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3 Best Ways to Get Pinterest video to MP3 Downloaded

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Pinterest is notable for publishing videos and images among diverse photo-sharing and posting websites, and as such, you might want to download videos or audios from there. Instead of downloading full videos, you can get only the background audio, with no quality loss. Need one? Here, we list the best tools for conversions, important rules, and all related details.

In this article
  1. Download Pinterest Video as MP3 File with Online Pinterest Video Downloader
    1. 1. Offeo Pinterest Video Downloader
    2. 2. KeepSaveIt
    3. 3. ExpertsPHP
    4. 4. Comparison Table for the Top 3 Online Pinterest Video Downloaders
  2. Convert Pinterest Video to MP3 using a Professional Video-Editing Tool
  3. Download Pinterest Video as MP3 File to iPhone or Android
  4. Can You Download Pinterest Video in MP3 Format or Not?
  5. Where are your videos saved from the free online Pinterest Video Downloader?

Download Pinterest Video as MP3 File with Online Pinterest Video Downloader

There are many free online converters you can use to download Pinterest videos as MP3 files, you'd want to know which online tools are the reliable one so that you can use for the process. Here, after full-scale testing, we have compiled three of the best options we found online.

1. Offeo Pinterest Video Downloader

Offeo's Pinterest Video Downloader is a high-quality online tool that users can try out to download top-notch Pinterest videos in MP3 format. The tool is accessible through different browsers and works on diverse operating systems like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. However, it is a web-based tool.

offeo pinterest video download

Main Features:

  • Easily copy and paste the Pinterest video file.
  • Instant download to device, whether it is a PC or mobile phone.
  • Paste saved links from Clipboard.
  • No limit for file downloads.
  • Free to use.
  • No need to install or use a browser-based add-on.
  • SSL- based safety is guaranteed.
  • Only one conversion at a time.
  • Not multiple formats are available to choose from for output.

How to Use Offeo to Download Video Pinterest MP3:

Step1Search for the Pinterest video from the Pinterest app and copy its URL.

Step2Open this tool and paste the URL. Or, press the “Paste from Clipboard” button.

Step3Click on the “Download” option next.

Step4Choose a format for conversion. It will save in device memory.

2. KeepSaveIt

Another usable tool for Pinterest video to mp3 download and conversion is the KeepSaveIt site. You can keep the final files you add in many formats and HD resolutions. You can also use this converter to access and download files from 35 more websites besides Pinterest.


Main Features:

  • Save files in resolutions upto 1080p.
  • Supports around 36 sites.
  • Runs on different browser types like Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.
  • No loss is quality from the original file.
  • Both SD and HD level quality are supported.
  • No cost for conversion each time.
  • Registration is not necessary.
  • Does not come in an app/software version.
  • Does not allow YouTube-based conversions.

How to Get Pinterest video to mp3 downloaded by KeepSaveIt:

Step1Press the Share option under the Copy URL/video selection on the site.

Step2Press the "Copy Link" button on the site.

Step3Paste the Pinterest video URL.

Step4Click on Download twice, the second time based on the format type.

3. ExpertsPHP

ExpertsPHP, as a Pinterest video to mp3 download and conversion tool, is accessible through varying browsers, whether you are using a desktop or mobile phone. The online converter allows quick and smooth conversion of files into MP3 or MP4 folders. So, you can use it to convert the Pinterest video in which format is necessary.


Main Features:

  • Mp4 and MP3 formats are supported.
  • Compatible with different browsers for web-based conversion.
  • Download videos, images, and GIFs.
  • High-scale security protocols are followed.
  • Supports files upto 720p.
  • High-speed conversion.
  • No cost for the conversions.
  • Limited features are available.
  • No software version is present.

How to Use:

Step1Open the Pinterest site on your browser and look for the video.

Step2Copy its URL after selecting your video.

Step3Paste it in the search box on the ExpertsPHP site.

Step4Press on the Download icon.

Step5Click the format to MP3 and tap the download link that generates.

Step6Press “Save as” to store your file.

4. Comparison Table for the Top 3 Online Pinterest Video Downloaders

After learning the features of the mp3 Pinterest conversion tool settings and benefits, you can now make your final decision. For an easier selection, we have prepared this comparative table- read to know which one suits your requirements best.

Pinterest Video Downloader Offeo Pinterest Video Downloader KeepSaveIt ExpertsPHP
Conversion Speed Fast Medium-Fast Fast
User Experience Online tool for phone and desktop-based video/MP3 downloaders. Best for users who want high-quality HD and 1080p resolution conversions. For best-quality MP3 download.
Ratings - - 5/5 (
Supported types of Pinterest Content Video Video Video, GIFs, images
Compatible Social Media Platforms Pinterest, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter Thirty-six supported websites like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, Tiktok, Soundcloud, Facebook,, V Live, Reddit, Imgur, etc. Pinterest, Tiktok
Converter Supported Output File Formats MP3, MP4 MP4, MP3 MP3, MP4
Quality of Software High-quality Mid-Quality High-Quality

Convert Pinterest Video to MP3 using a Professional Video-Editing Tool

Certainly, the online converters for the Pinterest video to mp3 download and storage are useful for quick and simple conversions. However, professional-level video editors like Filmora assure more benefits. This desktop-based video to mp3 converter has diverse editing skills, advanced effects, and multi-format audio/video input and output support.


  • Multiple video input formats are supported, like MOV, AVI, MP4, etc.
  • Cut, trim, merge, and adjust video file length.
  • Adjust the speed of playback, volume, etc.
  • Remove background sound clips and auto-sync sound beats.
  • Audio output formats include MP3 and WEBM (audio).
  • Add voiceover to files.
  • Instant mode is available for automated editing/creation.
  • First, you need to download Pinterest videos in MP4 format from another tool, like ExpertsPHP.
  • Most advanced functions like Audio Ducking are available under paid plans.
Free Download
Free Download

How to Convert Pinterest video to MP3 using Filmora?

Step1Download and launch the Filmora 11 software on your Windows/Mac device.

Step2Press the “New Project” button.

press the new project button

Step3Add the Pinterest video you downloaded using online converter tools in MP4 file format by tapping the “Click here to import files” button.

add the pinterest video

Step4Drag the video to the editor timeline below.

drag video to the editor

Step5Do adjustments like cutting the file, adding audio effects, adjusting volume, speeding/slowing playback, etc.

cutting the file

Step6After all customizations, click on the Export button on the top taskbar on the home screen.

Step7Open the Local tab and click on MP3, add the new name, save location on the device, and other settings.

open the local tab

Step8Press Export then it's done.

Download Pinterest Video as MP3 File to iPhone or Android

Like there is a user-friendly software that desktop users can use on the Pinterest video to mp3 download and convert, so can mobile app users. Pinterest Video Downloader from Offeo is a top-notch application that allows users to convert and download their online images/videos into an MP3 file format.


  • Supports upto 720p video format.
  • The online tool is accessible via different browsers.
  • Strong security and privacy protocols are in place.
  • Smooth mp3 Pinterest file download by adding the post URL.
  • Keep original resolution of file during downloading.
  • It is usable on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop devices.
  • No registration or cost is available.
  • No Android/iPhone native app is available.
  • Batch conversion is not possible.

How to Convert Pinterest Video to MP3 Using Pinterest Video Downloader:

Step1Access the Pinterest app from your iOS or Android phone or any browser, like Chrome.

Step2Copy the Pinterest URL > Paste.

Step3Click the Download button and choose format to MP3.

Step4The file is downloaded.

Can You Download Pinterest Video in MP3 Format or Not?

As an app on Android and iOS devices, Pinterest supports different types of content, like images and videos. In terms of videos, the allowed formats include MP4 and MOV, and the time limit for each video is around 30 minutes' maximum. There are tools available online that users can download video Pinterest mp3 format. However, they are not officially authorized by Pinterest, so it is important to use a reliable converter tool in the market.

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes or to extract copyright free audios from Pinterest videos. Extracting someone else's audio without authorization of use is against copyright rule of Pinterest.

Where are your videos saved from the free online Pinterest Video Downloader?

When you use the Pinterest Video Downloader online tool to convert and download the Pinterest video to Mp3, the file saves automatically into device memory. So, users downloading through the online tool on the desktop can find the file in the Downloads section. Similarly, iOS and Android device users would also see it in their device download folders.

Final Words

You can use the online Pinterest video to mp3 downloader tools across different browsers and devices for free. ExpertsPHP is highly usable in terms of performance quality, and Pinterest Video Downloader is another simple tool for MP4/MP3 conversion. Make your final choice as per your personal needs and the tool that would assure the best usage.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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