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oCam Screen Recorder Download

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 09, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Free screen recorder for personal use. oCam is a versatile camera intended to record a live computer screen. This screen recorder can be used during tutorials, troubleshooting a website, or sharing a presentation with others via an online webinar.

Other common functions include recording videos directly off of popular websites such as YouTube. You can fully experience the service of this screen capture software free of charge.


Screen Recording Mode. Capture images and videos from the home screen. It is also the only mode in which the Resize function is available.

Game Recording Mode. Capture games and capture screenshots.

Audio Recording Mode. Record sound from the specified inputs and/or system audio.

oCam works with 32-and 64-digit variants of Microsoft's Windows working framework. That is any variant from Windows XP up to Windows 8.1, which is the most recent Windows discharge at the hour of composing this. You should finish a standard establishment cycle to get oCam ready for action on a Windows PC.

Part 1. How to Use Ocam Screen Recorder

Now if you're looking for a step-by-step guide of this OhSoft oCam screen recorder review so you can have an idea of how to operate this toolkit, then this section is for you. Learn more in these below steps. But first, you need to download the ocam screen recorder for a Windows computer. (some people may search for the ocam screen recorder for Mac, but unfortunately, there's no macOS version available.)

Step 1. Install the software on your computer and the software will run automatically once the installation completes.

install ocam

Step 2. Click "Screen Recording" from the top menu and then choose "Resize", you'll be able to customize the recording area as you want.

customize recording area

Step 3. Now press the "Record" red button and the program will start screen capturing. You can click Stop or Pause anytime you want.

start recording ocam

Step 4. This software also provides you with a game recording option and an Audio recording option to meet different needs.


  • You can eventually capture the full screen or a window zone of your PC

  • The capacity to record sound makes it simple to describe or comment on onscreen movement, or you can skirt the sound and add your soundtrack later.

  • Plenty of choices make oCam simple to modify. A few customizations include Watermarks, Languages, Hotkeys, and Mouse Effect, just as video settings like Time limit. Encoding alternatives incorporate multi-center handling, sound piece rate, and much more.

  • Utilizing oCam's underlying codecs, you can determine formatting codecs, including a page of codecs suggested by the designer.

  • Onscreen documentation appears machine-deciphered, or somewhat in this way, and scarcely comprehensible in places. The promotions by Google take up a ton of screen space and impede the documentation, as well.

  • OCam permits you to record sound and video, as well. You can likewise make a few acclimations to the recording you make with this device, as you'll have the option to describe and even add your soundtrack to the recording you make.

  • It is great on the off chance that you need to make instructional exercises on the most proficient method to make things.


  • There are not as many editing options when compared to other systems

  • After shutting oCam, the screen catch window vanished. Clicking Capture created an abnormal mistake message: "Not found the record target window."

  • There's a file size limit of 155.9GB.

Part 2. Alternative Way to Record Videos on Computer

Filmora Screen Video Recorder is a popular video editing tool intended for users who want to concentrate on editing and making high-quality videos. The software offers editing support for 4K videos. It's an affordable product equipped with tools made for both video and audio. It gives users a plethora of options when it comes to styling, adding effects, and customizing videos. The tool makes it possible for users to throw in overlays, come up with animations and elements, add audio, and insert texts. Steps of Installing Filmora

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1. If Filmora is not installed on your Windows computer, you can click the below button to download its free trial version to create captivating videos now! Then, just follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation process.

Step 2. Select “PC Screen” option from the interface panel. You can find it from the upper right corner.

record pc screen

Note: You can use the Filmora Video Editor without logging in, but please be noted that a watermark will be added to your exported videos. If you don't want the watermark, you'd better log into an account ID with a paid license.

Step 3. Customize the recording settings, you can choose the target windows or a specific recording area, adjust the audio volume, and select the right camera devices.

customize recorder settings

Step 4. Start the recording by hit on the red button. The process will begin in 3 seconds. You can press F10 to end the process and then edit or share your recordings as you want.

start screen recording


oCam has screen capture and screen recording functionality to offer. It means you can use this application to take a screenshot of whatever is displayed on your PC's screen; take a screenshot of a certain region on the screen or of the entire screen. It also means that you can make a video recording of whatever is on your screen; record the screen & audio input, record audio input only, record system audio, record from the microphone, record a game.

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