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How to Use Compressor in Final cut pro?

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, Compressor is a tool you cannot do without. Although it has its alternatives, Compressor is known for carrying out its functions seamlessly.

“In our line of work, the need to compress and encode video and audio media often comes up. This is where the Compressor in the final cut pro comes in...

With Compressor, final cut pro allows you to inspect and configure advanced audio and video properties.

No denying compressing and encoding are two actions that make our workflow organized and seamless.

With Compressor at your disposal, you will also be able to transcode files into the most common media formats.


In this article, we will cover the basic fundamentals of Compressor in final cut pro and how it can make your work less of a hassle.

Send to Compressor: What does that mean in final cut pro?


Final Cut Pro built-ins provide several destination options for exporting projects and clips. Compressor is one of them. This process simply entails sharing from final cut pro to Compressor for final compressing or encoding into various for arts.

Compressing video and audio media can be done natively with Final Cut Pro software. However, sharing with Compressor allows us to access an even higher level of control. This results in the production of files with higher quality. 

Apple strives to maintain user flexibility by allowing the creation of more options, however, our focus is on Compressor today.



What is Compressor Final Cut Pro used for?

Compressor is a transcoding app designed to work directly with Final Cut Pro. This transcoding of media files allows it to arrive at a variety of formats.

In order to seamlessly export while using Compressor, having an updated version installed is necessary. With Compressor, you can quickly carry out frame resizing and retiming controls. With this, your output files can have high-quality frame size and frame rate adjustments.


One of the most productive uses for Compressor is the fact that it can encode video and audio files for a specific format, according to what is need for any project of choice.

The modern age comes with modern problems, dealing with broadcast and streaming platforms and their formatting regulation can be less of a hassle with apps like Compressor. With Compressor, you can export multiple files in different formats, all at once.


Is Compressor included with Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro X is a dedicated editing and fine-tuning software that includes tools for audio editing and color correction. Two apps are added to complement its arsenal of features, they include:

  • Motion 5 for professional motion graphics.
  • Compressor 4 for advanced media encoding.

Both apps are on sale in there the Mac App Store. These apps are designed to give users more flexibility in efficiently carrying out projects.

You might want to try Filmora, a popular editor among beginners and professionals!

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Why you might want to use Compressor?


Although Compressor isn’t a perfect program, it can be very useful when it comes to carrying out some functions.

Some of them include the following:

  • It allows you to export media output files with high-quality frame size and frame rate.
  • It allows you to export and upload immersive 360° video viewable on video-sharing websites or in a virtual reality (VR) headset.
  • You can also export HDR videos for viewing on HDR-capable TVs and displays.
  • With Compressor, you can burn video and audio content to disc (DVD or Blu-ray) using , for DVD, and Dolby Digital formats.
  • Compressor allows you to perform functions like encoding of media files, without requiring FCPX to be open.
  • You can submit video content to the iTunes Store in standard- and high-quality formats—including 4K HDR.
  • Export content in various media formats for video-sharing websites, including Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.
  • You can view the high-dynamic-range video in the preview window on a supported display.
  • Export audio and video podcasts in MP3 formats.
  • Converting files that don't originate from a FCPX project is also possible.


In terms of application and use, Compressor also provides a preview window. This allows you to compare your original or source video to the processed video before committing.

For those who 

How to Use Final Cut Pro X Compressor

Compressor is a digital solution that is part of Apple’s suite of professional video production applications. Knowing how to use this app to the full capacity of its functions will relieve your workflow by a great deal.

How to send renders to Compressor


Part 1:

Step one: The first step is to access the Compressor preference. In the section, “My Computer” all you need to do is turn on “Allow other computers to process batches on my computer.”


Step 2:

Next, you have to click on the “Shared Computers” option and click the plus button. You can find it in the lower-left area.


Step 3:

To make the process effective, you have to repeat this simple process on all the computers you want to add to the render farm within your network. Note: they need to have Compressor installed.


Step 4:

This step entails that you rename titles set as “Untitled” or something relatable or easy to remember.


Step 5:

Next, you can click on that group to view all your computers within your network with sharing enabled. Furthermore, you can also check for more computers that you may want to add.


Step 6:

When you add a file to be transcoded, look for the “Process On” button, you can find it on the lower right. Select the drop-down option to view your complete group.


Step 7:

To begin, you can select your present group. Next, click the “Start Batch” option. This should begin the process.


Note: if you have the FCPX 10.1.3 and Compressor 4.1 version installed, the above-explained feature will not be enabled within FCPX utilizing the Send to Compressor feature. If you go ahead with its anyway, your group will be greyed, therefore preventing it from being selected.

Compressor is a powerful tool integrated with final cut pro. Any professionals who care about the final presentation of their videos should take a look at Compressor.



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