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Revolutionize Your Content With Free Text to Video Generators

Udobi Chukwuemeka James
Udobi Chukwuemeka James Originally published Mar 12, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

The current advancements have significantly replaced manual video generation with automation. Filmmakers now prefer free text-to-video generators instead of manually filming videos. It’s the quickest and most affordable method of crafting engaging content. The problem that appears here is choosing the best tool since many options are available online.

That’s why this article will assist all the video makers in selecting the right platform. So, continue reading to explore the features, operations, and pricing of some text-to-AI video generators. It will help you choose feature-packed software that caters to all your content production needs.

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Part 1: Some Good Text-To-Video AI Generator Options To View for Innovation

When choosing a text-to-video generator, people are mostly concerned about their operations. Besides, they prefer to collect details about that platform to avoid wasting time on the wrong one. Keeping that in view, this section will shed light on all the aspects of some top-rated free text-to-video generators.


If you need an easy and quick text-to-video free maker with no watermark, try this tool. It’s an AI-powered tool that can generate a video with your text prompts. After creating videos, it lets you edit them with its video editor. Moreover, it has an extensive range of video marketing tools that go beyond just video customization. This tool also allows you to embed the created videos in emails and websites.

What Makes Preferrable?

  1. It’s a web-based editor that allows everyone to create a video, regardless of operating system.
  2. Users can create videos from blog posts, text files, and online articles.
  3. Apart from generating AI videos, you can edit them and customize them as required.

Step-By-Step Guide To Generate Engaging Text-To-Videos

Step 1: Access the main site of this tool, tap the “Create Video” button, and choose the “From Text” option. Then, insert your video topic in the “Title” section and detailed text prompts in the “Text” section. Navigate to the “Stock Assets in Your Video” and pick an option to proceed. Extend the drop-down of “Audio Mood” and select your desired option. Finally, press the “Next” button and reach the next screen.  

add the generate from text details

Step 2: From the next screen, choose the format and style of your video using the given options. Use the “Horizontal,” “Square,” “Vertical,” or “Story” options for format selection. Later, tap on one style and hit the “Create Video” button.

tap the create video button

Step 3: Wait for the processing and find an initial draft of the video on the next screen. You can edit that video further using the left-side panel. After finalizing the clip, hit the “publish” button from the top-right corner and proceed to save the video.

hit the publish button

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Streamer $20/month
Creator $30/month
Business $48/month

2. Fliki

Filki is another reliable free text-to-video generator that can transform words into videos. You can prompt with a text script to get tailored videos for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. During this process, it uses vast media assets and high-quality AI voices. Furthermore, it lets you personalize the AI voice from 2000 natural-sounding voices in 75 languages. 

What Makes Fliki Preferable?

  1. It offers an AI-powered media search that explores asset libraries to select media.
  2. This platform can create tailored videos for social media platforms.
  3. You can export the AI-generated videos in MP4 format and different aspect ratios.

Straightforward Guide To Create AI Videos From Text via Fliki

Step 1: Approach the main Fliki dashboard and sign in using your credentials. Then, tap the “New File” button and get a new pop-up screen to start a new project.

press the new file button

Step 2: Now, click the “Idea” option and insert your text instructions in the “Idea Prompt” section. Choose “Stock Media” or “AI Media” options as needed and hit the “Submit” button.

input your video idea

Step 3: As you press the “Submit” button, AI will generate a video after analyzing your prompts. Preview the video and navigate to the “Download” option to save the video.

tap the download button

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Cross-Platform Plan (Can Access From Any Supported Device)
  • $29.99 /qtr
  • $49.99/year
Perpetual Plan $79.99
Standard $28/month
Premium $88/month
Enterprises Custom

3. Vidnoz

Do you need a platform that needs the least prompts and works on text-based imagination? Try Vidnoz, which has a simple interface for beginners and crafts visuals frame by frame. It has AI avatars and voices in various local languages to support the videos. Moreover, it contains an array of templates and allows you to generate video subtitles.

What Makes Vidnoz Preferrable?

  1. Users only need to input idea prompts, and AI can work on scripts, visuals, and voiceovers.
  2. You can choose a mood for background music with inspiring, relaxing, and smooth options.
  3. This tool allows you to export the generated video in 1080p without dropping any FPS.

How To Generate Engaging AI Text-To-Videos Using Vidnoz

Step 1: Launch the official Vidnoz site and head to the “Input Text to Your Video” section. There, enter the idea as text prompts for the video. Choose the required options in the “Set Basic Video Information'' section using their drop-down menus. Now, hit the “Generate” button and wait for AI to generate the video.

press the generate video button

Step 2: After a while, you will get a preview of the clip, which you can save using the "Download" button. You can also press the “Share” button to generate the link of output or share it on other platforms.

share or download the video

Pricing Plans

Plan Pricing
Cross-Platform Plan (Can Access From Any Supported Device)
  • $29.99 /qtr
  • $49.99/year
Perpetual Plan $79.99
Starter (15 Minutes) $29.99/month
Business (30 Minutes) $74.99/month
Enterprises Custom

Part 2: The Cost-Efficient Text-To-Video Generator With No Watermark - Wondershare Filmora

In the text-to-AI video generator industry, Wondershare Filmora stands at the top. It's an AI video editor with countless AI features to polish your video content. Among its exclusive features is an AI- text-to-video maker that can transform text into compelling visual stories. It works on your text instructions and scripts to craft stunning videos effortlessly.

In this regard, you can adjust the video’s aspect ratio according to the streaming platforms. To make engaging AI videos, it has a diverse range of AI voices in different age ranges, genders, and accents. Besides, this video editor supports unlimited native or regional languages for AI voices. Hence, Filmora AI will create vibrant videos that align with the context by analyzing key themes from the text.

Text To Video【Filmora AI Function】

Free Download
Free Download

Why Is Wondershare Filmora a Premium Option?

  • Unlike other free text-to-video generators, this tool can generate scripts for videos. For this purpose, you have to prompt with a topic and video type to execute accurate results.
  • After getting the AI-generated video, users can edit and customize them as needed. They can add audio, animations, transitions, and subtitles with tailored fonts and styles.
  • Using Filmora, you can create or generate social media posts, tutorials, and advertisements. Educationists can even generate explanatory videos and e-learning materials to simplify concepts.
  • If you want to add images to the AI-generated videos, Filmora also has an AI Image feature. It can generate attractive and copyright-free images with your text prompts.


In summary, excessive text-to-video makers on the internet confuse people when choosing the right one. Therefore, this article has helped them in their selection by explaining a few free text-to-video generators. To make a wise decision, you should elect Wondershare Filmora to get high-quality videos. It’s an all-in-all platform with countless AI features for generating and customizing videos from every aspect.

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