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How to Screen Record Instagram Story

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 23, 21, updated Jul 12, 24

There are many interpersonal organizations accessible in 2021, yet screen recorders for Instagram stay one of the top picks. It includes a much cleaner interface than Facebook or Snapchat. Instagram Stories, which is an interpretation of Snapchat's unique idea, assists with making it simple for your loved ones to share what they're up to in their lives, all without keeping that stuff extremely durable. Instagram has recently tried a component where its clients could see who was taking screen captures of their accounts. While this component wound up being resigned, it left many addressing whether individuals can check whether your screen captures their Instagram story. So if you're looking for how to screen record on Instagram, then you've your answer in this blog post.

There are numerous reasons to screen record Instagram stories - some genuine, others not really. Perhaps you need to purchase something highlighted in it. Possibly you need to save a beautiful picture to make it your backdrop. Perhaps you super like a photo of your companion or a relative and you need to keep it. Assuming you need to keep something from a story saved money on your phone, it's conceivable. Taking screen captures of Instagram Stories is simple - on the off chance that you know the right stunt. Furthermore, have confidence you can keep these screen captures hidden and not stress over being surprised. Regardless of whether Instagram switches the guidelines up screen captures later on. How about we investigate how to screen record Instagram stories, and regardless of whether Instagram reports your movement to the client you're screenshotting.

Part 1. How to Screen Record Instagram Story on iPhone

For design and way of screen recording Instagram story, looking through the subtleties for another item is a good thought. For a vital position like PR offices, why not record your Instagram videos to exhibit a customer contextual investigation, or instruct and support your devotees and record an instructional tutorial from Instagram to add esteem. Instagram screen record on an iPhone screen can be really useful, regardless of whether you need to save a clasp of the game you're playing, record part of a live stream on Instagram, or make a how-to video for your companions. You can send the video cut you record to a family member or companion, transfer it to Twitter, or post it to your Instagram story.

Steps Of Using iPhone Built-In Recording Feature to Record Instagram Story.

1. Enable Screen Recorder:

Screen recording is incorporated into iPhones, yet to utilize it, you first need to verify whether the screen record button is in your Control Center. To open the Control Center, swipe down from the upper right corner in case you're utilizing an iPhone X or later, or swipe up if you have an iPhone 8 or prior. Verify whether you have the screen record button, which resembles a speck with a circle around it. If you don't, here's how you can add it:

  • Open up Settings and Tap "Control Center"

  • From that point onward, tap "Customize Controls" This is the place where you add and eliminate things from your Control Center menu.

  • Look down and press the green button with a + close to "Screen Recording." That will move it from the "More Controls" area at the adding segment at the top.

iphone screen recorder

2. Start/Stop Recording:

Step 1. Open Control Center

Initially, swipe down from the upper-right edge to check whether you have effectively added this element to the control community. In case it is there, click the button to begin.

Step 2. Start Recording and Open Instagram Videos

Inside the "Control Center", and snap the screen catching button. Then, at that point, it shows a commencement show. Presently, play out your ideal stories on your iPhone. Assuming you need to stop it, click the red button from the upper left edge. And afterwards, the Instagram video is consequently saved on "Pictures".

Step 3: Save your Recorded Instagram Video

At last, when you're practically finished with recording your Instagram favourite video! Your video will consequently save to your camera roll, so go in and ensure that it's actually as you'd like it and trim down if necessary. From that point, you can post magnificent vertical video clasps to your Instagram Story that will stop your crowd in their parchment and grab their eye.

Part 2. How to Screen Record Instagram Story on Android

Mobizen is an application that empowers clients to record, catch, and alter recordings and screen captures. Mobizen Screen Recorder is particularly valued among gamers since it is particularly useful for screen accounts for Instagram. With Mobizen, you can begin broadcasting your gaming interaction and different exercises in no time. While recording, you can catch your facial responses with a face cam and add voice remarks. No watermarks will be left of the video as for the situation with some paid screen recorders. Anybody can utilize it with No establishing. All the material that you're recording will be saved to your memory card, so you don't need to stress you will run out of memory space.

mobizen screen recorder

Step 1: Launch Instagram and Mobizen Together

The initial step is to dispatch the Instagram application. If you don't have the application on your gadget, you should download it from Play Store and make your record. Then, at that point, pick the Instagram story that you need to share.

Step 2: Customize Instagram Screen and Start Recording

If the companion has a security setting, notwithstanding, as has just imparted the story to explicit individuals utilizing the close friends include then the individual you are sharing it would not have the option to see it.  Tap the camera symbol that shows up on your screen to start recording the story. This is the red spot symbol with a white camera on it.

Step 3: Stop and Save the Recording

Once you have finished the screen recording, you need to tap on the red speck on top of the screen to quit recording. The message will request that you for affirmation quit recording, when you click quit recording, the screen record will be saved in your photos.

Part 3. Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Recording a Story?

Nor is a genuine warning; nobody will get a popup notice on their phone when you screen captures their Instagram post. Instagram will not advise clients if somebody records their Instagram Stories, so insofar as you're recording their Story and not a Vanish Mode DM or a vanishing photo, they'll have no chance of discovering. While Instagram Stories are intended to be impermanent, clients regularly conclude they need to save a specific picture or video from somebody's Story, regardless of whether authoritatively or informally. To do this, many individuals take screen captures of the Story image(s), which conflicts with the entire thought of a Story.

That being said, you might need to mull over recording Stories from someone's private record, since they unmistakably mean to keep that photo or video hidden. Hence, Instagram chose to begin alarming clients when screen captures were taken by putting a star-like symbol close to the handle of the individual that took the screen capture. There are two different ways that Instagram tells somebody that you have screenshotted their photos or stories, either by a direct notification or a special screen capture icon. These are essentially little pointers that you have taken a screen capture. You can take screen captures straightforwardly from Instagram or utilize outsider apparatuses relying upon what you need to accomplish. Screen capture from inside Instagram will incorporate the whole screen, in addition to the Story so will require trimming or altering to get right. Utilizing some outsider instruments, you can catch the Story and that's it.

Part 4. Best Way to Record Instagram Videos on Computer

Instagram isn't simply accessible to use on PCs. Indeed, you can sign in to Instagram directly on your work area program, and if you use Windows, a work area customer is accessible for Windows 10. Given that, there are different ways of recording Instagram live on your Windows or macOS PC. Notwithstanding, you don't need to make it confounded because this article will give you multiple ways of downloading Instagram videos on PC. Filmora Screen Recorder is an extraordinary Instagram video recorder for the two fledglings and experts. Utilizing it, you can undoubtedly record any live recordings on Instagram without remarks, furthermore, you likewise can record web-based video from other social Steps without them knowing.

Additionally, this product offers numerous other progressed apparatuses for your recording. For example, you can screen capture Instagram while watching or recording, or you can set a particular chance to begin or stop consequently your screen recording with the assistance of the altering highlight. The most straightforward technique is to use Filmora a work area-based screen recorder that doesn't need some other programming establishment for Instagram. Filmora highlights incorporate Quick Record, which doesn't need any logins, recruits, or download expansions, Custom Record which allows you to record your whole screen, an application window, or a program tab, Simple Editing, and Quick Download. Log in to your Instagram account on your internet browser, or through the work area customer. Search for the live video you wish to record, follow the means with Filmora then, at that point, begin recording:

wondershare screen recorder settings

Steps to Record Instagram Videos with Filmora:

Step 1. Install Filmora and Open Instagram

Filmora is free to download toolkit you can have on your PC. You can download the newest version, for both Windows and Mac systems, from the official website and install it right away. As soon as you've downloaded and installed the application, then you can launch it right away and then get inside Instagram on your PC.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 2. Start Instagram Recording

From the recorder screen of Filmora, opt for the select screen recorder area and from there you can select the Instagram screen or customize the screen accordingly. Furthermore, you can also enable various sources for your Instagram video recording screen and then, hit the record button to start the videos recording.

Step 3. Stop/Share the Recording

As your recording is underway, as soon as you're done with it, you can hit the stop button of Filmora recorder and the software takes you to a video editor where you can either share or save your Instagram recordings to your desired format. Simply hit the Export button inside the editor to get it done.

The best part is, you can also share the Instagram videos you just recorded directly to the other social platforms as well. Including YouTube directly from the Filmora editor.


These Instagram screen recording techniques likewise work on the off chance that you additionally need to save recordings from other IG accounts. Peruse further, and let us assist you with settling that difficulty together. You can likewise do it on your iOS or Android gadget with the implicit screen recording instruments. Altering or changing over your Instagram live is vital assuming you need to cut superfluous parts assuming you need to edit the video, assuming you need to put watermarks, or then again assuming you need to change over to other video designs among different necessities. For that, you can generally depend on the Filmora recorder since it has its own easy to utilize yet progressed video editorial manager.

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