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Creating the Finest Animation from Text With the Right AI Tools

Are you looking for tools that can convert text to animations with ease? This article will provide some of the finest text-to-animated video AI tools.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 29, 23, updated Jan 17, 24

When it comes to technological advancement, we tend to see something new almost every day. The newest updates in AIs started from text generation to more advanced ones like text-to-animated video AI. AI can generate not only simple videos but also animated videos. You can create animations or animated videos using AI-boosted tools in minutes.

This article will provide you with information about such AI animation generators. Steve AI and GliaStar are two of the finest text-to-animation video AI generators. These two particular tools are some of the finest animated video-from-text tools. Learn about their features and the method of using these animation-generating tools in this article.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Creating Explicit Animation Videos With AI Using Steve AI
  2. Part 2: GliaStar: A Good Option For Generating AI Animated Videos
  3. Bonus Part: Manage Your Video With AI Tools Using Wondershare Filmora
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Part 1: Creating Explicit Animation Videos With AI Using Steve AI

With Steve AI, you can create animation videos in a go, and that too without any trouble. You can create animated videos for your YouTube channel, commercials, and much more. In addition, there are so many things Steve AI is offering, from props to 1000+ animated characters. Using Steve AI, you can create animated videos from text.

Steps To Generate An Animated Video Using Steve AI

Why not use human advancements instead of wasting hours creating and editing animations? Given below is the step-wise guide to using Steve AI as a text-to-animated video converter:

Step 1: Log in to your account from the official website of Steve AI. Next, from the window that appears, select “Text to Animation” from the options available and select “Start.”

select text to animation steve ai

Step 2: Provide the necessary information in the “Auto generate script” menu and press “Create Sample Script” to generate the script automatically. Otherwise, click the “X” button, manually enter scenes in the textbox to create a script, and click “Next.”

create or add script for video

Step 3: In the next window, select the design style of the template you want to use. Following this, a new window will open, where you will find a generative animated video. Hit the “Play” icon in the preview window and see your creation. You can make adjustments to your video, like adding transitions and more. Press “Publish” to save your animated video created by Steve AI.

edit and publish animated video

Part 2: GliaStar: A Good Option For Generating AI Animated Videos

Having this tool by your side, you can have your very own mascot. GliaStar is a text-to-animation video AI platform that lets you create an animated mascot with ease. Your mascot can even lip-sync the provided script.

That's not even the best part because this tool supports more than 5 different languages. Moreover, your mascot can change its facial expressions and gestures. This way, your mascot looks more authentic and realistic to the audience.

Steps To Create a Mascot Using GliaStar

We all know that making animations can be a complex piece of work because of minor details related to time and keyframing. This is where text-to-animated video converters like GliaStar serve their purpose, which is featured in the following steps:

Step 1: From the official website of GliaStar, scroll down the webpage and click “Create now.” You will be navigated to a new webpage, where you can click “Start” to initiate the process.

start creating mascot on gliastar

Step 2: Continue to select the animated mascot from the next window and press “Continue” to proceed further.

select mascot and continue

Step 3: Next, from the dropdown menus, choose the language and voice of your mascot. Provide the script in the textbox and select “Process” to finalize the creation. In the next window, you can choose the template for your video. In this way, you can easily convert text to animated video using GliaStar.

add text and process

Bonus Part: Manage Your Video With AI Tools Using Wondershare Filmora

In the world of content creation, you might not need to create an animated video from the text every time. Even if you do, you're going to need video editing software like Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a premium-grade audio and video editor that has the capability to enhance the quality of your media content. With Filmora, you can experience timeline-based, non-destructive editing.

Edit Video with AI
Edit Video with AI

Filmora has tons of professionally made templates that you can use to make studio-quality videos. You can also work on multiple audio and videos at once with it. Moreover, this amazing audio and video editor has the capability to do motion tracking and speed ramping. It can help you give a professional outlook on videos.

Key AI Features of Filmora

A tool's key features help demonstrate its higher functionality and assistance metrics. Just like this, you can learn about the assistive AI metrics of Filmora from here:

1. Motion Tracking

Videos contain objects, which can sometimes be the center of attention within the entire script. If that is the case, special emphasis needs to be put on the particular object. Considering such requirements, implementing motion tracking is the best option one can go with. Filmora offers a dedicated motion-tracking feature powered by AI that automatically tracks and pins entire effects and graphics across the element.

motion tracking filmora

2. Auto Beat Sync

Syncing the audio with the videos is very important to make it understandable. By using Filmora, you have a chance to synchronize any type of audio with the video. There is no need to compromise on the quality or duration of the footage or audio. Moreover, it can also make smooth montages in an automated manner with its AI powers.

auto beat sync filmora

3. Instant Mode

Filmora provides an instant system of creating videos for its users with Instant Mode. Instead of going through the entire operation, you can easily use the available templates to create a unique video. Not only this, but the function also takes up input clips and media files with instructions to create required videos instantly.

instant mode filmora

4. AI Audio Denoise

Are the background noises making your audio unpleasant to hear? There is nothing to worry about because you can remove all the unwanted background noises with this feature of Filmora. You can also work on DeReverb, Hum Removal, Noise Level, and other audio metrics. One of the best things about this feature is it can make your audio clearer and more pleasant to hear.

ai audio denoise filmora


To sum up, the skill of creating animation is now not only in the hands of animators. Every person with the right tool can now create animation using text to animated video converter. This article has also provided you with some of the best animation tools. Alternatively, you can import your animations in Wondershare Filmora to export a full animated video.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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