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Recommendation: Best Websites to Download Game of Thrones Ringtones

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 13, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

GoT became a cult classic and garnered a lot of fame due to its unique storyline, animations, and music, because of which, everyone searches for Game of Thrones ringtones.

In this article, we’ll reveal six feature-rich sites to download Game of Thrones ringtones and a professional way to customize them as well so that you can recall the show’s intense experiences at any moment of the day and night.

In this article
    1. Zedge
    2. MoboCup
    3. ProKerala
    4. Download Mobile Ringtones
    5. Ringtone SRkh
    6. YouTube
  1. How To Create Keen Game of Thrones Ringtones Using Filmora?

Websites to Find Game of Thrones Ringtones

To search for and download famous Game of Thrones ringtones, here are the 6 best website resources:


Zedge is a great site to download Game of Thrones ringtones in crystal-clear quality. The content on the site is mainly free, with many premium ringtones that you can unlock by watching ads. In addition, Zedge offers a smooth downloading experience due to no surprise pop-up ads.

zedge game of thrones ringtones

Richness & Access

Zedge has almost all the Game of Thrones ringtones that ranges from background scene music to intense dragon fire-spitting audio. If you want to download these tones directly on your mobile, you’re in luck, as Zedge has a dedicated Android and iOS app that makes access easier!


  • John Snow
  • Vikings
  • Stark
  • Dragon
  • GoT Theme
  • Peter Dinklage
  • Violin


MoboCup is a superb site to download awesome Game of Thrones ringtones for free. The site allows sharing the ringtones using Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, email, or direct links. You can even create a list of favorites to access them later.

mobocup game of thrones ringtones

Richness & Access

MoboCup has a vast library of Game of Thrones ringtones, including SMS alerts, notification sounds, sound effects, and much more. You don’t need an additional account to find and download ringtones.


  • Dubstep
  • Blues
  • Techno
  • Ending Theme
  • Violin Cover
  • Indian GoT


ProKerala is a full-on entertainment hub to download Game of Thrones ringtones in various genres. The site is free and offers a user-friendly UI with comparatively fewer ads. Moreover, you don’t need to create an account to download the ringtones.

prokerala game of thrones ringtones

Richness & Access

ProKerala is a rich resource for Game of Thrones ringtones, as the library is regularly updated with different musical instruments.


  • Rock Tone
  • Main Theme
  • Guitar GoT
  • Pop
  • Hip Hop

Download Mobile Ringtones

Download Mobile Ringtones is another good resource for downloading free Game of Thrones ringtones. You can adjust the playback speed to the maximum to have a quick idea about the ringtone before downloading. However, continuous ad popups slow down the whole experience.

download mobile ringtones game of thrones ringtones

Richness & Access

The site is rich with updated Game of Thrones ringtones with easy access as you’re not obliged to create an account to download them.


  • GoT Sad Music
  • Instrumental
  • Season 8
  • Season 7

Ringtone SRkh

Ringtone SRkh is a friendly site to download free Game of Thrones ringtones in outclass quality that supports all devices. You can also share the ringtones with anyone by copying and pasting the link. However, the UI of the site looks a bit unprofessional.

ringtone srkh game of thrones ringtones

Richness & Access

The site isn’t too rich in Game of Thrones ringtones, and access could be hard sometimes due to the influx of ads.


  • GoT Main Theme
  • Remix
  • Guitar
  • Indian Cover
  • Fingerstyle


YouTube is always on the priority list of users to listen to high-quality Game of Thrones ringtones for free. However, to download ringtones, you must subscribe to YouTube Premium, which costs about $11.99 per month.

youtube game of thrones ringtones

Richness & Access

YouTube has the most extensive library of Game of Thrones ringtones you can access with a simple search. There’s also an option to subscribe to ringtone channels and never miss a new updated version.


  • Main Title
  • North of the Wall
  • Lannister
  • Instrumental
  • Flute
  • Non-diegetic

How To Create Keen Game of Thrones Ringtones Using Filmora?

If the above resources do not have what you are looking for, here’s a complete method to create a custom Keen Game of Thrones ringtone by converting YouTube videos to MP3 format using Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a user-friendly video editor and very affordable. It has various features, including Audio Detach, Silence Detection, Audio Ducking and so on. Please read further to see how these features can help you make your own funny music ringtone.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 First, download Filmora’s latest version from the official website. Download the app from the Play Store or App Store if you are a mobile user.

Launch the software and click the “Screen Recorder” option on the main software or app interface. A pop-up will open up, showing a red round button.

Next, head to YouTube and search for two Game of Thrones Keen songs one by one for recording. Finally, click the red button to start recording and “F9” to stop. The recorded songs will show in the Filmora Project folder.

Step2 Drag the recorded songs from the folder to the “Timeline Panel.” Now, right-click the video files and select “Detach Audio” to extract Game of Thrones audio from videos.

detach audio filmora

Step3 In this step, right-click a particular file whose silent parts you want to delete and select “Silence Detection.” Now, a window will open up showing three parameters; “Threshold,” “Minimum Silence,” and “Buffer,” which you can adjust manually by moving the slider.

Furthermore, you can click “Start” to roll automatic silence detection, eliminating all the silent parts.

silence detection parameters filmora

Step4 Now, emphasize one Game of Thrones Keen audio over the other. For this, right-click a specific file and select “Adjust Audio.” Then, check the “Audio Ducking” feature and click “OK” to make changes to the file.

audio ducking filmora

Step5 Click the file, and a double arrow will appear. Now, drag the double arrow to select a part you want to trim. Then, click “Split” to delete that part.

Step6 Towards the end, click “Create” and hit the “Export” button to save the Keen Game of Thrones ringtone on your PC. Finally, if you’re not using a mobile device, transfer the ringtone to your phone, and that’s about it!

export game of thrones ringtone filmora

Now you are done! If you want to know more about Filmora’s fantastic features, please watch the video below:


In this extensive article, we discussed six unique sites to help you find and download Game of Thrones ringtones for all devices.

We also mentioned a superb method to create customized Keen Game of Thrones ringtones from YouTube videos using Wondershare Filmora with a fantastic screen recording hack!

Hopefully, you gained expertise reading our article and can now experiment with creating personalized GoT ringtones.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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