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How to Record Google Meet for Free?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Google meet is a video-communication service offered by Google. Google meet users can enjoy high-quality video calls. In addition, the high-end Google Meet application also allows making conference video calls. Moreover, the application is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms when it comes to smartphones.

But do you wonder whether Google Meet allows you to record your online class or a business meeting for the record? The good news is yes, it enables you to record Google Meet video sessions.

Now you must be wondering how to record Google meet and that too without following any complex steps. The following article will give you complete details about how to record on Google meet.

Part 1: Requirements for Google Meet Recording

You can record Google meet video sessions on both your laptop and smartphone. However, not everyone can record video, and audio meetings in Google meet. So, you need to fulfill specific requirements before you enjoy the recording feature in Google Meet. The following section of the article highlights requirements for recording Google meet sessions.

1. Permission from Google Administrator

The recording feature must be enabled on the Google administrator account. Once the recording is allowed, you can record in Google meet both as a host or participant of the meeting.

2. Workspace Account

The recording feature is not available for ordinary Gmail accounts. So, you need access to educational, business, or standard workspace accounts. In addition to this, workspace editions are also offered in the enterprise and teaching faculty category.

3. Operational microphone

Your microphone must be in working condition when you start recording Google meet sessions. However, if you want only screen recording with no audio input, you can continue the recording process.

We have figured out some solutions to record Google Meet videos on mobile, check this article: How to Record Google Meet Videos on iPhone and Android.

Part 2: How to Record Google Meet on Desktop as a Host?

Google meet sessions can be easily accessed on the desktop. When you are hosting a meeting, recording a session will give several benefits. From video conferencing to presentations, everything can be recorded. Sounds interesting? Let us tell you how to record in Google meet in simple steps.

Step 1:  Launch the website and create a meeting room.

Access the official Google meet website by searching in your browser. Click new meeting to call a meeting room.

Note: You need to ensure that you have logged in to your administrator account to organize a meeting.

Step 2: Add participants

Click on Add Others option to call other participants to the meeting. Or share the Google Meet link to ask others to join in.

Note: Once the meeting room is created, you can invite other participants to join the invite link. Invitation links can be copied and sent to your friends, family members, and colleagues on Whatsapp, Facebook, or other messaging applications.

Google Meet  add other to meeting

Step 3: Start recording

Click on Activities on the bottom right corner of the screen, select recording, and press start recording.

Google Meet video recording

Note: The recording interface will only appear for workspace accounts. So, if you have created Google meet session using a regular Gmail account, you may see the information like below after clicking the Recording button.

Google Meet regular account recording

Part 3: How to Record Google Meet as a Participant?

Everything presented on Google Meet can be recorded with an operational screen display and a working microphone. Like other video conferencing applications, Google Meet also allows participants to record Google Meet activities if the administrator enables the recording feature. So, it doesn't matter whether you are hosting a meeting or not; the video meeting can still be recorded if you join the conference as a participant. If you are wondering how to record a Google meet activity, let's look at the simple steps below.

Step 1: Join the meeting.

Join the meeting session through the invitation link or enter the meeting code in the box next to the start meeting option.

Note: Meeting is provided to the participants by the meeting organizer. You may also copy-paste the code in the box to join the meeting.

join in Google Meet

Step 2: Start recording

Click on three dots, and the pop-up will appear. Click Start Recording appearing at the top of the list.

Note: The recording option may not show up if it is disabled or you're not signed in on your workspace account.

record Google Meet video

Step 3:  Ask for recording consent

Ask for the consent of other participants, including the host to record a session.

Note: You need to click Accept on the pop-up notification. 

Part 4: How to Enable Recording for Google Meet?

The benefits of recording Google meet sessions cannot be denied. You can use the recorded material for training students and other professionals later on. Plus, the recorded video also helps you to recall the discussion in the session.

Moreover, one can make notes from the recorded activity. In short, the recording feature of Google Meet helps you in many ways. However, the feature needs to be enabled first. Keep reading to find out how to enable the recording feature on Google Meet.

Step 1: Sign in as administrator

Type in your browser. Enter credentials of your administrator account and click sign in. Only workspace accounts can be added to sign in. 

Step 2: Access Google meet in the admin console

Click apps and then click G suite. Select Google Meet from the list. 

Step 3: Enable recording

Click Recording from the options showing up on the screen

enable record feature on Google Meet video

Part 5: Where do Google Meet Recordings Go?

You must be pretty clear about how to record Google meet activity. However, where these recordings are saved is a question that is still unanswered. You can find where the recorded videos are saved in a step-by-step description given below.

1. Check your mailbox

Sign in to your workspace account from which you recorded a Google meet activity. Find the email with the video recording link.

find recorded  Google Meet videos

Note: This is only one way to access the recorded file. However, you may look for the recording directly in your Google drive, as explained next.

2. Visit your Google Drive account

If you are the meeting host, you can check the meet recording in your Google Drive account. Click the option My drive appearing on the left side of the panel. Click on the Meet recordings folder and select the recording you want to play, share, and Download.

find recorded  Google Meet videos on Google Drive

Part 6: How to Share and Download Google Meet Recordings?

Google meet also allows sharing and downloading the recorded activity to maximize the benefit of this connecting application. If you want to ace this skill, here are steps to follow!

Step 1: Open My drive linked to workspace account

Look for the folder named Meet Recordings and open the folder.

Step 2: Find a Google Meet recording

All Google meet recordings will appear. Choose the video you want to share and download. Press the Share icon from the top bar.

Note: You can also Right-click on the recorded file and select the Share option from the menu list.

Share Google Meet recordings

Step 3: Download the recorded file

Click on the three-dot option from the top menu bar and tap on Download. The file will start to download and will be saved in your download folder. 

download Google Meet recordings

Part 7: How to Record Google Meet as a Participant without Host Permissions/G Suite?

Usually, participants require host permission to record Google meet sessions. Likewise, they also need a G suite to access and enable the recording feature of the Google meet. Those without workspace accounts still cannot record the sessions.

However, you don't need to be disappointed when you have access to screen recording tools like Wondershare Filmora. Filmora serves as a reliable screen recorder for Google Meet. Do you want to know more about how to record Google meet on a laptop? If yes, follow the simple steps given below. 

Step 1: Join or create Google meet session

Sign in to your Google account and create a meeting room or join a meeting session already in progress.

Step 2: Launch Filmora

Click on the Filmora icon and press the Record button next to the Import option. Select Record PC Screen from the list of options in the record menu.

record Google Meet videos with Filmora

Step 3: Customize the recording settings 

Select a full-screen mode from the Custom menu to get the best quality in Google Meet recordings. For more details of using Filmora, read this article: How to record screen on desktop.

Watch the video below to find out more details about record screen with Wondershare Filmora.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

FAQs about recording Google Meet for free:

1. Why can't I record my Google Meet?

Since the recording feature is not available for regular accounts, you need to have a workspace account to record the meet sessions.

2. Can I record Google meet without host permission? 

Yes, you can record Google Meet activity without the host's permission. One of the most common and easy ways is to record the Google Meet sessions through external tools and software like Filmora.

3. Why can't I find the recording button on Google meet?

The recording option might be disabled in your Google Meet setting. So, you need to access your administrator account and check in the Google Meet settings whether the recording feature is enabled or not. 


Hopefully, you got the answer to the most asked question, i.e., how to record Google Meet video sessions. We have mentioned the easiest techniques to master this art. In addition to this, if you were unable to enjoy the fantastic Google Meet recording feature because of the unavailability of a workspace or licensed account, our recommendation is to record the meeting using an external application such as Filmora. So, to get maximum benefits from your discussion, participation, training, or any other activity in Google Meet, you must record the session one way or another.

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