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10 Kitten Videos that Would Definitely Melt Your Heart

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 22, 22, updated May 20, 24
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There is something really special about newborns, right? It might be their divine innocence or the carefree attitude they present. Regardless, watching them gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Additionally, medical professionals also recommend watching cute kitten videos as a stress remedy. Keep reading to find out what this is about. There are also the top 10 kitten videos that would definitely melt your heart.

Is it good for our health to watch kitten videos?

Of course, it is good for our health to watch kitten videos. Additionally, user statistics and research provide evidence of these benefits. For example, a recent study reports that over 2 million videos for kittens are uploaded to Youtube yearly. Furthermore, the 7000 respondents from the study highlight these as the benefits of watching cute kitten videos.

• It gives you an energy boost.

A kitten meowing video or one struggling to trap a laser pointer, the effect on your energy levels is intense. Experts say these videos promote positive emotions, which is essential to overall body energy. Additionally, they conclude that they promote the release of dopamine, a mind-relaxing and reward hormone that is also present after sex eating a hearty meal.

• It is good for your heart.

Do you remember the dopamine above? So, aside from calming your brain, it also helps improve your heart rate. Watching funny kitten videos activates the reward mechanism in your brain, resulting in a healthier heart rate. Additionally, the increase in blood flow also leads to better organ function.

• No more flu shots.

No one enjoys getting injections, and watching kitten videos is your way out. According to health professionals, watching a kitten meowing video leads to a stronger immune system. Their report contains lots of scientific terminology for the average internet user. However, the main message is that watching kitten videos increases antibodies in your blood. As such, you can fight off common diseases like the flu.

• Cute kitten videos are great stress relievers.

If therapy is not your thing, watching cute kitten videos is just as good. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), you need to take regular breaks, and playing a few cat videos is a wonderful stress management tool. The recommendation comes after their research revealed that stress negatively affects productivity in 56% of Americans at the workplace.

• You will live longer.

What age is the oldest human? The living oldest human is 119 years and remains quite active. You, too, can live this long if you follow a healthy lifestyle, and it involves watching cute kitten videos. Researches claim that effective stress relief, a healthier immune system, and a properly functioning heart are essential to your long life. Following this revelation, you may want to consider adding videos for kittens to your next playlist.

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10 Cute Kitten Videos that Would Definitely Melt Your Heart.

How popular are cute kitten videos? Well, funny kitten videos have over 26 billion views on YouTube, and that is in 2014. Additionally, the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the most viewed cat globally as having 619.5 million views for one video. The following are the 10 cute kitten videos that would definitely melt your heart.

1. Motimaru

Motimaru is officially the most-watched cat in the world, with over 619.5 million views as of August 2021. He is a Spanish Fold with Japanese owners who upload videos of his life to the youtube channel motimaru's diary.

The channel currently has 1.64 million subscribers and features the kitten's videos since 2019. You will see the cute kitten exploring his surroundings and other funny kitten videos of him going at it with his owners. For example, here he is reacting to his owner's new hairstyle. His fluffy coat and intense love for boxes will definitely melt your heart.

2. Nora the Piano Cat.

Nora is a concert pianist and the recipient of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) 2009 award. She woos her audience with her piano skills which she learns from her owner Betsy. You can watch her videos on her Youtube channel, where she has over 21.5k subscribers and 13.7 million views. However, she also has an online blog where you can find more of her kitten videos. Check out Nora playing a tune for her sixteenth birthday.

3. Kitten Academy.

Is your kitten giving you trouble? Well, you are in luck since Kitten Academy offers advice on caring for your kitten through hilarious video posts. Additionally, you can also catch live streams of the day's activities, including live training videos. Furthermore, these live streams are available for days after and often include recaps of the previous sessions. Currently, the channel has 240K subscribers and has been active since July 2006.

funny kitten videos

4. @kitchenwarecat

Did you think YouTube is the only place for videos for kittens? You can also find kitten videos on TikTok, and they are pulling in huge views. @kitchenwarecat is one account whose funny videos currently have over 14.5 billion views. Unlike the ones above, the creator of this account adds some clever commentary to the videos, often with hilarious results. For example, here is the kitten's reaction after discovering it has a pending bill.

10 funny kitten videos

5. @demog0rgeous

Another funny kitten videos account to check out is @demog0rgeous on TikTok. Currently, it has 1.1 million likes and nearly 12 thousand followers. Despite the modest numbers, you will find some of the most hilarious videos featuring a kitten.

The star of the show is a brown kitten with the most adorable eyes, whose crazy antiques will even make the grinch love Christmas. Here is a video of the kitten messing around on the owner's carpet. Those eyes explain the 5.1 million views this cute kitten video currently has.

10 funny kitten videos account

6. Nourathecalico

Japan's Motimaru may be taking all the awards now. However, Nourathecalico may not be far behind. The Toronto-based kitten is always at hand to make you laugh, with hilarious videos of her experiencing city life. For example, here is a video of Noura being lazy.

The account has 33 thousand followers and 1.9 million likes. However, with some of the videos pulling in over 7.1 million views, Nourathecalico is not far from global stardom.

7. Surprised Kitty

What happens when you tickle a cat? The results may vary depending on the kitten. In 2009, YouTuber rozzzafly shared a video of Atilla the kitten's surprise reaction, beginning a social media trend.

The 2.51-minute video got over seven million views in two weeks, which triggered the creation of millions of memes and a hashtag that lives to this day. Instead of running away or biting, Atila sits there with raised paws, and the shock on her face is a classic. For similar videos, type #surprisedkitty on your social media to enjoy tons of funny kitten videos and memes.

funny kitten videos account - surprised kitty

8. Mean Kitty

Sparta, alias Mean Kitty, is a Bengal mix under the care of Cory Williams. His online fame results from a music video Cory made of the song The Mean Kitty Song. You may be wondering why Cory decided to make the song public? Well, Sparta was not always the adorable kitten you see today.

Sparta was an angry kitten when first meeting Cory, often scratching and biting. Since then, he has become a well-mannered cat, and you can watch his journey here. Sparta's cute kitten videos have over 365 million views and 1.42 million followers. Check out his channel for skits and home videos of him stalking his owner.

9. @catlove607

If the name does not do it, then the 5.6 million views can. @catlove607 is a Tik Tok account that offers you a collection of cute kitten videos from every part of the world. There is not much information on who runs the account. However, those that engage with it all agree that they are the warmest and funniest videos you will come across. This channel is full of stress-relieving content, from kittens' funny reactions when taking medicine to them lip-syncing to the latest pop song. Have you ever seen this reaction?


Forget the puppy profile picture. Kathy Neville is an all-out cat lover. Her home is always full of cute kittens and other pets she fosters regularly. Such is her passion that she shares all of it through her different social media channels.

Initially, you would find her content on Youtube. However, she is now more active on Tik Tok, where she has 12 million likes for her videos and 290.5K subscribers. The videos mainly show her feline friends moving about the house and creating mischief. But, she also posts tips on proper pet care from time to time.


● As you can see, watching funny kitten videos is beneficial to your overall health. Additionally, you will never run out of content since there are 2 million new kitten videos on YouTube each year. The above are the top 10 kitten videos that would definitely melt your heart. Why not check them out and tell us if you agree?