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Chai AI: The AI Chat App That You Need to Know About

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Oct 25, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

Are you wondering whether you can chat with your favorite celebrity or a fictional character? AI can now make that possible. Probably you are interested in having a conversation with a certain historical figure. Chai AI offers you the opportunity to experience this with advanced chatbots. It lets you have real-time conversations with AI chatbots as if you are chatting with someone. The Chai AI website also offers you the opportunity to build and share your own chatbot. Chai website AI is a popular two-sided AI messaging platform for interacting with chatbots as if they were real people. Let’s have a look at how it works and compare it to ChatGPT.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What is Chai AI: Capabilities and Key Features
  2. Part 2. How to Use Chai AI: A Simple Guide
  3. Part 3. Chai AI vs ChatGPT: How are They Different
  4. Part 4. Explore More AI Features in Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion
ChatGPT-Integrated Video Editor
The best editor helps you create and edit videos with ChatGPT AI.
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Part 1. What is Chai AI: Capabilities and Key Features

Chai AI is a two-way conversation platform. It was first introduced in 2021, although it became popular in 2022 after extensive word-of-mouth referrals and its viral marketing campaigns. The AI also received positive reviews from users and critics for its innovative features and engaging content.

chai ai

Chai AI lets you converse with chatbots like they were people. Some of the common uses of this AI model is chatting with a therapist AI or even a tutor. Other people chat with the AI model as if it was their friend or partner.

This is made possible because Chai AI is powered by a cutting-edge artificial intelligence engine that understands your inquiries and provides precise responses. It will then react naturally and engagingly. By continually learning from those interactions, Chai becomes better at understanding you the more you converse with it.

Chai AI Features

  • Conversational Interface: You can converse with AI pals on Chai the same way you would with a human friend.
  • Product Search Help: The AI model helps you in finding specific products.
  • Personalized Recommendations: The app uses artificial intelligence to learn more about your preferences and provide appropriate recommendations.
  • AI Styling Chatting: The AI model employs a cutting-edge algorithm that matches you with the ideal AI companion depending on your age group.

Part 2. How to Use Chai AI: A Simple Guide

The Chai AI is an excellent tool for conversing with AI chatbots in a natural language. You can use the spicy Chai AI app on your Android or iOS devices, allowing you to take full advantage of this model. Follow these steps to start using Chai AI chatbots.

1. Access Chai AI

You can access the Chai AI by visiting the Chai AI website. The is also available for download for Android and iPhone as spicy Chai AI.

sign up chai

2. Create a Bot Account

After accessing the Chai AI platform, create a bot account. This will allow you to start chatting with the bot and having real-time interactions. Enter all the required information, and the AI will prompt to start chatting after clicking the submit button.

chai bot account

3. Start Chatting

Start having a dialogue with a bot depending on your specific needs. Directly search for a particular bot or explore the list of available ones. You may issue specific commands to the chatbot or ask interesting questions.

chai chat

4. Create Your Own Bot

You may also be interested in creating your own bot. Start by going to the chat page’s top right, and selecting the “Build a Bot” button. You will be prompted to provide all the important details about your desired both and apply the changes to start chatting with it. You may also use the Chaipy platform to generate chatbots for the Chai AI experience.

chai bot builder

Some people have been concerned about their safety and providing so much information to the AI. Fortunately, Chai AI creators have put in place measures to ensure user protection and the safety of the information they share. You are also encouraged to refrain from providing personal information during discussion so that you do not compromise your safety.

Part 3. Chai AI vs ChatGPT: How are They Different

Chai AI and ChatGPT are large language models (LLMs) that generate human-quality text. They also translate languages, write creative content, and answer questions in an informative way.


Chai AI is powered by Google AI's PaLM 2 LLM. On the other hand. ChatGPT is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 LLM. The two LLMs are different in composition, but they are both trained on a massive dataset of text and code. This allows Chai AI and ChatGPT to share certain tasks:

  • Generate text content, such as articles, blog posts, poems, and code
  • Translate languages
  • Answering questions comprehensively and informatively
  • Chat with users in a natural and engaging way

This brings us to the unique features and advantages of the ChatGPT:

  • Powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 LLM: The language model is generally considered more advanced than Google AI's PaLM 2 LLM.
  • More Accessibility: ChatGPT is more accessible than Chai AI through a web-based interface. Chai AI is only available to a limited number of users.

The unique features and advantages make the two LLMs useful in various circumstances. The main unique feature of Chai AI over ChatGPT is the ability to generate text based on the image. This feature allows you to perform complex tasks such as generating creative content, writing product descriptions, and creating social media posts. Since Chai AI is a multilingual model, you can generate more relevant content for your audience.

Part 4. Explore More AI Features in Wondershare Filmora

As the world of artificial intelligence continues to evolve, Wondershare Filmora has introduced a couple of AI features. These features are meant to help you interact better with the video editor, and enhance your creativity. The features have automated many of the functions when it comes to video editing, making it easier for anyone to generate great results, even with zero experience in editing. One of the features you may find intriguing, especially when using Chai AI is the AI image.

Free Download
Free Download

Filmora AI Image Feature

Filmora AI Image is a text-to-image feature that automatically generates an image in three resolutions to choose from. You only need to type what you need in the text box, and Filmora will instantly generate an image for that. You can use the AI-generated image directly in your video project. You can also choose to download and use it on a platform like Chai AI to hold a conversation about it.

filmora ai image

Other Creative AI Features by Filmora

Filmora provides you with a variety of other AI features to enhance your experience with the editor while being more productive at your project. Among the most commonly used Filmora AI features include:

  1. AI Copywriting

The AI copywriting feature by Filmora is integrated with the ChatGPT API. It inspires you through AI-generated scripts and texts. This way, you can generate AI copywriting text when editing videos, and come up with Video Titles and Descriptions instantly.

filmora ai copywriting
  1. Speech-to-Text Plugin

This function allows you to instantly transcribe video speech to text in just a single click. This will save you plenty of time that you would have used transcribing subtitles, boosting your overall editing efficiency.

filmora speech-to-text
  1. AI Portrait Plugin

The feature instantly removes the background from your images and videos with high accuracy. You also get 70+ AI portraits and sticker effects to enhance the look of your object. The feature automatically recognizes the face of your subject and adds AR stickers.

filmora ai protrait
Free Download
Free Download


Chai AI is a platform that allows you to create and chat with chatbots in the most realistic manner possible. The chatbots are powered by advanced natural language processing combined with deep learning technologies. They enable Chai AI to offer a wide variety of benefits for its users, including chatting with AI friends that match their interests and personality. You can also learn from AI experts and mentors, as well as create your own AI chatbots with Chaipy. For those interested in exploring these and more features, we recommend checking out Wondershare Filmora too. The versatile video editing software comes with several AI features that make editing of video super easy and fun.


  • Is Chai AI a safe app?
    Yes, Chai AI is safe for use. The creators have put several measures to make sure that every user’s information is safe and secure.
  • How can I report harmful or inappropriate content on Chai AI?
    You can report harmful or inappropriate content on Chai using the report button or talking with the support team.
  • Are there any restrictions with Chai AI?
    While it is free to download and use Chai AI, you are restricted to sending up to 100 messages a day. Sending more messages will require you to subscribe to the Chai premium plan.
  • Does Chai AI monitor chats?
    Chai offers you an anonymous chatting experience, which means you will engage in conversations without revealing your identity. However, the AI bots and developers may still monitor your chat logs for security purposes.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jul 22, 24
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