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Guide on How to Add Text Overlays and Subtitles to Your Videos in Filmora


If you are looking to create subtitles for your video clip, you can use Wondershare Filmora’s explicit toolkit. This video explains how to use text overlays to perfection for creating the best subtitles for video.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:41 Create Title at the Beginning of the Video

Start the process by importing the video into Filmora. Drag the required video and drop it on the timeline. To add a title at the start of the video, move toward the main toolbar and select the "Titles" tab. As this opens up a new panel, you will be provided with a bunch of title options.

Select any title option available and drag it to the timeline. Place it above the video at the place where you want to enter this. You can observe from the preview window that the title will automatically be added to your video.

Double-click the title on the timeline and customize its settings under the “Titles” tab from the settings panel. From "Basics" you can enter the name of your title and add or remove the subtitles. Once you have made all the general edits, playback to see the final results.

import title and start editing
02:52 Adding Transitions to the Title

To avoid harsh cuts, add a softening touch at the end of the title. To do so, navigate towards the main toolbar of Filmora. Select the "Transitions" tab and continue into the "Basics" section. Here you'll see multiple transitioning options available out of which you can select any transition and drag it to the timeline. Place this transition at the ending part of the title and adjust its length as desired.

add transition and change parameters
03:18 Inserting Subtitles into the Video

To add the subtitles to the video, access the "Titles" tab again. Look for the "Subtitles" section in the left menu and select any provided option. This will automatically add subtitles to your video which can be edited accordingly.

look for subtitles

There is another way to add subtitles to video where you have to select the clip on the timeline and right-click on it. Select the “Speech-to-Text” option from the dropdown list which opens a new window. Choose the desired language from this window and press "OK" to save the settings. You'll see your video will be transcribed in seconds and subtitles will be added to the video.

try speech to text function
04:14 Customizing the Subtitles

If you want to customize the subtitles, double-click to open a new window on the screen. Remove the gaps between the subtitles and go to the “Preset” panel to select the already available options.

You can also access the “Customize” section to change the subtitles according to your choice. Here you can choose the “Alignment” to change the position. Similarly, you can also change the "Color", "Opacity", "Blur", "Shadow", "Duration" "Background" and much more. It also gives an option to add "Animations" to your subtitles.

edit subtitle parameters

If you are a content creator or a TikTok user, you might have an idea of how important it is to add subtitles or text to the videos. In this era, your content can reach an audience you might have never imagined. Creating subtitles and adding text to make the videos more understandable is not a mystery anymore.

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