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Create Text to 3D Animation AI Videos With & Without OpenAI Sora

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Originally published Mar 07, 24, updated Mar 27, 24


With the passage of time, AI is finding its application in almost every industry. The video animation industry is no exception in this regard. Recent advancements in AI 3D animation generators can help animators create engaging videos. These tools cut short the time needed to create complex animated content.

Sora is one such text-to-3D animation AI tool to generate videos within minutes. Besides learning about this release, you will learn about its best alternative to creating AI-generated animation videos.

In this article
  1. Part 2. Sora vs. Traditional Animation: Which Is Better for Content Creation?
  2. Part 3. Create Perfect Videos Using AI Through Wondershare Filmora
  3. Conclusion
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Part 1: The Impact of Sora on the Animation Industry: A Closer Look

Sora is a text-to-3D animation AI creation model developed by OpenAI. It has the ability to create videos, including animated videos, from a text prompt. This AI tool uses text-conditional diffusion models to generate videos with different outputs. By doing so, it allows you to animate videos in different resolutions and aspect ratios.

The main purpose of Sora is to democratize video creation by making it accessible to anyone. As we know, animation generally takes time and costs a lot. Thus, animators need specialized skills and expensive software to generate a good output. However, beginners can use this AI 3D animation generator to produce video content. Let's analyze how Sora AI is going to change the content creation industry with its innovations:

open ai sora video from text

1.Efficiency and Speed

Sora, with its text-to-3D animation AI creation, automates repetitive tasks. It allows you to extend already generated videos to save re-production time. All these functionalities will help animators save time and boost their efficiency.

2.Enhanced Creativity

With the help of DALL·E and GPT models, it empowers content creators to explore new possibilities. Using this tool, animators can experiment with different styles and techniques.

3.Consistent Output Animation

This tool provides the AI model with the foresight of many frames at a time to generate consistent output. By doing so, this AI 3D animation generator ensures that the subject stays the same throughout the video.

4.Support for Various Content Formats

Sora AI supports creating a wide range of content formats, including animations. Other than generating videos from text, it can also alter existing images to generate a video. By integrating animation with real-world footage, you can open doors for hybrid content formats.

General Use Cases of Sora AI for the General Public

We have understood how Sora AI will change the world of animation. After getting this knowledge, let’s see the ways in which this text-to-3D animation AI tool can help the general public:

  1. Educational Content: Teachers can use Sora to create AI-generated animated videos. It will assist them in engaging students in an interactive learning experience.
  2. Marketing and Advertising: Small businesses can use this AI tool to produce animated marketing videos. By doing so, they can promote their products on social media in an engaging manner.
  3. Social Media Content: Influencers can take help from Sora AI to create eye-catching animations for their channels. This will allow them to enhance their online presence and attract a larger audience.
  4. Presentations: Students can incorporate animated visuals into their presentations using this tool. Doing so will help them communicate complex concepts and engage their audience.

Part 2: Sora vs. Traditional Animation: Which Is Better for Content Creation?

As we have discussed, Sora AI offers new possibilities for content creation. With its text-to-3D animation AI features, it saves time typically spent on frame-by-frame animation. All of its features are perfect for quick experimentation with visual concepts.

Irrespective of the utility of Sora AI, traditional animation has some advantages over AI-generated animated videos. Go over this comparison table to see how Sora AI is better than traditional animation processes:

Metrics Sora AI Animation Traditional Animation
Skill Level Required Requires no artistic skills to generate animation text-based input. Animators need high artistic and technical skills.
Speed and Efficiency Automates animation process to reduce production time. Consume time for frame-by-frame drawing and animation.
Cost Cost-effective solution due to reduced production time and fewer resources required. Expensive due to the need for skilled animators, software licenses, and equipment.
Learning Curve Minimal learning curve. The steeper learning curve to master animation techniques.
Use Cases
  • Social media content
  • Explainer videos
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Short films
  • Commercials
  • High-quality projects requiring unique styles


Part 3: Create Perfect Videos Using AI Through Wondershare Filmora

The details discussed above might have built up a narrative that Sora AI is exceptionally easy to use, catering to the needs of both beginners and veterans. However, regardless of how easy Sora might look, it has a learning curve you need to go through to be able to use it properly. This is where Wondershare Filmora comes in as an effective text-to-3D animation AI solution for creating personalized videos.

While being a complete video editor, this innovative platform can be used to create entire videos from a basic video script idea. Seeing such diversity, users are advised to make the best use of this feature for creating unique content.

Why Should You Go for Filmora?

Provided next is an overview of the factors that make Filmora the best option for AI-generated video among the developing tools such as Sora:

  1. Apart from adding your script, you can discuss an idea and let Wondershare Filmora generate a complete video script.
  2. It offers 16 different languages for creating video content, which helps in attracting a wider audience.
  3. To make your video’s voice unique, there is a specific option of defining the tone of the voice along with the gender.
text to video in filmora

Other Highlighting Features of Wondershare Filmora

Since you have been looking into the detailed overview of the AI text-to-video function, get to know some more features of Filmora that make it a progressive video editor:

1. AI Music Generator

Are you missing some proper tone in your videos that you feel would enhance the entire content? Instead of finding some good music on the internet, Wondershare Filmora provides a built-in music generation feature. After selecting the mood and duration of the music, Filmora provides various results to give you diverse options.

ai music generator in filmora

2. AI Image

While you can create scripts and videos through AI prompts, Wondershare Filmora also offers the option of creating images through AI. By providing a good AI prompt and defining the style of the image to be generated, you can make defining creations that can be helpful in your videos.

ai image in filmora

3. AI Thumbnail Creator

After creating an entire video, it is important to decide on a good thumbnail for it if you are about to post it on social media. Instead of finding thumbnail creation options, Wondershare Filmora provides an AI thumbnail creation option. It provides different options, such as thumbnails, which can be selected and edited accordingly.

ai thumbnail in filmora


After going through this article, you can conclude that Sora AI is surely going to change the animation industry. With its advanced models, it allows you to create AI-generated animation videos within minutes. However, to get better control over output video, we recommend you use Wondershare Filmora. It allows you to select an AI speaker and language to make animated videos according to your audience.

Sumia Rafique
Sumia Rafique Mar 27, 24
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