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The best editor helps you animate your imaginations or ideas into videos with few efforts.
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Empower Video Creation With Artificial Intelligence: Steve AI Video Editor

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Jul 28, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

With the increasing demands for AI tools, there seems to be no space for slow and boring tools anymore. The videos which used to take hours of editing are now a matter of minutes. AI tools have become the primary aid for video creators to engage their audience on social media. Steve AI is one of the finest AI video creator tools that allows its user to make animation as well as live videos.

Steve AI has empowered video-making with modern features like personalization, text-to-generate, pre-installed themes, and templates. This article focuses on bringing the AI functionality of Steve AIin highlight, with another alternative showing its exclusive supremacy in AI video editing.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What is Steve AI and How Does It Help in Video Making?
  2. Part 2: Some Prominent Features of Steve AI To Keep Notice Of
  3. Part 3: Alternatives of Steve AI in AI Video Making
  4. Part 4: Wondershare Filmora and AI Video Editing: A Perfect Match
  5. Conclusion
AI Video Editor
The best editor helps you animate your imaginations or ideas into videos with few efforts.
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Part 1: What is Steve AI and How Does It Help in Video Making?

Steve AI is an innovative tool assisting its users in diverse video-making processes. It can transform text and visual data into engaging videos or reels. Steve AI can enhance your editing skills with its automated creativity tools.

As the name indicates, it gives high-quality results with minimal effort. You can animate your imaginations or ideas into videos via Steve AI. The video editing utility has video themes and templates that can be customized. It can assist in academic, social media, business, and animated cartoon creation.

steve ai website

Part 2: Some Prominent Features of Steve AI To Keep Notice Of

Steve AI offers high-quality results. These features can modify text and images into videos. They can give intuitive content ideas for social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. The content can be personalized according to requirements and individual priorities.

The Best AI Associated Features of Steve AI

While exploring the features of Steve AI, note that many features are more fitting for “Video Animation” and “Live Video Making.” Take a look at how these AI features work and find the ones that fulfill your content requirements below:

1. Using Text

Steve AI enables you to transform a blog, long articles, or any raw text material into live and video animations. This means that you can add a text or URL of text into the tool. It will transform your text into a video. The AI is designed to understand your instructions and gives outcomes accordingly.

The video will include diverse visuals and over 1000+ animated characters. You can use it to make visual presentations for classroom or workplace purposes. Steve AI also has a diverse language range to fit the content needs of users worldwide.

steve ai script generator

2. Using Blog

This feature is specifically for content creators active on any social media platform. To operate effectively on these platforms, one needs to learn video editing and making. Because social media’s new optimization process prefers reels. You just need to copy and paste the blog post, paste its link, or type your content idea yourself.

Steve AI will do the rest for you in creating something unique. It can generate genre-specific animation videos like videos to engage audiences on LinkedIn and promotional videos for brands. The speech in the videos can be specified as well.

steve ai blog video

3. Using Audio (Coming Soon!)

Ever thought about becoming an influencer but could not because you’re too shy to come forward or have private concerns? With Steve AI's creative tools, you can make videos based on your audio content. Just import your audio, and AI will generate animated video content as per your audio. However, this particular is yet to be released for all users.

4. Personalized Video Templates

With Steve AI templates, you can customize your video as per your content. For example, you can use sophisticated templates for business and educational purposes. Make use of artistic templates for fashion or creativity-related videos. Steve AI’s template library has made it easier for you to choose and create high-quality videos.

steve ai templates

5. Create Video Ads with Steve AI (Coming Soon!)

Social Media Ads have become a new trend to market your product. While it is an effective strategy, the process can take time. With Steve AI, you will be able to create Ads customized according to your business or product. This will help you cover much more content in lesser time, giving you room to improve your reach. However, Steve AI still has some barriers to break with this exclusive feature, as it is yet to be released.

Part 3: Alternatives of Steve AI in AI Video Making

In addition to Steve AI, there are several other remarkable AI tools available in the online stream. These can enhance your video-making experience and bring innovation to your projects. Let’s discuss these exciting alternatives in detail and use their features in enhanced video creation.

1. Kapwing

When it comes to video editing, Kapwing stands out as the premier AI tool. This tool offers professional video editing features while being accessible and free to use. With Kapwing, you can effortlessly crop and trim video clips. Furthermore, this tool supports collaborative teamwork enabling creators to edit videos together in real time.

You can also enjoy a variety of AI tools with Kapwing to enhance your video editing. These include generating scripts, videos, images, and memes.

kapwing ai

Key Features

  • Offers an intuitive interface with the ability to drag-and-drop
  • Extensive selection with a variety of templates
  • High-quality playback with HD support

2. InVideo

InVideo is a highly intuitive AI video creation platform. This tool is designed to assist users in producing professional-quality videos. Moreover, InVideo comes equipped with a comprehensive resource. These include customizable templates, stock footage, and a user-friendly editor. It also delivers exceptional results that enable users to create impactful videos with ease.

invideo ai

Key Features

  • 5,000+ customizable and editable templates
  • Instant social media sharing
  • 100GB cloud storage option

3. Clipchamp

Clipchamp offers an exceptional free plan that surpasses many other tools in terms of features. With this free plan, users can enjoy unlimited video projects. They can also access all the essential video editing tools for the best video creation. It also lets users export videos in 480p output resolution without any watermark.

For those seeking even more advanced options, upgrading to the “Premium” is the best option. This grants access to a vast stock library and the ability to download videos at higher resolutions.

clipchamp ai

Key Features

  • Background and overlay customization with green screen
  • Text-to-speech conversion with AI-voice generator
  • Dynamic audio animations

4. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a top-quality AI tool for video editing. This platform simplifies the process by transforming text from posts into stunning videos. Through its algorithms, Lumen5 automatically summarizes the text and extracts essential concepts. This allows users the option for the best video creation. In short, with Lumen5 AI video editing, users can transform their written ideas into compelling videos.

lumen5 ai

Key Features

  • Engaging dynamic and customizable text effects
  • Helps create videos in multiple languages
  • Tracks data-driven video performance insights

Part 4: Wondershare Filmora and AI Video Editing: A Perfect Match

AI video editing has made it convenient to edit and share videos online. Wondershare Filmora is an AI-integrated software, just like in this Steve AI review. Its cloud-driven software has enhanced the remote working environment. It has made creators collaborate from around the globe. This has brought diversity and advancements in the editing universe and given them more options.

Free Download
Free Download

Features Of Wondershare Filmora AI Video Editing

You can share and edit your videos for free on Filmora. It preserves both time and effort as compared to manual editing. Let us see how Wondershare Filmora and AI Video Editing are a perfect match:

1. Motion Tracking

Having a noticeable audience on social media means you have been creative. But with the increasing competition, creating unique and attractive content is difficult. Filmora’s motion tracking feature can help you bring that uniqueness to your videos. You can add effects, music, and texts in your videos that align your movements. This helps in giving your real-life video a touch of fantasy and magic.

motion tracking filmora

2. Instant Mode

Being a vlogger or traveler means you're either preoccupied or distracted. The hassle of packing, traveling, or shifting can be tiresome. It is usual to have things slip from your mind. Filmora has brought you an instant video editing mode. There are pre-installed video templates in Filmora, just like Steve AI.

The AI enhancements will automate the editing process. It can even trim and highlights the unwanted and important parts of a video on its own.

instant mode filmora

3. Remove Video Background

Filmora saves you the trouble of arranging a green background. Before AI enhancements, that was the only way to remove a background from a video. Now, it is as easy as enabling the feature, and AI will do the rest. The video background will be removed, and you can add any appropriate media of your choice.

remove background filmora

4. AI Copywriting

Filmora has recently launched two new features, one of which is AI copywriting. The collaboration between Filmora and ChatGPT has made it easier to edit videos. It saves creators the hassle of switching from one software to another. Just like Steve AI, Filmora can now automate YouTube video titles, descriptions, and scripts.

ai copywriting filmora

5. AI Audio Denoise

Unnecessary background noises can provoke. As a creator, these minor nuisances can bore your audience. Resembling Steve AI, Filmora's AI feature can detect and eliminate unnecessary background noises on its own. Any sound that's additional, like wind noise, people talking, children crying, or traffic noises, will be eliminated.

ai audio denoise filmora


As you have read, both Steve AI and Wondershare Filmora are advanced AI video editing tools. There are fewer differences between both. Both have integrated the perfect use of AI to achieve goals. Now that you are familiar with the process, you can make your content unique and attractive.

For more diverse options in editing videos with collaborative AI tools, Wondershare Filmora is a great option to go with. It offers other enhancements as well other than AI editing tools. That will give you a customized experience in creating the best video content.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jul 22, 24
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