create and generate videos. This review will surely help you.

AI Video Editor
A powerful video editor offering many AI features for audio and video editing!
Wondershare Filmora 12

Part 2: Features of That Make It a Competitive Option

Synthesia video creator can surely make your video creation

1. Text-to-Speech

Transform your written text into professional voiceovers without any hassle. You can generate high-quality audio narration for your videos by simply typing in your script. This feature saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on the post-production process.

2. Multiple Languages and Accents supports over 120 languages, accents, and voice tones. You can create videos in multiple languages regardless of your target audience or preferred language. Furthermore, this feature ensures your message reaches a global audience effectively.

3. AI Avatars

Choose from a vast library of 150+ AI avatars representing diverse ethnic backgrounds. These AI-powered avatars provide a visually engaging element to your videos. It also makes your videos more relatable and engaging for your audience. Each avatar has its unique appearance and facial characteristics. You can select the one that best aligns with your video's theme or purpose.

4. Voice Cloning offers the ability to clone your voice and pair it with a custom AI avatar. This exceptional feature enables you to achieve a highly personalized touch. You'll get more engagement by using your voice as the narrator for your videos. This level of customization creates a strong connection between you and your audience.

5. Gestures

Add micro gestures to your AI avatars, such as head nods or raised eyebrows. These subtle movements bring the avatars to life. These gestures make them more expressive and natural. Gestures improve your videos as it appears more lively and engaging.

6. Custom AI Avatars

This tool allows you to create your own custom AI avatar, essentially your digital twin. This feature enables you to design an avatar that closely resembles your appearance. Not only this, but you can also customize your avatar the way you like it to appear in a video.

Part 3: How To Utilize For Creating a Great AI Video

Procedure of Utilizing AI is a tool that has made the video generation process pretty easy. You can follow these steps if you're interested in using this tool for basic video creation.

Step 1 Open your browser and go to the official website of Synthesia AI. On opening the page, continue to select the “Create a free AI video” button.

start creating video on synthesia

Step 2 Next, choose the video template that best matches your video concept. From the "Edit Your Video Script" option, enter your text in the provided textbox and press the "Continue" button to proceed.

provide details for video

Step 3 In the next window, provide your details, such as your name and email address. Proceed further to click "Generate Free Video" to start the video generation process. Once the video is generated, you will receive it in your email. Check your email and download your video to use and share as desired.

generate video on synthesia

Pricing of

Synthesia offers different plans and price ranges for the user. You can learn about pricing in the section below. With this information, you can choose the plan that suits you better.




Monthly Cost


Custom Pricing

Annual Billing

$270 billed annually


Number of Seats


Custom number of seats

Video Credits

10 video credits/month

Unlimited minutes of video

Scenes per Video



AI Avatars



Languages & Voices



AI Script Assistant



Built-in Screen Recorder



Upload Media



Webcam Avatar






Collaboration Features



Priority Support



Part 4: Introducing Some Top-Notch Alternatives

If you're looking for alternatives, this is the right place for you. Here are some of the best alternatives for Synthesia that you can try and use.

1. Lumen5

Lumen5 stands out as an exceptional alternative to This tool can transform your text script into engaging video content. Unlike Synthesia, Lumen5 doesn't rely on AI-generated avatars. Instead, it analyzes your text and utilizes AI technology to incorporate relevant media assets. This results in the creation of a slideshow-style video with a voiceover.

lumen5 ai video

Key Features

  • It is an incredible tool that lets you customize your video template completely. You can adjust and modify the template and bring out the best in it.
  • In addition to the automated media asset, this tool allows you to add music to your video as well. It means you can add an extra spice of creativity to your generated video.
  • Any blog or article can be converted into a stunning video. This is the power of Lumen5, that it can transform words and give them life digitally.

2. Bhuman AI Studio

Another notable tool in the video generation space is Bhuman AI Studio. While it shares similarities with Synthesia, Bhuman AI Studio takes a distinct approach. Rather than using scripts, it creates videos by cloning your existing video content. By uploading a short video of yourself, the tool creates an avatar clone of you. Then, with the input of your script, this tool creates a video with your clone self.

bhuman ai video

Key Features

  • This is a tool that is powered by the latest AI tech, which can generate videos for you. Bhuman AI allows you to generate videos at scale, meaning quantity is not an issue.
  • It is a remarkable tool that uses AI in a whole new fashion. This tool creates AI-generated videos, but one which has your same-looking talking avatar.
  • You can provide a text-written script to the tool, and it will create a video for you. So you can easily convert your script into an amazing video.

3. Synthesys

Lastly, we have Synthesys, yet another cloud-based video generation tool. With Synthesys, you can generate videos by simply entering your script. This tool uses AI to generate videos, and the good part is you don't have to appear in front of a video camera. offers a convenient solution for generating engaging video content.

synthesys ai video

Key Features

  • If you think you cannot generate audio using an AI tool, you’re wrong. Synthesys, with its AI power, can generate audio with ease.
  • You can create digital presentations with this tool. Synthesys needs text as input and, with the help of AI, can generate professional presentations for you.
  • By using this tool, you will never go short of accents and languages. This tool covers over 145 different languages and 254 unique styles as well.

Bonus Part: Wondershare Filmora: A Name in Making For AI Video Editing on Desktop Platforms

Who doesn't like their videos to look surprisingly good? To solve your problem, Wondershare Filmora is a great tool to edit and modify your videos. If you're using Synthesia AI, Filmora can prove to be a good tool for editing your AI videos. Wondershare Filmora may not be a direct alternative, but it is a great editor for such videos.

This desktop tool is capable of editing videos with its advanced tools and features. Like Synthesia AI, this tool also uses AI tools for editing. There are so many AI features of Filmora for audio and video editing. You can also make basic simple adjustments to your video project. However, Filmora doesn't hold you there as it allows you to do some complex edits as well.

filmora ai features

Prominent AI Features Offered By Wondershare Filmora

Free Download
Free Download

Filmora’s AI Features:

  • With the Motion Tracking feature, you can add an extra layer of creativity to your videos. You can apply dynamic effects and much more by tracking and following moving objects.
  • Filmora's Auto Beat Sync feature is a game-changer for video editing. This tool detects the beats and rhythm in your music, allowing you to synchronize your video clips.
  • You can easily remove unwanted silent sections from your audio or video files with the Silence Detection The AI-powered algorithm intelligently identifies moments of silence and trims them out.


In conclusion, the video creation and generation process is changing with the development of new tools. Now you can generate videos with some instructions and prompts. Synthesia AI can help you create professional videos without coming in front of the camera. However, you can always edit your Synthesia avatar videos on Wondershare Filmora.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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