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Unlock The Secrets: How To Remove Wind Noise From Audio

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Nov 14, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

The process of filming outside can be challenging. When producers, camerapersons, or directors need to consider so many factors, it can be easy to miss something. An issue that is commonly encountered is wind noise. Using a professional microphone isn't enough to avoid wind noise outside when recording. It is true that wind noise is difficult to remove when editing videos, but there are ways to do so.

You can remove wind noise from your videos regardless of whether you're editing on your PC, online, or Android or iPhone. This guide explores different methods and tools for removing wind noise from videos, whichever device you use.

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  1. Part 1. Online Wind Noise Removal: Unleash Clarity With
  2. Part 2. Remove Wind Noise On PC with Wondershare Filmora, Audacity, And Premiere Pro
  3. Part 3. Remove Wind Noise From Video On iPhone/Android With iMovie App
  4. Conclusion
AI Audio Denoise
A cross-platform for facilitating your video editing process by offering valuable benefits!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. Online Wind Noise Removal: Unleash Clarity With

It's one of the most effective online tools for removing wind noise from videos for free. Here's how to use, an online tool that effectively removes wind noise from videos. Noise Removal - An Overview

Capturing the perfect video is not always easy, particularly when natural elements interfere with sound quality. With, you can easily eliminate background noise without sacrificing quality. It's annoying to hear the road hum or the rustle of leaves. Aside from being a tool, is a useful tool that saves content creators time. When you use's wind noise removal feature, the sound of your videos will be as good as they look.

All registered users can remove background noise for free with's online app. The first download is free of charge, and you can preview the audio result before downloading. Noise Reducer limits the size of audio and video uploads to 2GB as of this writing.

Steps to Remove Wind Noise from Video with

Step 1: Upload Your Video File simplifies the noise removal process from start to finish. Uploading your video is a breeze – simply drag and drop your video onto the platform from any browser. No longer do you need to stress about finding the ideal quiet location; empowers you to concentrate on your content instead of worrying about noise.

media io step 1

Step 2: Select the Wind Noise to Remove

Different situations demand specific noise reduction techniques, and caters to them all. In this case, choose 'Wind Noise' as the noise type you want to eliminate. With a click on 'Separate Now,' the advanced AI technology within springs into action. intelligently muting wind noise and leaving you with a clean and crisp audio track.

media io step 2

Stеp 3: Wait for thе Procеss to Complеtе

For thе noisе to bе sеparatеd from thе vidеo, you nееd to wait a fеw minutеs.

media io step 3

Step 4: Download and Save the File

Once the noise reduction process is complete, provides a preview of the result file. Take a moment to ensure perfection before proceeding. Satisfied with the outcome? Download the noise reduction video file to your computer or seamlessly store it in your preferred cloud storage. This step ensures that your videos not only look professional but sound professional, too, without the interference of unwanted wind noise.

media io step 4

Part 2. Remove Wind Noise On PC With Wondershare Filmora, Audacity, And Premiere Pro

Various video editing software contains noise removal effects for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Here are some tools to explore.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is a versatile and user-friendly video editing software tailored for PC users. Packed with many features and tools, Filmora empowers beginners and seasoned editors to create captivating videos effortlessly.

Getting started with Filmora is a breeze. Begin by importing your video into the software. Simply click the 'Import' button, select your video file, and watch as Filmora 13 seamlessly loads it into the editing interface. From there, you can easily trim, cut, and arrange your footage to suit your creative vision.

Features and Tools for Wind Noise Removal in Filmora

Filmora doesn't just stop at basic video editing; it's equipped with advanced tools to enhance your audio. When it comes to wind noise removal, Filmora  provides a set of features that ensure your audio is crystal clear. With its precise noise reduction capabilities, you can say goodbye to distracting wind interference in your videos.

AI Audio Denoise

Get crystal clear audio with Filmora's AI Audio Denoise. Advanced algorithms swiftly erase wind noise, enhancing your video's sound effortlessly. Elevate your audio quality and ensure a professional sound experience with Filmora's AI-driven denoiser in every scene.

filmora ai audio denoise

Try Filmora out Free! Click here!

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Free Download

Step-by-Step Guide on Wind Noise Removal with Filmora

The detailed steps are listed below.

Step 1

Open the Wondershare Filmora timeline panel and import your video. Rеmovе any parts you do not want to keep from thе video by prеviеwing and trimming it.

filmora import media step 1
Step 2

Sеlеct thе vidеo track and doublе-click it to opеn thе еditing options. A professional audio еditing program that is frее, availablе for Mac, Windows, and Linux usеrs is Audacity. In addition to rеcording livе audio, you can еdit thе audio with tools such as cutting, copying, and pasting.

click denoise and wind removal
Step 3

After editing your video, preview it to ensure perfection, then export it seamlessly. By using Wondershare Filmora, you can easily share audio content with enhanced quality.

click export to download

2. Audacity

A professional audio editing program that is free, available for Mac, Windows, and Linux users is Audacity. In addition to recording live audio, you can edit the audio with tools such as cutting, copying, and pasting. Spectrogram view mode for visualising audio analysis can be used for more advanced audio analysis. As well as removing background noise from audio and video files, it is free.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reduce Wind Noise from Video in Audacity

Stеp 1: Launch Audacity, thеn sеlеct File >Open or Import >thе audio or video filе you want to import. 

Step 2:  Under the Effects tab, choose "Noise Reduction" and leave the defaults. Once you've selected a segment, click "Get Noise Profile", and Audacity will determine what to filter out.

Step 3: Select the entire audio file that needs to be cleaned up. Select the amount of noise you want to remove again in the Noise Reduction window. The wind noise can be reduced by clicking OK. The default settings can be used.

Step 4: Improve the muffling of your audio by going to Effect and Amplify. After removing the noise, you can click "Preview". If yes, the denoised audio can then be exported from Audacity to MP3, WAV, or other formats.

remove wind noise with audacity

3. Premiere Pro

The video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro is used by professionals. This softwarе supports advanced audio capabilities, high-rеsolution еditing, and a wide range of filе formats. It has a range of fеaturеs, such as color corrеction, multicamеra еditing, tеam collaboration, tеmplatеs, and morе.

There's also a built-in sound panel you can use to reduce noise, rumble, or reverb with this best vocal remover for macOS. Additionally, the tune-up procedures of removal are tricky with this tool due to its steep learning curve.

remove wind noise with adobe premiere pro

Premiere Pro: Step-by-Step Guide to Reducing Wind Noise

Step 1. Import the target video into Premiere Pro.

Step 2. Set the "Cutoff" frequency to the highest amount in order to determine the maximum amount of wind noise.

Step 3. To add the effect, click the "EQ" button. Put -20dB on "High" and "Mid3" and see how it affects the sound.

Step 4. Make sure "Volume" is turned up under the audio effects section.

Step 5. Set the left and right channels to 6.0dB under "Channel Volume.".

Step 6. In the EQ effect, click "Edit", set Low (18dB), Mid 1 (20.0dB, Oct 3), and Mid 2 (-13.8dB, 0.3pct). Enhance the output. Export your work by clicking "x".

adobe premiere pro

Part 3. Remove Wind Noise From Video On iPhone/Android With iMovie App

iMovie App for Android and iPhone

With iMovie, you can edit videos on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad in a simple and intuitive manner. You can use it to create videos with multiple effects, color corrections, stabilisations, and audio enhancements. It is easy for users to create cutaways, use blue/green screens, or apply split screens or picture-in-pictures.

An equalizer and an audio filter are built into the Mac version of iMovie to reduce noise. Make sure your setup does not remove the voice as well. In contrast, the iPhone requires the audio to be detachable or the volume to be reduced.

imovie app for android and iphone

The Step-by-Step Guide to Reducing Wind Noise in Videos

Step 1: Open iMovie and start a new project

Tap "Create Project" in iMovie on your iPhone. This is the first step toward making your video stand out.

Step 2: Select Your Video

From your photo library, select the video you want. Choosing a video is as simple as scrolling, tapping, and watching.

Step 3: Remove unwanted audio and delete it

Choose "Detach" on your video. Do you see that audio? Get rid of it. Turn the volume down or delete it - your choice. Say goodbye to background noise!

Step 4: Choose a sound to add

Your video will be spiced up with music or your amazing voiceover. Adding a soundtrack to your creation is like giving it its own soundtrack.

It's easy to remove noise from your iPhone movies and edit sound creatively with iMovie. You only need to tap a few times and your video will be ready to shine without any unwanted background audio.


Discover the ultimate solution to effortlessly remove wind noise from your videos, whether online, on your PC, iPhone, or Android., an online gem, seamlessly erases wind interference. With a user-friendly interface, just upload your video, choose 'Wind Noise,' and let advanced AI technology do the rest.

Filmora 13 stands out for PC users with its AI Audio Denoise feature, offering easy steps – import, remove, preview, and export. Audacity and Premiere Pro provide additional PC solutions, each with a unique approach. On mobile, iMovie steals the show, allowing iPhone and Android users to effortlessly detach and delete unwanted audio, ensuring your videos shine without distractions.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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