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How to Add Titles to Videos in Movavi

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Sometimes images can't say everything we need them to, and at these moments video makers have to find another way to get their messages across. One of the easiest ways to add more information to your videos is to add titles, text boxes or callouts in order to make sure that your videos contain all the information you want. Opening titles or end credits are an elegant way of providing the audience with all the information about your video they might want to know.

We will show you how to add titles to videos in Movavi video editor as well as how you can use Filmora, one of the best alternatives to Movavi, to add text to your videos.

How to add titles to Videos in Movavi

If you have already installed Movavi video editor on your PC or Mac and you would like to start a new project that contains callouts and text, follow these steps.

1. Import the video to the video maker app

Before you can start adding text to your footage you first must make sure that video clips are placed on the editor's timeline. In order to do so, open Movavi's 'Subtitle Embedder' and select the 'Create Project in Full Feature Mode' option and then click on 'Add Media Files' icon. The video clips you want to edit will be placed on the timeline automatically.

2. Adding Callouts and Titles to video clips in Movavi

Your next task is to find the Titles tab, located in the menu on the left side of the screen. Once you've clicked on the tab you'll be offered a choice between 'Basic' and 'Animated' styles. Simply click on a style to see how well it fits in your video, and after you've made your choice, simply drag it and drop it on the video clip on the timeline to apply it. After you've applied the 'Title', double-click on it on the timeline in order to insert the text.

If you would like to add 'Callouts' to your videos, simply click on the 'Callout' Tab, that is located under the 'Titles' Tab. Drag the Callout you want to use in your video to the timeline and make the adjustments the same way you would with the 'Titles' feature.

3. The Adjustments

Like most video editing programs, Movavi enables you to select fonts, colors and clip properties in order to achieve the best visual effects. In order to make these changes, simply double-click on the Title or the Callout you added to the timeline and proceed to make the adjustments.

How to add titles to Video in Movavi Alternative

Movavi's alternatives such as Filmora offer more text effects and therefore provide more freedom of choice to video editors who want to add titles to their videos. In order to access the available text effects in Filmora, click on the 'Text/Credit' icon and choose from options such as 'Opener', 'Sub Titles' or 'End Credits' among many others. If built-in text effects aren't enough to meet your needs you can find more animated title effects at the 'Effects Store' in the 'Title Expansion Set' that offers over fifty additional effects.

Adding text to your video is easy in Filmora, and it can be completed in a few simple steps.

1. Adding a text template and inserting text

In order to apply a text template to your video you first need to place the video clip, you want to edit on the timeline. After you've completed this action, click on the 'Text' tab, and select the one you would like to use, then just drag it to the timeline and drop it. A small text thumbnail will appear on the video clip, double-click on it to open the 'Text Editor Panel'. 'The Text Editor Panel' will enable you to choose the font, color or size of the text and you can even select one of the preset styles, after you've made all the changes, press return to go back to the software's main window.

2. Position the Text Effect and Export your video

In order to place the titles, you just created to the desired location in the video, simply drag and drop them wherever you want them to appear in the video. After you've completed all the necessary steps, click on the 'Create' tab, select the output format and wait for the video to be exported.

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