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Final cut pro Tutorial Collection in 2022

Recommendations of best Youtube Channels and websites for you to learn Final Cut Pro X.

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Videos have become a vital part of any marketing strategy. You need video material to stay alive digitally, whether you're a freelance filmmaker, a blogger, a YouTuber, or a member of a full-time agency. However, if you think making movies and editing them in post-production isn't challenging, you haven't done it with Final Cut Pro X.

Video editing is a pain. Mastering non-linear editing software like Final Cut Pro is one of the most challenging, soul-crushing, and time-consuming tasks you can do. But that's why you have us and our comprehensive guide to help you find the best tutorial course on using Final Cut Pro like a pro. After learning from these lessons, you will master the basics and advanced techniques of Final Cut Pro X. Let's get started, beginners and pros!

Part1: The Best Video Courses For Final Cut Pro in YouTube

Finding good Final Cut Pro X tutorials on YouTube may be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Millions of videos on the internet promise to teach Final Cut tips and tricks, but only a handful of them deliver the degree of training you require.

Even if you discover competent video editing teachers on YouTube, there's a high chance they won't teach you how to use the particular program function you need. It's incredibly aggravating to spend so much time looking for what you need!

But don't lose heart just yet. You can discover a professional video editing instructor that offers a variety of free lessons, tips, and tools for beginners and professionals with a bit of assistance.

Check out our top 5 Recommendations to learn Final Cut Pro on YouTube before you waste hours scanning through dozens of videos:

1.FCPX Tour – Final Cut Pro Tips from Basic to Advance

This isn't a regular tutorial; instead, it's a presentation. On the other hand, this channel physically walks you through capturing footage, transferring it to your timeline, and then starting to edit it. Everything from music to speech to light color grading to a quick exporting procedure is covered in this video. After seeing this tutorial, there's no chance you won't grasp how to edit a video. It's just good, reliable information.


Why recommend this channle?

• Learn basic to advanced level techniques.

• Unique workflow gives subscribers a clear understading about the tutorial.

• Practical approach for subscribers to reproduce the work instantly.

2.Shutterstock Tutorials – Learn Tips For Beginners

It takes some time to become familiar with Final Cut Pro X. However, after you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll be able to complete tasks faster than ever before. Follow this channel for a comprehensive explanation of the best beginner techniques for editing in Final Cut Pro X, whether you're new to editing or need a refresher course.

There are a few essential interface explanations as well as some tips and tricks for using the tools. Enjoy!


Why recommend this channle?

• Informative and easy. Best tips for people who are beginners in Final Cut Pro.

3.Marcos Rocha – A Heaven for Advanced Techniques

Having mastered the basics, let's move on to some advanced workflow ideas. It takes some time to become comfortable enough (when editing) to experiment with keyboard shortcuts and workflow shortcuts. This is the beauty of editing. Watching lessons on this channel will assist you in putting some of these advanced concepts, shortcuts, and tips into practice as they become second nature to you.

the-best-fcpx-maroos rocha

Why recommend this channle?

• Great for shortcuts, tips, and advanced concepts of FCPX.

• Efficient workflow and easy-to-understand videos.

• Even beginners can benefit from these tutorials.

4.Brad and Donna – Game-Changing Plugins

Everyone needs and appreciates free things, whether they're new to FCPX or a professional editor. Your budget will not always be sufficient, and you will frequently find yourselves at a fork in the road when the funds are few. So, the good news for FCPX editors is that there is a slew of free plugins, including overlays, LUTs, flares, and titles, that are very excellent (and don't seem like your dingus friend produced them). You can watch the tutorial course if you want to learn more about these free and paid plugins in all price ranges.


Why recommend this channle?

• Informative FCPX videos.

• Tips about various effects, color grading, graphics, keyframes, etc.

• Posts new content every week.

5.Totally Exposed – Complete Guide for Beginners

Are you new to Final Cut Pro X and don't know where to start? If you're new to FCPX and want to get started with video editing, you can join this FREE hour-long in-depth training that will get you up and running in no time!


When you're learning from a seasoned expert, it's easy to feel left behind as they go through tools and features you've never heard of. On the other hand, the Totally Exposed channel puts such concerns to rest with one-of-a-kind lessons in which we learn with Neil, a novice who has never used FCP X before.

Importing, basic terminologies, cutting clips, and adding music, as well as adding effects, titles, and exporting the finished material, are all covered in this video. It's more of a trawling movie than a fast instruction at over one hour long. However, it's ideal for novice users who want to take things a little more slowly and absorb knowledge over time.

Why recommend this channle?

• Extensive yet still very well-paced for beginners.

• Amazing teaching skills.

However, all the video tutorials are quite long because FCPX is powerful but not easy to get started with. You can always choose Wondershare Filmora to boost your editing.

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Part2: The Best Websites to Read about Final Cut Pro Basics

If you are looking for the best websites to learn Final Cut Pro basics, then you can visit the following web pages:

the-best-fcpx-tutorial-fcp-co is dedicated to all things video on the Mac, focusing on Final Cut Pro X video editing techniques and lessons. They're continuously updated on the latest FCPX third-party plugins and filters (including many free effects). Unlike Apple's FCPX user forum, this one is quite active and updated frequently.

2.Apple Support Center


On Apple's official website, the FCPX support community is active. If you have a specific query regarding the application, this is an excellent resource. The emphasis here is less on editing style, and skill since most content focuses on more technical FCPX software/hardware concerns. It's worth mentioning that if you contribute to the community by assisting other users with their problems rather than just asking questions, your editing karma will skyrocket!



If you want to ask a specific question related to Final Cut Pro, you can post it on Reddit. The active community on Reddit will answer it. You can also read the questions posted by other users to increase your knowledge.

the-best-fcpx-tutorial-fcpx-tv, with its motto "all things Final Cut Pro X," is a one-stop shop for the most up-to-date advice and news on this software. An endless list of Final Cut Pro X requests (for future versions and upgrades), FCPX editing lessons, and documentation of known FCPX issues are just a few of the highlights. If you're an FCPX power editor, this is a must-visit website.

Part3: Is Paid Class of FCPX Worth For Beginners?

The last thing you want to do with your hectic schedule is sitting through hours of aimless video lessons. Buying Final Cut Pro lessons gives you the feel of having a personal trainer working alongside you. You can enroll in FCPX paid courses on Udemy and Coursera. Often a certificate of completion is available for download at the end of the course.

However, if you are a beginner, we won't recommend you buy paid courses. There is unlimited free content related to Final Cut Pro available on YouTube and other websites that you can access without spending a penny.

When you have to spend too much money and energy on an editing tool, consider if it's really worth it. Rather, you can always choose a much easier yet still powerful editor like Filmora to save your time for better editing.

Haven't got FCPX yet? Get your 90-day free trial here or click below to download Filmora for a try.

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