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Top 10 AI Presentation Makers for Creating Engaging and Professional Presentations in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 11, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Creating a visually compelling and engaging presentation is now easier and faster. With the advent of AI presentation makers, you can now create and refine your presentation in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. These AI PPT makers combine the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity to produce visually attractive presentations. With the right AI PowerPoint generator, you can automatically create professional presentations that capture and retain the attention of your audience. Let’s have a look at the 10 best AI presentation makers you can use in 2024.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Which AI Presentation Maker is Right for You? Find Out Below
  2. Part 2. Bring Your Imagination to Virtual Existence with Wondershare Filmora
  3. Conclusion
AI Presentation Editor
The best editor can generate a virtual avatar to make your presentations more exciting.
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Part 1. Which AI Presentation Maker is Right for You? Find Out Below

AI presentation makers create visually appealing presentations from simple text descriptions. They come with customizable templates and editing tools. With the right tool, you will have endless opportunities to create a great presentation.   

1. Wonderslide

Wonderslide is an AI-powered website that creates stunning presentations in minutes. Simply upload your draft presentations, and Wonderslide will automatically generate a design for you.


 Key AI features

  • Fast Presentation design: With the AI neural network, Wonderslide quickly finds the perfect design for your draft presentation
  • Easy to Change Design: You can change the design and color scheme of your slides with just a single click and the robot will do everything else for you
  • Customization and Branding: Instantly add a logo to all slides and customize the presentation to be consistent with your brand
  • Friendly Interaction and Instant .pptx Export: Wonderslide works perfectly with PowerPoint and Google slides, aligning and arranging elements instantly


Free Start

Yearly Plan

Monthly Plan

· 7 days trial period

· Up to 10 slides in one file

· Unlimited draft file processing

· Unlimited preview of designs

· $120

· A year of best presentations with Wonderslide

· All features included

· $9.99

· Full all features access

2. Slidesgo

Slidesgo is an AI presentation maker that offers you inspiration and quick solutions. You only need to think of a topic, choose your preferred style and tone, make any desired changes to the design, and download the final result.


Key AI features

  • Automatic content generation from a topic
  • Instant slide generation on a specified topic
  • Instant import and edit of images and icons


Free Plan



· Instant presentations

· Unlimited edits

· Free download

· 7.99 €/ year

· Ideal for health workers, businesses, and teams

· Over 1500 premium templates

· Up to 1,000 users

· Sharing of templates

· 4.99 €/year

· Ideal for students, schools, and teachers

· Over 1500 premium templates

· Up to 1,000 users

· Sharing of templates

3. is a generative AI presentation software for the workplace. It gives users a range of features to start their presentations inspired, choose from a selection of smart templates, and create impressive designs in no time.

Key AI Features

  • AI-powered designs that generate slides automatically, saving you time and effort
  • A huge library of smart templates that you can choose to create your presentations
  • Automatic slide animations that make your presentations more engaging and visually appealing
  • Slide analytics that allow you to track how audiences interact with your presentations
  • Real-time collaboration with others on your presentation
  • Brand consistency by maintaining your company’s colors, logos, and fonts





· $12/mo - Billed Annually at $144

· AI Content Generation

· Unlimited Slides

· Viewer Analytics

· PowerPoint Import/Export

· $40/user/mo

· Shared Asset Library

· Collaborative Workspace

· Centralized Slide Library

· Custom Company Theme

· Custom Template Library

· Unlimited Team Resources

· User Provisioning (SCIM)


· Audit Events

· Team Trainings

· Dedicated Onboarding

· Priority Support

4. is a ChatGPT for presentations. It allows you to instantly create stunning decks , simply by sharing your idea.

Key AI Features

  • Automated slide creation based on your input, such as topic, images, and key points
  • Text generation for your slides, including headers and bullet points
  • Image recognition and instant captions or descriptions
  • Instant slight layout optimization for better readability and impact
  • Font and color suggestions to complement your slides
  • Grammar and spelling checking to ensure your presentation is free of errors





· $0

· Any number of uses

· Unlimited decks

· Brand themes

· Share and publish anywhere

· Team collaboration

· Seamless sharing

· $396

· For up to 10 users per year

· Early access - no queue

· Custom fonts and colors

· Pro templates

· Analytics

· Additional AI credits

· Export to PDF

· Custom Price

· Any number of uses

· Enterprise-level security

· Company templates

· Top-level compliance

· Admin capabilities

· Unlimited AI credits

· Dedicated support

5. Sendsteps

Sendsteps is an AI PowerPoint generator that creates presentations 10X faster. The tool does everything from writing, design, and storytelling so that you can focus only on presenting.


Key AI Features

  • Automatic personalization to customize your presentation to resonate with your audience
  • Instant segmentation to group the presentation based on the interests and other factors affecting your audience
  • AI-powered automation that creates presentations almost instantly
  • Interactive questions to automatically engage the audience
  • Analytics to track how the audience interacts with your presentations





· $0

· AI presentations in English

· Maximum of 2 AI presentations

· Limited interactive functionality

· PowerPoint import

· Max interactive audience size: 10

· $9.99/month

· All Free features

· AI presentations in 85 languages

· Unlimited AI presentations

· Export presentations as PowerPoint

· Max interactive audience size: 250

· Unlimited interactive functionality

· $23.99/month

· All Starter features

· Unlimited interactive audience size

· Advanced poll types

· Add your own logo

· Exam functionality

· Survey functionality

· Phone support

6. Wepik

Wepik is an AI presentation maker by Freepik. This powerful tool makes it easy to create presentations with just a few clicks. The best part is that creating slides with Wepik is free.


Key AI Features

  • Automatic content generation based on your prompt
  • Instant style selection from doodle, abstract, simple, elegant, and geometric options
  • Automatic image and element enhancements to make your presentation more appealing
  • A wide range of templates, icons, and fonts to choose from


  • Using Wepik to generate presentations is absolutely free.

7. Decktopus

Decktopus is an AI presentation maker that creates stunning presentations in seconds. With just a few prompts, your presentation will be ready for use.


Key AI Features

  • AI-powered content assistant to create presentations quickly by suggesting relevant images, icons, and text.
  • AI-generated notes to ensure you deliver your presentation effectively
  • AI-powered slide design that creates visually appealing slides
  • AI-powered grammar checker that makes sure your presentations are error-free
  • AI-powered collaboration that allows you to collaborate with others in real-time.




· $7.99 / month

· 750 AI credits

· 1 user

· Creating folder

· Remove Decktopus logo from exports

· Analytics

· $9 /user/month

· All PRO AI features

· 1000 AI credits X user

· Track form responses

· Custom domain connection

· Brand colors & font

· Webhook

· Footer notes & logos

· Create your team

8. Simplified

The SImpified AI presentation makers offer an effortless way to generate presentations. In a few minutes, the AI-powered tool generates professional and on-brand decks that will resonate with your audience.


Key Features

  • Automated presentation creation based on your topic
  • Automatic content generation for your content, including paragraphs, bullet points, and full sentences
  • Instant image generation, including charts and infographics
  • Instant slide design with customizable colors, fonts, and layouts
  • Automated presentation optimization for readability and engagement
  • Collaboration tools to share and interact with others on your presentation in real-time


Design Free

Design Pro

Design Business

· $0 – 1 seat

· AI designer and ready templates.

· Visual Library:

· Magic Resize and Quick Tools for efficacy.

· Design Essentials

· Export Options: PNG, JPG

· Effortless Integrations: Google Drive and Shopify.

· Open Collaboration

· $9/month – 1 seat

· Exclusive Access to Premium templates and logos

· AI Tools for Resize, Background Remover, and more

· Millions of photos, GIFs, icons, and more.

· Advanced Features like photo mask and shadows.

· Easy Integrations with Noun Project, Google Drive, and Shopify.

· Various Export Formats PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG

· Save designs as reusable templates.

· Team Collaboration

· Brand book and templates

· Brand Consistency: Extensive, brand-specific design options for flawless branding.

· Magic Photo Touch Up, and Photo Eraser

· Advanced AI Capabilities: Image in painting, Text-to-Image, Image out painting,

· Team-Centric Design:

· Granular Control & Permissions

· Bulk generation and API access

· Enhanced quotas to accommodate large-scale projects.

· Priority support for swift assistance whenever needed.

9. Tome

Tome is an AI presentation creator that brings ideas to life. The tool will create a presentation, a one-pager, or a mood board from a simple prompt.


Key AI Features

  • Uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand prompts and generate relevant content
  • Uses machine learning (ML) to produce better presentations every time
  • The text-to-image feature allows you to automatically generate images from text descriptions
  • Data visualization through instant creation of charts, graphs, and more
  • Collaboration with others on presentations and stories





· $0

· Unlimited for individuals

· Limited creation for 2+ people

· 500 AI credits upon sign-up

· $8/user/month

· Unlimited for individuals

· Unlimited for workspaces

· Export to PDF

· Custom logos

· Turn off Tome branding

· Priority support

· Contact Tome for pricing

· Unlimited for individuals

· Unlimited for workspaces

· Custom tile integrations

· White-glove template setup

10. helps you create and design captivating presentation slides with ease. Equipped with AI technology, this tool provides a simple way to create presentations meant for business projects, sales pitch, and even group assignments.

Key AI Features

  • Auto-generates presentations based on user requirements and preferences
  • Suggests content for your design, including text, images, and videos
  • Automatically resizes images to enhance the presentations
  • Instant transfer of style from one design to another




· $19 / month

· For students, individuals, and marketers

· Quick and easy projects.

· Customized price

· For large teams and agencies

· Ideal for unified branding at scale and collaboration.

Part 2. Bring Your Imagination to Virtual Existence with Wondershare Filmora

The best presentations are the ones that keep the audience engaged and leave a lasting impression. Filmora Avatar Presentation will unleash your creativity, allowing you to make the presentation with an Avatar Virtual Presenter. With virtual becoming popular in many industries, this is one of the effective ways of delivering your message.

avatar presenter
Free Download
Free Download

Key Features

  • Animated Avatar that can talk, mimic your facial expressions and move in real time.
  • Choice of different 15 avatars
  • Ability to make presentations using your VRM.
  • Customize your avatar locations, background, and transitions.

How to Use Wondershare Filmora’s Avatar Presentations

Filmora Virtual Avatar Presenter is a user-friendly solution you can use to instantly create 2D and 3D avatar presentations. Here are the key steps to follow:

Step 1Open Avatar Presentation

Head over to Filmora Software and choose the “Avatar Presentation” on the startup page.

avatar presenter step 1
Step 2Prepare Your Presentation Content

Add your PowerPoint, Videos, text, and photos to start creating the presentation. You can also share your Screen to get your presentation slide

avatar presenter step 2
Step 3Setup Your Avatar and Background

Choose the preferred avatar from the available options and customize the background for your presentation.

avatar presenter step 3
Step 4Start Recording

Get your presentation ready by clicking on “Start Recording.” Make use of the whiteboard and other presentation tools below the screen to enhance your presentation.

avatar presenter step 4


AI presentation makers are revolutionary tools that allow users to create stunning presentations within minutes. With just a few prompts, these tools will automatically generate the content and design for your presentation. If you are looking for a more creative and unique way of creating a presentation, we recommend using Filmora Avatar Presentation. Keep your audiences engaged while tapping the full potential of AI in presentations.


  • Is there an AI that makes presentations?
    Yes, AI presentation makers allow you to automatically generate presentations from a topic.
  • What is the best AI presentation maker?
    While there are many AI presentation makers, we recommend using Filmora Avatar Presentation. You will have more freedom in choosing how to use your content and use a virtual avatar to keep your audiences engaged.
  • How to make free AI presentations?
    You can make free AI presentations using various AI presentation makers. Explore the features offered by Filmora Avatar Presentation, and how best you can present your ideas.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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