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Top 8 Best DAW Apps for Android to Accelerate Your Music Production

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

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Thinking to make music using your Android device? Worried about how to do it? You can do it by using the best DAW app for Android. With Apple, musicians are enjoying a good platform for mobile music time.

Talking about Android devices, it is taking the lead in supporting all types of music demands. Whether dancing, running, exercising, or doing any other activity, keep making music by using the best DAW app for Android.

No doubt, it is not a simple thing to produce sounds or route audio from a device.

On the iOS version, it gets easier since the hardware is similar and well-known. This makes the result more predictable.

On the contrary, a difference is seen using the Android device. It's all right when you talk about gaming or other applications. Though, when you want to make, record, or monitor music, you need to focus upon the stability.

You don’t need to be sad about your Android device for enjoying the music-making time. Herein, you’ll find the list of best DAW for Android to enjoy the music-making experience.

8 Best DAW App for Android

1. FL Studio Mobile

Price: 3.97 USD

Among the category of best DAW for Android, FL Studio Mobile is one of them. For this app, you don’t get any free version. With the advanced sound creation, FL Studio is available with high-quality samples. For recording all the live performances, use the audio recording feature. With the step sequencer, it is possible for fast percussion programming. With the superior quality audio engine, it is optimized for low CPU load. Other features include touch controllers, browser, advanced sound creation, piano roll, and much more.

FL Studio Mobile

2. Metronome Beats

Price: Free

This best free DAW Android app is used all over the glove for practicing group or solo music sessions. For live concerts and teaching purposes, it is a suitable app. If you want to enjoy your running or golf session, then use this app. Plan a dancing session with your friends using this app. If you want an application for beginners, it can be used easily. With the ease of controls in raising or minimizing the tempo, even the beginners can use it. In this application, you get the option to make custom settings in the soundtrack. Some eye-catching features available on the app include speed trainer, 1-300 beats per minute tempo, a visual indicator for beats, and much more.

Metronome Beats

3. n-Track Studio

Price: Free

Want to enjoy a music-making experience using a portable app? For this purpose, n-Track Studio is the perfect app. For enjoying a beat making and recording studio experience, it is the most suitable app. Make as much audio, Drum, or MIDI tracks as you can. With the unlimited track making option, it becomes a great app among music-makers. You can also add specific effects to the music and make it a thrilling piece of recording. Do you think about the features in the app? This app offers a wide range of features, including piano-roll MIDI editor, loop browser, MIDI in-built synths tracks, mono audio tracks, stereo audio tracks, and much more.

n-Track Studio

4. Caustic 3

Price: Free

If you’re searching for music-creation apps, then Caustic three is available in a free version to serve you with the best experience. With the exciting song sequence feature, it becomes a popular app among all. For the effects rack feature, it supports two effects per machine. In the master section, you get limiter and parametric EQ features. It comes with a mixer desk supporting reverb or global delay effects. For most of the controls, this app supports an automation feature. It comes with powerful music track editors to modify recorded curves.


5. FM Synthesizer

Price: Free

This programmable synth app is available with an arpeggio, music effects, dynamic multi-touch keyboard, and so on. With frequency modulation, it is regarded to give a most pleasing experience. If you want to mix or combine any samples of sine in the waveforms, it can be done using this app. If you want analog styled pads, modern or classic instruments emulate, then it is a perfect app for you.?

FM Synthesizer

6. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Price: Free

If you’re looking for a powerful multitrack app to record audio or MIDI, this is the best DAW app for Android. It is supportable for the MIDI or audio interfaces ranging above 250 USB. You can use virtual instruments in the app to create a full-song track. It is available with audio edit and drum pattern function for making your audio track thrilling. If you want to add some real-time music effects on your track, then you can use this app. It comes with several exciting features, including loop playback, MIDI sequence, latency correction, mixer parameter automation, effect parameter automation, and so on. Want to explore all the features of this application? Download now on your Android device.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

7. KORG Kaossilator for Android

Price: 18.53 USD

All Android users can enjoy the best music-making experience using this synthesizer app. If you want to enjoy instrumental music performance, you can use this app. With just a single click, you get hands over an exciting range of audio sounds, including drums, electronic sounds, acoustic instruments, and so on. For ensuring ease in tracking or live concerts, it comes with a loop sequencer. If you want to remove the wrong notes, do it with the help of scale and key features available in this app. To use this application, you need an Android 5.0 or later version.

KORG Kaossilator for Android

8. Saucillator

Price: Free

If you want to switch your Android device into a synthesizer platform, then Saucillator is available as the best free DAW Android app. For manipulating effects or oscillators, you can do it using the touchscreen feature. Want to know what's more in the app? For the music-makers, you get an option for recording and live-looping. Sounds exciting? Not only this, some other thrilling features include grid size control, SD card recording, toggle visualization, scale selection, and so on.


FAQ About Best DAW for Android

1. What DAW does Kanye use?

Willing to know the DAW which Kanye West uses to produce beats? It's not something that can't be figured out. Often, he relies on samples to add in his beats. For this purpose, it is assumed that he uses some drum machines. Kanye uses a lot of drum machines for his music. One of the frequent ones is Akai MPC 2000. For his music beats, he uses pro tools for synths and drums. After this, he imports all of them into a single DAW to master, mix, or arrange the beats.

2. What is the best music production app for Android?

If you want to select the best app for music production on Android, you need to find the DAW, which is most comfortable for you. Check whether you're comfortable with the DAW workflow or not. Some of the best DAWs for Android users are mentioned above in the article.

For the best music-making app, you can consider taking a free version and knowing about the app. Herein, you can look at some application available for free. You can even look for the best applications for a pleasant music-making experience by selecting the app based on your genre requirement.

3. What is the best free DAW for Android?

The answer to this question depends upon the user requirement. If someone wants any specific feature in the app, he or she can check the above-discussed free options. For instance, all the live-looping requirements can be covered by using the Saucillator application. Or, if you want a MIDI interface supporter, then Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a suitable app.

Seeing the diverse range of requirements for musicians, there exist ample options for using the free DAW apps available for Android users. For the analog-style pad requirement, one can select the FM synthesizer. If you want a speed trainer or visual beat indicator feature, then Metronome Beats is a perfect application.


Before leaving, it is a must for an Android user to understand what DAW features are in your requirement list. After reading the above description about some best DAW for Android users, you can get an idea to find the DAW partner for you. Genuinely speaking, all the above-discussed apps are available with the best features and high-class functionality. So, you can choose from them easily!

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