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How To Manage Microphone Background Noises? Guide To Reducing Noises

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 15, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

The noise removal tool allows users to remove noise from voice recording to optimize live streaming. With the help of these noise removal tools, users can enjoy clearer and more focused audio. Some microphones can filter background noise to improve the audio experience. The better the experience, the better results you can get from your video content creation.

Seeing all the benefits of controlling noise in recordings and videos, you might seek a tool for this. In this article, we will talk about online and offline tools to let you remove noise from recordings.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What Are Some Practical Applications for Using Microphone Background Noise Reducers?
  2. Part 2. Looking Into Some Prominent Options To Reduce Microphone Background Noise
  3. Bonus Part. Separating Vocals For Finer Editing Using Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
AI Background Noise Remover
A cross-platform for facilitating your video editing process by offering valuable benefits!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. What Are Some Practical Applications for Using Microphone Background Noise Reducers?

Microphone filter background noise reducers help clear your voice when you're speaking into a mic. There are many online and offline tools available that can help reduce the noise. You can make use of these noise-reducer tools for the following applications:

Voice and Video Calls

When you are video chatting for professional purposes, background noise can cause interruptions. In such situations, you can remove noise from the recording to make the call clearer. Without any disturbance from the background, you can communicate effectively.

Online Meetings

During online meetings, background noise reducers can help you sound better. When you're in a noisy environment, the application of these tools becomes important. This helps you maintain the professional stature of your meeting.

Gaming Live Streaming

Gamers often reduce microphone background noise with the help of such tools. It can help them improve the audio of their in-game sound by eliminating distractions. If you consider monetizing your gaming channels, it is important to ensure there’s no noise.

Recording Music

Musicians and home studio enthusiasts use noise reducers to clean up their recordings. With the help of this voice recorder noise reduction, they create more polished music. This can inculcate a system of better music composition on a smaller scale.

Part 2. Looking Into Some Prominent Options To Reduce Microphone Background Noise

Many professionals search for tools to tackle microphone background noise. As clear audio is crucial in various fields, removing noise from recordings has become necessary. In this section, we will talk about offline and online solutions to this noise problem. After going through this section, you will be able to choose the best tool for audio content creation. 

Section 1: Offline Methods for Reducing Microphone Background Noise

When it comes to reducing background noise using offline methods, there are several tools you can use. Here, we will introduce you to tools that will help you in this regard. These tools can remove background noise from voice recording in just a few clicks.

1. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter removes noise from the microphone with its AI-powered technology. It detects and removes voices such as wind, traffic, rain, or fan noise. Additionally, you can remove static, echo, talking noise, and humming. This AI tool is compatible and supports over 1,000 formats of audio and video files. The support of batch processing allows you to denoise a video and audio in an effective manner.

wondershare uniconverter remove background noise
Key Features
  • You can improve the quality of your video blogs by removing unwanted talking noises.
  • It denoises a recorded video from the voices of keyboard sounds, echo, and hissing sounds.
  • This AI tool offers a powerful video toolbox to convert and edit your denoised videos.

2. Krisp

Krisp enhances the video quality of online meetings and additionally provides help from AI. With this tool, you can make your voice clear during your meeting and get a meeting assistant. It denoises a video and removes noise from the microphone, ensuring distraction-free calls. Users can remove different noise types on this tool, such as barking dogs and crying babies.

krisp remove background noise
Key Features
  • You can keep your voice only in the call with its noise cancellation feature.
  • It removes the background voices of other people talking in the same place.
  • Krisp can remove echoes caused by wall reflections and those originating from your own voice.

3. Audacity

Audacity reduces microphone background noise such as whistles, buzzes, hiss, and whines. This tool is suitable for irregular noise, such as from traffic or an audience. During noise reduction, you can filter out the noise in different DB values. Moreover, users can customize the sensitivity and frequency smoothing of noise bands. It calculates the statistics of the noise with an automation process.

audacity remove background noise
Key Features
  • The notch filter feature of this tool reduces the mains hum or a high-pitched whistle.
  • In the residue section, it lets you hear the sound that the tool filters out.
  • This AI tool supports cassette tapes and reduces sound from them in an efficient way.

4. SoliCall Pro

SoliCall Pro enhances call audio quality on Windows PCs. This tool works by performing bi-directional noise reduction and echo cancellation. You can remove non-human and even human voices while consuming minimal CPU resources. The software is easy to integrate with soft-phone and VoIP applications, like Zoom, Skype, and Teams. It supports call recording and works on almost all Windows versions.

solicall pro remove background noise
Key Features
  • It offers reference-based noise reduction to remove the voices of others during announcements.
  • The profile-based noise reduction technology attenuates non-human sounds like a dog bark.
  • A classical, powerful, and robust noise algorithm cancels noise.

5. Izotope RX10

Izotope RX10 offers audio repair and background noise reduction. It combines visual tools from DAWs with spectrogram displays for powerful audio editing. The goal of this tool is seamless repair without introducing distracting artifacts. Moreover, its focus is to find the balance between problem reduction and preserving the original audio quality.

izotope rx10 remove background noise
Key Features
  • It replaces damaged or missing audio sections with natural-sounding patches.
  • The tool eradicates pops, clicks, and mouth noises without introducing artifacts.
  • You can achieve precise repair of audible analog and digital clipping.

Section 2: Online Methods For Reducing Microphone Background Noise

When musicians record, their microphone is bound to pick up sounds like static or noises. While there is no clear option to get rid of the noise completely, there is still one solution to it. There are a series of software and tools that can help you reduce microphone background noise. So, let's explore the top tools that can help you reduce background noise:

1. Flixier

Flixier is an online audio enhancement tool that removes background noise from voice recording. It removes any type of noise and makes your content sound professional. Additionally, all you have to do is upload your audio file. After that, you can access the enhanced audio menu and choose to remove background noise. This feature will let you aid out background noises and lets you create online videos.

flixier remove background noise
Key Features
  • Flixier offers a cloud server to let you reduce microphone background noise without leaving the browser.
  • You can use the fade-in and fade-out effects to give visual transitions to your audio tracks.
  • There is also a feature for removing and replacing audio from your videos.


LALAL.AI is an AI-based application that can remove noise from voice recording. This platform utilizes modern technology like “Phoenix” to deliver quality results. Moreover, users can upload their audio files ranging from 50 MB to 2GB. Furthermore, they can convert, change, and remove any instrumental noise from audio and video. These files can include formats like MP3, AVI, or MKV.

lalal ai remove background noise
Key Features
  • You can add up to 20 files at a time to remove noise from voice recording.
  • It can detach any background and musical instruments from your video and audio.
  • There are special tools that can extract instruments like drums, pianos, and electric guitars.

3. Cleanvoice AI

Cleanvoice is a powerful AI audio editing tool that can remove unwanted sounds. These sounds can include background noises, stuttering, or voices. Additionally, Cleanvoice also provides comprehensive support in creating podcasts. It also offers help in assisting with the pre-production of podcasts. Furthermore, this tool ensures that your podcast achieves professional professional-level excellence.

cleanvoice ai remove background noise
Key Features
  • This tool ensures that your audio is free from any distractions like traffic noise.
  • Cleanvoice reduces noise recording from your podcast for a clearer experience.
  • You can now enjoy an engaging podcast as it removes long and boring pauses.

4. is an excellent online platform that removes background noises with an AI-integrated system. Its features include various types of audio files like music, songs, and recordings. Moreover, its feature allows musicians to remove noise from voice recording. This tool can also remove noises with any type of audio file like MP3, WMA, or others. Furthermore, provides these features and services free of cost.

media io remove background noise
Key Features
  • This tool removes background noise from voice recordings like hum or wind sounds.
  • You can remove background noise from audio files, including songs, music, or recordings.
  • It also offers a fine-tuning feature where you can optimize your audio according to your needs.

5. Podcastle

Podcastle is an outstanding AI background noise reduction tool. This tool can remove annoying noises like static, chatter, or voices in your audio. Moreover, its noise cancellation feature removes microphone background noise and delivers clean audio. Furthermore, it offers sound enhancement features that can generate clean audio.

podcastle remove background noise
Key Features
  • This tool automatically removes silent segments and long pauses in your audio track.
  • You can add various sound effects to your track with its long music collection.
  • It has other editing features like text-to-speech, voice cloning, and others.

Bonus Part. Separating Vocals For Finer Editing Using Wondershare Filmora

When creating impactful videos, having effective audio content is vital. Hence, controlling vocals is a crucial part of conveying a desired message. That is why Wondershare Filmora offers an excellent solution where you can remove background noise from voice recording. The latest version of Filmora V13 introduces the AI vocal remover feature.

Free Download
Free Download

This feature can analyze the audio and remove vocals from the background. Furthermore, it allows you to add effects, adjust, and even replace vocals. Thus, video creators can achieve a professional audio experience with its AI features. Moreover, having a tool that can remove noise from voice recording can enhance the final production.

Steps to Separate Vocals Using Wondershare Filmora

Now, as we have discussed, the new version of Filmora can remove any background noises. Let us delve into the steps on how to separate vocals from your audio or video:

Step 1Import your Audio or Video File

First, download Wondershare Filmora from its website and install its latest version. After that, click on “New Project'' and import your file by clicking on the "Import" button. You can also drag and drop the file by clicking on the icon.

import file into filmora
Step 2Add File and Proceed To Vocal Removal

Now, drag your file over to the timeline at the bottom of the Filmora interface. This is where you'll remove background noise from voice recording. Right-click on the file on the timeline and click the “AI Vocal Remover” feature present on the menu.

proceed to ai vocal removing
Step 3Apply the AI Vocal Remover Effect

After clicking the vocal remover, it will remove all the background noises from your file. When it separates vocals from your audio or video, you can look into it across the “Preview” window.

view ai vocal remover results


Now that you are aware of the noise removal features of these tools choose the best one for your needs. All these tools will help you in several ways to remove noise from recordings. After choosing the appropriate tool, you will be able to streamline the audio content. No matter if you are a musician or podcaster, these tools will boost the quality of your sound.

Free Download
Free Download
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 22, 24
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