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How to Do Coloring on CapCut: An Ultimate Guide [Updated in 2022]

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

Successfully narrating a visual story relies highly on colors. Colors invite the senses; they offer meaning and life. They help define objects or images. They engage and attract the audience. Plus, these colors also assist in creating stories more straightforward to describe. So, it is understandable for video editors to put a high value on colors.

No matter what the entire concept or theme is, color is a pretty crucial factor in videos.

With the help of video editing apps and programs, you can play and experiment with those video colors. Thus, we'd like to reveal the secret behind coloring CapCut, a famous and trending editing app nowadays, without any further ado.

In this guide or tutorial, we'll showcase how to execute the coloring CapCut precisely. So, let's dive into the direction without further ado as follows!

Part 1: What is Coloring in Video Edits?

Before learning the basics of coloring CapCut, it is essential to understand its theme, concept, and primary purpose. All in all, color grading is a process of improving the colors digitally. In addition, as an emerging video editor, you have the freedom to control the video clip you’ve made.

You can modify the color of a specifically drab scene and make it more graceful by using a tool that assists you to play with color palettes.

One of the significant features of color grading is to enhance the video scene or image. However, as discussed earlier, it is also used for a creative license or to implement your visual art via innovative means. For instance, instead of taking grainy night shots, you can use a color-grading program or tool to let your scene feel like taken at night.

Part 2: How to Do Color Grading on CapCut?

In this section, we’ll discuss how to do coloring CapCut via the simple steps given above.

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First of all, we’re assuming that you’ve already imported the media clip or video into the CapCut.

Step 1: Use the Filters

After you’ve selected the video, go to Filters. Then, you can choose whichever filter you like as there are many filters to choose from.

choose filters capcut

You can now also adjust the intensity of the filter as you like. Finally, click the checkmark to save the changes done.

Step 2: Use the Adjust function

If you feel that Filters are not enough to do the task, you can use the Adjust function. Select the video, tap the Adjust option, and see the choices you have here to go with.

You can easily adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, highlight, shadow, and fake.

adjust color capcut

These features serve different functions to change the color grading of a specific video clip on CapCut. And, this is all basic you need to do for coloring CapCut via the steps mentioned above.

Let’s say you have multiple video clips, and you want to apply the same effect to all videos; click on Adjust> Apply to All tab, and you're good to go.

If you want to modify it with the effect to a specific video section, click the space below the video clip, as shown in the screenshot. Then, click the Adjust or Filter function and follow the same steps again.

In this way, you get the tabs below the video clip to add multiple filters or make various adjustments.

filter tab capcut

Part 3: How to Do Color Grading with CapCut Alternatives for PC?

When we talk about coloring CapCut correction, we may think about professional tools such as Premiere Pro CC. For example, you shot some home videos but found the color video image has primarily blue and purple colors and want to do the color grading to let the project look like a Hollywood hit?

We know that this is an alternative to the best video editors; you will always get the best result. But for beginners and semi-pros, we suggest you go with the Wondershare Filmora depending upon its functions and usability, plus pricing as well.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Equipped with the intense color fixing function, this easy-to-use video editor can allow you to remove the monotony even if you have little video color correction experience.

From the tutorial mentioned above on color grading, we can see with Filmora's color correction tool, you can:

  • Let your video project look like a Hollywood film with a color tuning tool
  • Abilities to use features such as Temperature, Tint, Lights, 3D Luts, Vignette, and more.
  • Various overlay and filter effects touch up your video.

Steps for coloring CapCut on Filmora

Step 1: Upload your CapCut video

After launching Wondershare Filmora, choose the New Project and click Import to easily upload your media from portable media devices or local folders. This software is one of the best alternatives to coloring CapCut, allowing you to drag and drop the media files. Then, you can locate them on the timeline.

Step 2: Correct color with your preference

Double click the timeline’s target video and the video editing window will show up. Select the "Color" panel, and there are different factors available for modification:

color correction filmora

Contrast: Control the brightness

Saturation: Represents the amount of grey in proportion to the hue.

Brightness: Customize the overall darkness or lightness of your video image.

Tint: It is the light of a color. For instance, when red is saturated with white, it will create a tint of pink.

3D LUT: The 3D Lookup Table employs some Hollywood film-looking color sets to your project from the 007 series, Harry Porter, Batman, etc.

To modify the color grading settings, direct your mouse cursor to the indicator, left-click it and place it over the right or left along with the slider. The respective value will be set while you release the mouse button.

You can suddenly look up the results in the Preview Window. And you can always Undo tab to discard the changes. It’s also possible to cancel all the changes by hitting the Reset option.

Step 3: Advanced Color Tuning

Click the Advanced Color Tuning option in the toolbar to enter the advanced color tuning window, in which you can adjust or apply the preset templates and the color purely. It is thus suggested, to begin with, Presets for amateurs, which will save you much time.

There are several templates within the Presets option, consisting of Film, Common, Vignette, and 3D LUT. Furthermore, while in Adjust option, you can modify the white balance, such as color tint and color temperature, Light, Color, 3D LUT, HSL, Vignette, etc.

advanced color tuning interface filmora

Step 4: Preview and save your new video

Now, you need to press the Play tab and go over the entire section of the video. Select the "Export" tab to export your video if you are entirely happy with the result. Click the Settings button to do modifications if required.

You can also select to save the new videos in various formats below the Format tab.

See, color grading and correction are easy in Filmora. I hope you find this alternative of coloring CapCut and its associated steps valuable in designing stunning videos. Despite these color tuning options, you can achieve more effects with Filmora.


Thus, you can now begin experimenting and practicing now that you know the beauty of coloring CapCut. Pretty soon, you'll be a master at creating your images to look more meaningful, vibrant, and powerful with its discussed best alternative, i.e., the Wondershare Filmora.

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