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One of the best portrayals of impressive AI audio generation.
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Proficient Text To Speech Generation With Speechify: A Review

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Aug 25, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Artificial intelligence has cleared the stage for human efficiency because of its advanced algorithms and cloud integrations. It has accelerated goal achievement in every industry through deep learning mechanisms. This has enabled it to generate massive and accurate data in the form of Natural Human Language.

Such advanced processes are changing the course of many industries. The results are more convincing than ever regarding AI audio editing and generation. Speechify is one of the best portrayals of impressive AI audio generation. In this article, we will review Speechify Text to Speech TTS and some top Speechify alternatives for featuring an insight into audio generation.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Speechify: A Great Text To Speech Voice Reader Available in the Market
  2. Part 2. Why is Speechify Considered An Exceptional Option For Text-to-Speech?
  3. Bonus Part: Coherent Desktop Alternative: Wondershare Filmora with TTS
  4. Conclusion
Text To Speech Generation
One of the best portrayals of impressive AI audio generation.
Wondershare Filmora 12

Part 1. Speechify: A Great Text To Speech Voice Reader Available in the Market

AI audio generators have dug deeper into the education and media industry through unlimited ways of knowledge and learning. Speechify uses text-to-speech (TTS) technology as its primary function. It claims to be the number one TTS reader for its users aiding in e-earning and audio blogging. The TTS technology enables users to receive audio outputs from written inputs.

Some people may have difficulty reading or prefer audio learning as its time-saving. Speechify text-to-speech TTS is a top-notch alternative and an escape for them. You can copy-paste or upload your textual instructions, and it will convert them into impressive outcomes. Furthermore, along with making e-learning more approachable, Speechify can generate voiceovers and audio blogs.

speechify website


No AI becomes a top priority unless recognized by renowned brands and businesses. Speechify AI supports many platforms, including:

  • Web
  • Chrome Extension
  • iOS
  • Android
  • macOS

Pricing Plans Of Speechify

Being available on almost every platform must be worth something. Let's go through the Speechify pricing plans and see which one is suitable according to your role:

Speechify Versions

Pricing Plans (per month)

Premium (TTS)


Professional (Voiceover)




Part 2. Why is Speechify Considered An Exceptional Option For Text-to-Speech?

As discussed earlier, Speechify TTS technology is the building block of its AI audio. Without it, AI audio generators might not even exist. The advancements in AI added a realistic touch to it at each step. Now this TTS technology can transcribe textual instructions into realistic human voices.

Entering the world of AI is like entering social media, as its offers are unlimited. One can come across incompetent and irrelevant products. Here's how you can know how Speechify text-to-speech TTS is worthy:

1. Listen At Any Speed

Sometimes you want to do revisions for an exam at the last minute or have an important document to read. With Speechify AI, you can not only transform those written files into audio. But you can also listen to them at faster speeds. Specify offers 9X faster speed than normal.

speed changing in speechify

2. Listen To Any Page

Sometimes you need more time to write the entire text from a book's page. If you had, you could read it. Speechify has made it more convenient for its users. You can take a picture of your book page and upload it on Speechify. It'll analyze and transcribe the text to an audio file.

add page pictures

3. The Most Natural-Sounding TTS Voices

Robotic voices can be boring and may not engage the audience as well. Speechify voices are the closest to natural human voices allowing users to engage, listen, and remember better. The results are almost closer to the original voices and promote productivity.

add ai voices for tts

4. Grow Your Worldwide Audience

With Speechify AI, you can dub your previous videos into 100+ languages. You do not need to use overpriced and overhyped tools for this purpose. It can convert your content into diverse languages and accents, increasing your chances of international reach. You can also convert textual scripts into other languages.

change into different language

5. AI Voice Cloning

Ever thought, what if you wouldn't have to record a voiceover from scratch for every video? Speechify can colon your voice from a 30-second-long input, and you get a lifetime stock of voiceovers. After that, you only need to add the text, and it'll make audio files in your voice. This can be useful in online meetings or presentations.

ai voice cloning with speechify

Bonus Part: Coherent Desktop Alternative: Wondershare Filmora with TTS

There are some limits to every platform, even if it's AI-driven. It is always good to have a backup if you are still waiting to receive desired results. As a Speechify-free alternative, Wondershare Filmora is an AI-synchronized software allowing users to choose audio or video AI per their preferences.

Free Download
Free Download

With Filmora, even an amateur can edit videos with enhanced effects, animations, and filters. Users can add film effects to videos, making them visually attractive and high-quality. Let's see if it proves worthy of the titles it claims to be as an AI software:

1. Text to Speech

Like Speechify, Filmora uses TTS technicality. Users can instruct it textually, and it will generate audio outcomes. You can make your video presentations more interesting and engaging with this feature. You can increase the audience on your blog by converting them into audio blogs. Here's a guide to using Filmora's TTS feature:

Step 1Install Wondershare Filmora and Import Your Files

After downloading and installing Filmora on your desktop, click the "New Project" button. Select the file you want to import and drag it to the timeline. Give a title to your video from the "Titles" tab on the upper toolbar.

import video to filmora
Step 2Find And Select the Text-to-Speech option

Double-click the "Titles" tab in the timeline and hit the "Tools" button from the upper toolbar. Find the "Text-to-Speech" option in the drop-down menu.

open text to speech tool
Step 3Improve the Audio Quality

After choosing the TTS option, a small window will emerge. From that window, you can make manual audio enhancements. You can adjust the speech-language and playback speed from there. Once you're done making adjustments in the audio quality, click "OK."

set tts parameters
Step 4Export Your Final Product

Afterward, another window will appear. There you can find the "Status" of your audio files. Once the text input is converted to audio output, Filmora will auto-add it to the timeline. To make an additional setting, click the TTS file from the timeline. Once you're sure of everything, tap the "Export" button.

generate and export

2. AI Audio Stretch

It can be frustrating when you cannot add your favorite music to your videos. It is because of the difference in duration between both. Filmora's AI audio stretch feature allows you to adjust any sound or music to fit your video. It supports all audio formats, including MP4, MP4V, and 3GP. The AI understands the lyrics and vocals of music and auto-adjusts everything.

3. Audio Ducking

Remember those scenes when the soundtrack was so high that it was almost impossible to understand the dialogue? Such situations can be irritating, but Filmora's audio ducking feature ensures that doesn't happen to your videos. It can auto-adjust a music track to low volume when you're talking in a video. This feature is extremely helpful for content creators. It makes their videos fun and engaging at the same time.

audio ducking filmora

4. Auto Beat Sync

Make your content more entertaining and captivating through Filmora's auto-beat sync. This feature analyzes and adjusts the ups and downs in your videos. Then it adjusts the music beats according to it. Audio beat sync also processes the bad part of your video based on lighting and eliminate them on its own.

Free Download
Free Download


If you have reviewed the article, you are now aware of AI audio generators, TTS technology, and its significance. Speechify is one of the finest, but it is limited to audio creation and enhancements. We recommend you use Wondershare Filmora, as it has broadened its AI technology in both audio and video editing.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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