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Creative Transition Effect with the Help of Masking Using Wondershare Filmora

Luca Epifani
Luca Epifani

This is a detailed guide to help you create transition effect using keyframes and masking techniques in Filmora. You can apply the video editing techniques to impress your viewers by the seamless connection between videos.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow


In this video tutorial, you will learn how to create transition effects in Wondershare Filmora with the help of keyframing video masks. Go through the details to learn more about masking transitions with Filmora.

01:16 Import and Arrange Videos

Import your videos into Filmora's timeline to create an effective transition. After that, place the first video in “Track 2” and the second video in “Track 1.”

import and arrange videos
01:24 Apply the Masking Effect

Select the video in track 2 and go to the "Video" tab in the panel that appears on the screen. Choose the “Mask" section and select the "Draw Mask" tool from the options.

access mask option
01:28 Draw and Keyframe the Mask

Draw a random mask of the object when it is going out of the frame to create a smooth effect. After that, keyframe the mask by clicking on the "Path" option.

add mask and keyframe
01:50 Adjust the Mask Frame by Frame

Move frame by frame and adjust the mask accordingly as the object is going out of the frame.

adjust mask with keyframes
02:15 Adjust the Mask Settings

Increase the value of the "Expand" and "Blur Strength" to achieve smoother edges in the masked area.

change settings of mask
02:31 Adjust the Second Video

Adjust the second video present in the first track according to the transition effects created by the keyframes and masks.

set video on timeline

Transitions are like a portal, which can take you from one place to another without you even noticing. You can use transitions in your content to give viewers a smooth and seamless experience. Wondershare Filmora has helped editors by explaining how to add transition effects in reels. This easy-to-learn guide helps create a transition effect using masks and keyframes.

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