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The Best App to Remove Background Noise in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 17, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

Having background noise removal apps has become a necessity for content creators. If you want to create quality content, it’s essential to have clean audio. Background noise creates disruption for listeners to hear the content in any recording. AI noise reduction algorithms assist in removing undesired background noise from audio recordings. It includes noise generated from hisses, reverb, and wind in recordings.

To remove undesired background noise, you need an excellent AI tool. This page will give you a proper guide on which apps to use and how to remove the noise with ease. So, dive into the article to discover the top audio noise removal apps.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Are Few Audio Level Enhancements Observed in The Editing Industry Over the Past Years?
  2. Part 2: Finding Out Some Top iOS Apps for Reducing Background Noise
  3. Part 3: Some Top Android Apps for Background Noise Removal
  4. Bonus Part: Want To Remove Vocals from a Song? Learn How!!
  5. Conclusion
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A cross-platform for facilitating your video editing process by offering valuable benefits!
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Part 1: What Are Few Audio Level Enhancements Observed in The Editing Industry Over the Past Years?

Technological innovations in audio management have led to major enhancements in its editing. Some of the noteworthy audio-level enhancements are focused on as follows:

Machine Learning for Sound Analyzing

Developments in AI and ML have allowed for audio identification and classification. This has facilitated the search for aspects within recordings.

Loudness Standards

Users look for constant audio levels across various platforms and devices. Normalizing procedures and loudness standards should be implemented to enhance the listening experience. The level of loudness shouldn’t change again and again.

Noise Reduction and Restoration

Enhanced techniques and algorithms for noise reduction are a must-have across any platform. It helps restore damaged audio recordings and remove undesirable background noise.

Audio Restoration of Old Tracks

With specialized instruments, historical and cultural elements can be preserved. Vintage audio recordings are revitalized and enhanced with audio editing. Audio restoration can give a new life to your old tracks and increase their quality.

Advanced Equalization

It has been realized to go for sophisticated choices for equalization and filtering. This gives you control over the frequency response and tonal balance of your audio. The equalized audio upscales the sound of your video as well.

AI Integration

The use of AI in audio editing software enables the automation of several activities. This includes noise removal, audio augmentation, and speech-to-text transcription.

Part 2: Finding Out Some Top iOS Apps for Reducing Background Noise

Apple has many background noise removal apps for iPhones. The top AI apps proven to be fruitful are discussed below.

1. AudioFix: For Videos + Volume

With AudioFix, you can immediately enhance, mute, extract, or amplify your videos' audio. The tool raises the volume and cleans up the audio when you import a movie. You can optimize the loudness and clean up the sound of any video. It is an essential tool for YouTubers, filmmakers, and anyone looking to add better, more professional sound to their videos.

audiofix for videos volume app

Key Features

  • The tool boosts your video by increasing the quality of your audio file and improving its volume.
  • Noise reduction is done in seconds with the noise reduction filters offered by the app.
  • You can extract any sound from the video and add another audio sound or leave it like that.

2. Noise Eraser 

The AI system of the Noise Eraser is trained to learn from noise reduction techniques. These techniques are used by experienced sound engineers with the aid of about 10,000 voice and noise samples. The tool employs artificial intelligence to distinguish between noises other than human speech. It's a fantastic tool for sound editing and noise reduction.

noise eraser app

Key Features

  • The AI-powered recognition feature can differentiate between human and background noises. Furthermore, it also eliminates all unnecessary sounds.
  • The noise reduction app can clean the audio and give high-quality results.
  • Its sound adjustment feature can tune the sound according to the user's needs.

3. Noise Destroyer

Noise Destroyer is a straightforward tool that selects an audio or video clip and eliminates background noise. It's simple to use and equipped with a modern noise-cancellation engine. This makes it a great app to remove background noise from audio and leave it clear and sharp. The tool is compatible with all Apple devices and works for free.

noise destroyer app

Key Features

  • To isolate only your speech, you can remove background noise from your audio and video recordings using its noise remover.
  • The tool allows you to delete the music track and keep your voice so you sound clear and perfect.
  • Any non-human sound is automatically detected and removed by the app.

4. Sound Editor: Audio Changer

The most potent program for expert multitrack audio file editing for iOS is Sound Editor. You can use every instrument and audio effect, whether you record your music or import it. Sound Editor is a reliable tool that gives quality results. Its file format support and specialized features change the customization experience for good.

sound editor audio changer app

Key Features

  • The multitrack audio editor saves you time and effort by editing songs at once, regardless of their size.
  • The app employs a robust 8-band equalization and graded audio effects that are programmable.
  • The audio editor can cut, copy, paste, trim, or delete the desired portion of a track with a click. 

5. Noise Reducer – audio enhancer

With Noise Reducer, you can add filters to audio and video files to lessen background noise. It also covers other background sounds while maintaining the clarity and audibility of speech. The is dedicated to removing any redundant sound from your audio or video clip. You can improve the sound of your video and audio files from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac by using Noise Reducer.

noise reducer audio enhancer

Key Features

  • Noise Reducer removes any background noise; all you need to do is add the media and select the denoising option.
  • The tool works with audio and video files, so you don’t have to download different apps for the media types.
  • The intelligent system of Noise Reducer works offline as well.

Part 3: Some Top Android Apps for Background Noise Removal

Now that we have discussed the tools for iOS, let's look at the Android apps to remove background noise from audio.

1. Sound Amplifier

With your Android phone and a pair of headphones, Sound Amplifier helps you to hear ambient sounds. It can remove any unwanted noises, and as a result, you hear the audio more. You can use the Sound Amplifier to enhance, magnify, and filter sounds on your smartphone. These enhancing features make Sound Amplifier one of the best apps to remove background noise from audio.

sound amplifier app

Key Features

  • The conversation mode of the Sound Amplifier assists you in hearing, no matter how noisy your surroundings are.
  • Using the audio editor, you can reduce the background noise and upscale your audio by tuning frequencies.
  • You can edit the sound even more precisely and hear it closely by wearing headphones. It helps you transfer different sound frequencies in each ear to feel the difference.

2. Noice: Natural Calming Noise

With the help of the Noice application, you can design unique audio settings. It lets you mix various sounds at various loudness levels to produce the ideal ambiance. These personalized audio environments allow you to tune out any noises and give you the perfect atmosphere. You can delete disturbing sounds or set them at a particular frequency to focus on work and studies.

noice natural calming noise app

Key Features

  • The offline playback lets you listen to the edited sound anytime and anywhere.
  • You can create sound mixes, play them with just a tap, and set a sleep timer so that the music will stop once the time is up.
  • The tool helps you relax and focus on work by eliminating loud and disturbing sounds and giving you a calm-sounding experience.

3. AudioLab: Audio Editor Recorder

AudioLab: Audio Editor Recorder is a sophisticated audio app for editing, recording, and modifying. It is a great app to remove background noise from videos as well. You can edit your audio files and video sounds like a professional. The editing and noise removal services of AudioLab are amazing.

audiolab audio editor recorder app

Key Features

  • You can change the audio voice to a range of sounds by using the voice changer of the app.
  • The audio merging allows you to mix the audio files and create a whole new, unique sound.
  • Using the audio editor, you can trim your audio or delete any part with just a click.

4. Moises: The Musician's App

Moises app is the ideal tool for instrumental backing tracks, acapella, and karaoke. Its AI mixer and pitch-perfect guitar tabs help you master your audio stems and chords. The tool is known as one of the most extraordinary apps for removing background noise due to its AI-driven vocal removal and stem tool. You can play along with your favorite musicians in any key and at any pace by using Moises.

moises musicians app

Key Features

  • The brilliant speed changer can change the track's speed with a single click.
  • You can separate the track music and vocals by using the AI audio separator of the tool.
  • If you want to get a better idea of the song lyrics, the AI lyrics transcription tool will generate the lyrics for you.

5. Remove Noise: Reduce Noise MP3

Remove Noise: Reduce Noise MP3 helps you to remove or eliminate the background noise. With advanced noise filters available, the tool lets you hear on the music player with the noise reduction function. It serves as an ideal app to reduce or cancel out noise. You can save your audio in several formats without any limitations.

remove noise reduce noise mp3 app

Key Features

  • The Audio Denoise can reduce any loud and disturbing sounds like wind and fireworks noise and make it sound less harsh.
  • The Traffic and TV noises can be completely removed, giving your audio a clear sound with the audio cleaner Remove Noise.
  • The tool supports all basic Android formats, including MP3, MP4, WAV, and M4A. You can choose either one of the formats and save your audio in it.

Bonus Part: Want To Remove Vocals from a Song? Learn How!!

Vocal removers have proven helpful in different scenarios. Starting from making karaoke noises, it is also used to remix music or extract sections of songs. The audio enhancement functions are available in Android and iPhone apps to remove background noise from video. However, vocal removal tools still need to be found. Fortunately, Wondershare Filmora has recently launched its AI Vocal Remover. It precisely eliminates any vocal sound from audio and video files.

Wondershare Filmora innovated this, keeping in consideration the demands of editors and listeners. Vocals and instrumentals can be separated and used to create more content. The app is an all-in-one media editor consisting of the latest AI tools. You can use it for all your editing needs and create eye-catching and pleasant-sounding content.

Free Download
Free Download

AI Vocal Remover

The AI Vocal Remover tool from Filmora can make video editing easier by providing useful advantages. You can dub any video you choose without masking the existing vocals. It holds the ability to preserve excellent soundtracks and eliminate vocals that don't fit the film's energy. With sophisticated algorithms, it removes vocals without sacrificing audio fidelity.

filmora ai vocal remover feature

You can now produce a dubbed video that is clear and professional by removing the original voices and adding your voice to the video. Not only is it the best background noise removal app, but it has gained quite praise for removing vocals. You can upload your media and remove the vocals automatically with a single click.


Enhancing and upscaling your audio is essential, especially if you are a content creator. Many audio and video editors seek an app for removing background noise. There are numerous options for noise removal apps, but vocal removal is still a challenge in the audio editing journey.

This article discusses the background noise removal tools and gives an incredible solution to remove vocals. All the mentioned apps are excellent at what they do. You can choose the tool that best fits your needs and edit your content like never before.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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