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Action Screen Recorder Review

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent
Originally published Apr 19, 22, updated May 20, 24

Action! screen recorder is the popular display screen recorder and video clip streaming software that allows you to definitely capture computer screen, record and stream DirectX, Open up GL and Vulcan games with high quality. It offers a HD loading and real-time documenting on Windows computer. Action screen/game recorder is specially designed to record and live stream your gameplay and screen games fps. This permits you to capture and flow your gameplay, web player videos, report music, take screenshots, add webcams, and more. Action display screen recorder gives an assured smooth way to make real-time High-Definition gameplay recording. This really is designed with a great GPU utilization feature which allows you to capture high quality gameplay with lower CPU use.

Action game recorder can monitor you stream/recording status with on-screen HUD. And that means you may easily view and control the documenting with no second monitor. Aside from the recording perform, Action also provides you with a LIVE Streaming service. You may easily flow your gameplays, videos or other activities to popular loading services like YouTube, Facebook, Livestream, and more. Additionally, it allows you to add webcam to your screen or gameplay recordings. Along with this feature, you can put your own face within the recording. As an all-featured screen and game recorder, Motion can directly result it file to MP4 (H. 264/AVC or H. 265/) format. It ensures that you can have a simple video recording, in case you are running a hit gaming.

Part 1. How to Download and Use Action Recorder

Action! by Mirillis has the capacity to catch anything that is being conducted your PC screen. It could record software, websites, videos, games, lessons, etc. in windowed, full-screen, or selected-area mode on Home windows Vista/7/8/8. 1/10. The next steps will show you to record a certain area on your screen.

Step 1: Launch Action Recorder

Launch Action! on your PC. Get the Area recording setting.

action recorder launch on pc

Step 2: Configure Screen Size

Click on and hold your mouse. Then pull to choose the area you want to capture. In order to resize the region, just press Change + [Arrows] on your keyboard.

action recorder configure screen size

Step 3: Start/Stop Recording

Click on the Start/stop recording button or F9 hotkey to get started on recording. The particular frame will convert red. When you finish recording, please press Start/stop documenting again to prevent.

action recorder start or stop recording

Step 4: Save the Recording

Move back to House and find the recorded video. A person can preview the video with the built-in player of Action screen recorder.

action recorder save the recording

Part 2. Key Features of Action Recorder

User friendly Interface

With the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Actions screen recorder, you can simply find your history recordings and create a brand-new screencast in multiple modes. This allows you to view, delete, and share the chosen file with just one click. A person can also start your recording soon after simply modifying the settings in the primary interface.

Reside Loading

Many popular streaming sites, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, linked with Action screen recorder. This live loading service empowers users to stream all games or personal computer activities online. A person just needs to get into your account.

Time-shift Choice

This feature for game recorder is incredibly useful when you play a game title and may want to skip any highlight times. After enabling this option, your instant actions will be kept in a brief loop barrier. All you have to do is to click Left Alt + F9 on your keyboard to save the Time-shift documenting to folders. A person can change the Time-shift buffer period up to a couple of minutes.

HUD Display

HUD shows up when your desktop or game is linked to Action display recorder. It is utilized to display information like current framerate, average framerate, recognized 3D engine, standing icon, etc. As a result, you can learn the whole documenting process like a pro. HUD usually appears in the upper right part of the computer screen by arrears.

Export HD/4K Songs

Action! supports AVI FORMAT and MP4 document formats for high resolutions video documenting. You can foreign trade and upload your recordings to popular devices or interpersonal media platforms, like YouTube and Fb, directly in Actions! with the fast, hardware-accelerated technologies it possesses.

Part 3. Best Alternatives to Action Recorder

Wondershare Filmora

Actions! Recorder may create lag and slow progress on their computer, and the reason for this may be because of the game's high settings; thus, the game should be adjusted to the lowest degree and played at a lesser quality. Action Recorder will not fulfill your demands, which any of the reasons you are seeking a solution. Filmora is the top free Action! alternate due to its strong display recording functionalities, skillful instruments to assist you with modifying your recordings with the number of elements as details, callouts, text/headers, effects for a cursor, and numerous others.

Filmora is an excellent Windows and Mac screen recording tool that allows you to definitely create professional demos and helpful videos using your PC's screen documenting. Countless wonderful features are contained in the program to help you create professional presentations and video training exercises using the built-in tools. Explore on to discover about this incredible Actions! for Mac options. Probably the best component this Filmora recorder as Actions! alternative product has to offer is the concurrent documenting of screen and webcam, which is excellent on the off chance that you are attempting to involve this program for Twitch loading or recording training exercises to post on YouTube. Best Action! display screen recorder alternative to capture PC display screen. In order to find out more about these software capabilities, we've discussed all the product's best features and how to use them. You will probably find them listed below.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

recording audio


  • Easy to use and stylish consumer interface!

  • Record any video, sound, gameplay and other pursuits with real HIGH-DEFINITION image quality.

  • Capture computer screen with full screen, energetic window or custom region.

  • Output documenting file to any popular video/audio format like MP4, PORT, FLV, MP3, and so on.

  • Preview and trim your video/audio recording files fast and efficiently.

  • Add webcam, observation, commentary, and other real-time draws to it.

  • Fast export straight to YouTube and Facebook!

  • Record any video, audio, game, and other activities with high quality.

  • Export any popular video/audio forms like MP4, PORT, FLV, MP3, and so on.


Fraps any of the most well-known third-party programs for computer gamers, thanks to its free and simple benchmarking features that can test the performance of just about any game. Is actually also an easy method to put a frame rate counter in the corner of your screen to keep an eye on in-game performance second by second. FRAPS can capture upward to 7680 by 4800 at unique frame rates varying from 1 to 120 fps, rendering it stand out among its peers. Skype IP calls from online or video online games are among the features available. This can also report sounds through a microphone, rendering it the most versatile of all the options so far.


Whenever it comes to Fraps, a lot of things increase the standard, however the competition it provides to the counterparts while staying affordable is unparalleled. Older versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, are also supported by Fraps. This functionality is exceptional since it is not available in a other screen recorder. This is, on another hand, simple to use and it has a liquid drag-and-drop feature that elevates it to the very best of the structure. Fraps can also record videos of your gaming classes, but unlike other tools in our summary of gameplay catch software, you must pay to use the program's full video recording features. Minimized start, always on top view, show status on LCD, minimize to system tray specifically, and more options can be found under Fraps' common settings. Games that utilize OpenGL and DirectX technologies these can be used with the system.


  • Fraps allow you to definitely record top quality DirectX or OpenGL games.

  • It allows you to definitely see the quantity of fps (FPS) that you are receiving.

  • You may also snap a screenshot at any time interval using Fraps.

  • It allows you to report high-quality DirectX and OpenGL games.

  • Is actually free to use for frame rate display and benchmarking, and it is free to use for movie capture with certain restrictions (30-second time limit).

  • It permits you to at the same time record your video games with computer audio and your tone of voice.


Bandicam is a notable display screen recorder that is broadly used by individuals from one side of the planet to another. It permits you to catch your screen, webcam, audio, or record current video without exercise. In any situation, contrasted with other comparable screen documenting software, it is more costly instead of viable with macOS. Right now, the Bandicam Mac form isn't accessible, which 's the reason Mac clients terribly lack the choice of partaking in this present device illustrates. Fortunately, there are different instruments out there that are incredible options in contrast to Bandicam, and so they all work on Mac.

bandicam record current video

Made by Bandisoft, the Bandicam program is definitely an amazing screen recording app for Windows ten. Tragically, there are no adaptations for Bandicam Mac or Linux. With 3 recording modes for screen recording, game recording, and gizmo recording, body fat question that Bandicam brings a great offer to the desk. With Bandicam, you may easily view and control the documenting without a second monitor. It is built with a great GPU utilization feature that allows you to capture high quality gameplay with lower CPU use. It guarantees that you can have a smooth video clip recording, in case you are running a strike gaming.


  • Simply record video lessons with webcam and audio tracks for YouTube channel.

  • It offers powerful editing and audio tracks options with separate channel.

  • It is easy to use with friendly user interface.

  • 4K recording is supported.


After reading the particular Action! screen recorder review above, you can obtain understanding about this particular screen and video game recorder. What’s a lot more, you will obtain a great Mac pc replacement for help a person capture any video clip and on your own Mac. If a person are a Mac pc user and desire to record your own Mac screen, a person can use the particular best Action Display screen Recorder alternative to get Mac, Filmora Display screen Recorder. It bears the similar display screen recording functions. What is more, it can be built with some simple editing features that you can edit the documenting file and adapt the output results. This screen plus game recorder furthermore offers the capacity to high-quality 4K UHD gameplay.

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