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A Guide to Creating Effects Using Keyframes in Filmora

Luca Epifani
Luca Epifani

Learn how to create the most recognized video effect in the film industry. Use the proper techniques and tools offered by Wondershare Filmora to generate a Vertigo Dolly Zoom effect.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

01:17 Import and Prepare Your Video

After recording a stable video with movement in one direction, import the file into Wondershare Filmora. Bring it to the editing "Timeline" of the software.

add video to timeline
01:23 Set Keyframes for Scale

Left-click on your video in the timeline, and a panel will appear on your screen. Select the “Video" tab from the panel and lead into the "Basic" tab. Add a keyframe for "Scale" at the start of your video clip. If the shot is moving forward, increase the values of "Scale." If it is moving backward, decrease the "Scale."

adjust keyframe of scale from start
01:40 Add a Keyframe at the End

Add another keyframe at the end of the video, and do the opposite of what you did to the first keyframe. Preview the video to ensure the Vertigo Dolly Zoom effect appears as intended.

set end keyframes
02:28 Add a Keyframe for the Zoom in Effect

If the camera is orbiting the subject or object in your shot, you can also add a "Scale" keyframe at the end of your video clip and increase its value. By adding and adjusting the keyframes for "Scale," you will create an amazing effect.

apply keyframing for zoom effect

If you want to explore some advanced editing techniques, try creating some unique effects. To replicate the Vertigo Dolly Zoom effect, consider using video editing software like Wondershare Filmora. These simple steps mentioned above will help you learn the whole process of creating this effect, from recording to editing.

Filmora Creative Assets, the in-built stock in Filmora, offers a vast collection of resources such as video effects, overlays, music, and sound effects. Download Filmora to try the effect and find more creativity possibilities.

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