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Solved! How To Download Podcasts to Computers?

Downloading Podcasts to a computer is easy by using manager apps and third-party tools. You’ll get step-by-step instructions in this article to download in a few clicks.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 14, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Listening to Podcasts is a great way to gather information. Name a topic, and you will find a Podcast on it. You can always count on the best Podcast shows to get quality knowledge.

You can listen to those Podcasts online. But, sometimes, users want to download the Podcast. The reason can be anything; you might want to listen offline. There are various ways to get the job done. We will walk you through different methods to download Podcasts to the computer.

In this article
  1. Can you download a Podcast as a file?
  2. Method 1- Direct Download Podcasts From Podcast Manager Apps
  3. Method 2- Download Podcasts From Popular Podcast Manager Apps Using Third-Party Tools
  4. Method 3- Download Podcasts From Video Platforms
  5. Method 4- Download the Podcast With an Audio Recorder
  6. FAQs

Can you download a Podcast as a file?

Yes, it's possible. But the process is a bit different for many platforms.

If you're downloading Podcasts from Podcast manager apps like Spotify and Apple Play. These apps will save your Podcast in the app's library and make it available for offline listening.

Yet, you can't get access to the saved Podcast on the PC. For this, you need third-party tools to download them to your computer. A step-by-step process of using apps and tools is given below!

But if you're downloading a Podcast from a video platform like YouTube, then yes. You can download it as a file. Here are a few methods to download podcasts. Let's walk you through them one by one.

Method 1- Direct Download Podcasts From Podcast Manager Apps

You can save Podcasts to your computer from Podcast manager apps. Various Podcast manager apps, such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and many others, allow such an operation. However, it is important to note that some podcast managers require a premium subscription to be able to download podcasts. 

For example, if you're using a Windows computer, you can use iTunes to download Podcasts. While Mac users can use Apple Podcasts. The steps below allow you to save Podcasts from Podcast manager apps like Spotify;

Step1 Install the Spotify app on your PC or Mac.

Step2 Open the Spotify app and login to your account.

Step3 Locate the Podcast show you wish to download.

locate the podcast show

Step4 Move your cursor over the Podcast episodes and click the download button to download them to your computer.

The backward of using Podcast manager apps is that it can only save your Podcast in the manager app. If you uninstall the app accidentally, you lose access to the saved Podcast because it won't be available on your PC.

To cope with this problem, we provide third-party apps to directly download the Podcast to your computer from the manager apps.

Method 2- Download Podcasts From Popular Podcast Manager Apps Using Third-Party Tools

To download Podcasts in unprotected formats from Spotify, you need a third-party tool to alter Spotify .ogg audio. The most helpful and commonly used tool is TuneFab Spotify Music Converter. It is free for 30 days, and you can purchase it after discovering it is compatible with you!

It will convert Podcasts and as well as download songs, audiobooks, and playlists into MP3, WAV, FLAC, and M4V. Follow the below instructions to get your hands on it!

Step1 First, download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, then follow the outlines on the screen to get set up on your computer. Then launch this tool to start the conversion process.

Step2 Now, log in to your Spotify account in this tool to easily access your download list.

Step3 After that, find out the required Podcast and click on the "Add" button in front of the Podcast. You can also directly drag and drop the file into the "Add" button.

add podcast in tuneFab spotify music converter

Step4 You can now get the download and convert option adjacent to every Podcast episode. You must check the file format and click on the available option to continue the process.

You can also change the output location of the Podcast on a PC, where you'll find out easily.

formats to convert podcasts

Step5 Then click on the "Convert" button and get your Podcast on your device in your required format.

downloaded podcast

Alternatives third-party tools:

You can also use other third-party tools to download the Podcasts, such as:

  1. UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter.
  2. Leawo's Prof. DRM.
  3. AudKit SpotiLab Music Converter.

If you want to download your Podcast in video format, then read more to get access!

Method 3- Download Podcasts From Video Platforms

Downloading Podcasts from video platforms is also simple. All you have to do is copy the link to the Podcast and paste it into a downloading tool. Let's see this process in detail.

Here are the steps to download Podcasts from YouTube to the computer.

Step1 Open YouTube and locate the Podcast video you want to download.

Step2 Click the Share icon next to the video and click Copy Link from the pop-up on your screen.

click the share icon

Step3 Open SSYouTube in your browser and paste the copied link in the relevant area. Then, select MP3 as the preferred output format.

paste the copied link

Step4 Download the Podcast video according to your preferred quality and save it to your computer.

Method 4- Download the Podcast With an Audio Recorder

You can also download Podcasts from websites by streaming with an audio recorder. Various tools like Filmora, Apowersoft, Audacity, and many others ease audio streaming. All it takes is only a few clicks!

Free Download
Free Download

We've shown steps to download Podcasts from websites by streaming using a tool like Filmora;

Step1 Download the Wondershare Filmora on your computer.

Step2 Launch the installed app and open the home interface of Filmora.

installed app

Step3 Then find the "Microphone" icon on the home screen of Filmora below the video display on the right side as shown below:

record a voiceover option in filmora

Step4 After clicking on the icon, the Record Audio box will pop up. Now, you have to start the podcast in the background on any Podcast Manager app. Adjacently, click on the Red button of the recorder on Filmora too.

Note: Make sure that background is noise-free to capture the Podcast audio easily.
record audio in filmora

Step5 After you are all done with the Podcast recording, now again click on the Red button to stop the recording, and your audio will be recorded in the audio track as shown below:

recorded audio in the audio track

Step6 Then click on the Export button at the top middle side to export it on your device in the required format.

export audio in computer

It's all done, and you've successfully exported the podcast to your computer in a few steps!


When you save a Podcast, where does it go?

Saved Podcasts are usually added to the saved list in your Podcast library and will be available for offline listening. But if you want to get access directly on your computer, then you need a third-party tool to download it from the Podcast manager app to your PC, as mentioned above in the article.

Is listening to a Podcast the same as downloading?

No. Podcast download involves saving a Podcast episode to your Podcast app. But listening to a Podcast refers to the number of times you played a Podcast.

Final words

You can download the Podcast from a Podcast manager app, an audio recorder, or a video platform. You can also use third-party tools to get directly downloaded Podcasts on your Computer.

Ensure you follow all the steps mentioned above smoothly. Now, enjoy your Podcast with high audio formats wherever you are!

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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