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Best GIF to AVI Converters

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Apr 20, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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It will be much fun if you get to assort most of your GIF files and turn them into full-length streaming videos. However, many conversion websites and software on the internet offer you the facility to convert GIF to AVI file format with ease of use. With these online tools, you also get the opportunity to upload the converted file on various social media channels. Unlike real video, these files have less memory and are easy to save on your device or hard disk.

Although both AVI and GIF are two commonly used file formats, they are different. First of all, GIF stands for Graphical Interchange Format, and it is an image format that can store several consequent or dis-consequent pictures into an animated file. In contrast, AVI is a lossless video file format. This guide focuses on turning GIF animated images into AVI videos and gives a list of the best GIF to AVI converters you can choose from.

best gif to avi converter

Part 1: Best 4 Online GIFs to AVI Converters

· Cloudconvert

One prominent feature of this tool is the interface of this GIF to AVI converter is straightforward to follow. However, you don't have to download any plug-ins or software during the file conversion process with this online tool. This online website is SSL protected; thus, you will not need to deal with worms or viruses when downloading your converted file. In addition, you can also choose from more than 200 different file formats. Moreso, you get a chance to contact webmasters through email channels.

Main Features:

  • There is an API function that you can use the site on several of your laptops, mobile devices, etc.
  • It offers users various platforms to upload files for conversion through URL, PC, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

online gif to avi converter 01


Using this GIF to AVI online converter, you do not have to deal with many advertisements; furthermore, the conversion speed is very high. Thus, with this converter, you can work on lengthy projects efficiently. In addition, the website also offers a lot of options that you can choose from while converting a file. This software also allows you to crop, change the bitrate of the video, change the rate of the frame, etc. The uploaded files will be secure and safe as the website follows strict confidentiality norms.

Main Features:

  • This converter website offers a drag-drop feature that allows users to upload a file quickly.
  • The facility to solve your queries is available through various frequently asked questions.

online gif to avi converter 02

· Convertio

Using Convertio will have to follow a few initial steps to change GIF to AVI file extension. However, to convert GIF files to AVI online, you are not required to download any external software, saving your computer memory and time. It is effortless to download converted files on your system, as the website also provides API services. The website also gives an effective option to store and save data over cloud services through DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Main Features:

  • The site provides excellent options for video cutting, rotating, clipping, filtering, etc.
  • Choose from different languages; thus, converting a file would be more comfortable and practical.

online gif to avi converter 03

· File-conversion

The website has excellent UI and UX features. Allows users to convert GIF to AVI file format within a short time. Once you can convert GIF to AVI with this software, you will be able to download the file straight into your PC. The website also grants the opportunity to delete the data once it gets converted, and you can then download the file.

Main Features:

  • This converter web portal gives you the chance to make several changes to the file you plan to convert.
  • There are no unnecessary advertisements, which speeds up the conversion process.

online gif to avi converter 04

Part 2: Best 4 GIFs to AVI Software

· Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora is editing and creating software specially designed for Windows and Mac PCs that is also an excellent GIF to AVI converter. In addition, it is highly compatible with a variety of media formats and gives you access to a variety of editing options. It also provides you with high-quality output files and uses various effects, transitions, overlays, graphics, and titles to create videos.

This software also supports numerous formats: MPEG, MP4, AVI, WebM, etc. It extracts the audio or converts them into MP3 format. In addition, it outputs high-quality videos, which include ones in 4K resolution.


It is compatible with various media formats

It comes with a built-in video editing tool

Receive high-quality output files

Grant users with access to multiple video editing options


Sometimes it takes extra time to generate the output files

Some of the sample files require a download

gif to avi software 01

· ACDSee

This GIF to AVI converter software can share, manage, and edit photographs. In addition, its interface is, however, similar to those of other similar products, so if you have previous experience in using any editing software, this is no different. This software is also highly improbable. Thus, you will not have any difficulty using ACDSee. Its working area is usually divided into three sections:

  • a left panel where you can browse folders
  • a right panel with the properties
  • the prominent viewing area in the middle.

It is elementary to use

It has a very lovely user-interface

An extensive collection of tools

Quick browsing through photos is allowed

Uploading photographs to the cloud through photos is supported


There are not as many features as other video editing tools

Its corrections are not always effective

gif to avi software 02

· Free Video Editor

If you need a GIF to AVI converter that works free of charge, you need to try this software. This software program allows you to slice your video files and convert them into popular video formats. It also enables users to perform some basic edits and supports AVI, GIF, MKV, and MP4 for the output. It also gives users the possibility of extracting the audio stream of your video files and saving it as an MP3 file. In addition, users can load any MPG, MKV, AVI, WEBM, MP$, or WMV files split easily into as many clips as possible.


Has an accurate cutting point

It has useful features that can help to maximize the cutting process

Capabilities for rotation

Tag editor

Allows the conversion to some of the most well-known video formats


Some complex editing features are lacking

Unable to customize output profiles

gif to avi software 03

· Easy GIF Animator

The main intention of this software is to create animations for your web pages. In addition, this software has a modern interface, in the style of Microsoft Office's latest versions. However, some wizards can help to guide users of this software.


Helpful in creating graphical banners for advertising

Perfect for animation frame by frame

Convert video to GIF animations

Ideal for converting GIF to AVI

Add effects to your animations


Key-framing animation unsupported

Layers are not supported

gif to avi software 04

Part 3: How to Convert GIF to AVI?

Convert GIF to AVI Using Online Converters

Convertio is an online file format converting tool compatible with a wide range of input and output formats, including GIF to AVI.

Here is a step-by-step guide of this GIF to AVI converter:

convert gif to avi online

Step 1: Visit Convertio in your browser and select and upload a GIF file from your channel, like URL, computer, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Step 2: Select AVI from the dropdown format option and click the Convert button to begin converting GIF to AVI.

Step 3: When completed, download the AVI files to your computer or send them to the cloud service

Save GIF as AVI through GIF to AVI Software

One of the primary reasons we recommend Wondershare Filmora is that online GIF converters can be unreliable. This implies that there must be a stable internet connection and power supply. In addition, Filmora software is safe and secure, which is a common concern with online tools.

Follow the steps below to turn GIF into AVI:

Step 1: Install Filmora on Mac or Windows

Download and Install Filmora software on your PC. Double click the .dmg file and follow all the instructions to install this software.

Step 2: Begin New Project

Click on the Filmora icon to start a new project and when it is open, click “New Project,” and make sure you select the “Project Settings” from the dropdown options (desired video aspect ratio, resolution and frame rate based on the sharing platform)

convert gif to avi with filmora 03

Step 3: Import Files to Convert

Start a new project by importing the GIF you want to convert to the timeline. A prompt project setting will pop up if the media aspect ratio and resolution do not match. Make sure you click on "DON'T CHANGE" to maintain your earlier setting

convert gif to avi with filmora 04

Step 4: Finish the Process and Export

Click on export to convert the video and select the AVI file format to save your file

convert gif to avi with filmora 05

Finally, save your GIF to AVI video on your preferred location


Thus, we learned:

  • The process of converting GIF files to AVI using online tools
  • How to use downloaded software to turn GIF to AVI
  • It also provided a list of the top best software and online tool you can choose from to convert your GIF to AVIvery quickly.
  • Lastly, it recommended Filmora as the top-most GIF to AVI converterdue to its reliability and safety commitment.

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