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Best Magnifier Plugins for Final Cut Pro X

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Professional video editing software like Final Cut Pro X enables its users to manipulate video in virtually any way they want, but magnifying parts of a frame or adding attention-grabbing callouts requires hours of work. The plugins for this software are designed to simplify complex video editing operations and make them more accessible to non-professional users. Additionally, they can extend the scope of the video editing tools, the software offers, and allow you to create effects, motion graphics, or composite images more efficiently. Read along if you would like to learn more about the best magnifier plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

3 Best Magnifier Plugins for FCPX

Highlighting information that is not visible enough can help you draw the audience’s attention to something you find important. It can be anything, an object in the background of a shot or your email address. Even though FCPX features the Magnifier effect, the Magnifier plugins for this software can broaden the range of its magnification capabilities. Let's have a look at the best magnifier plugins for FCPX:

1. Ripple Callouts 3.0

Price: $79

The FxFActory’s Callouts plugins let you add pointers, arrows, magnifiers and all sorts of other assets to your videos. The third version of the plugin is a perfect choice for producers of social media videos since it features 67 callouts, including the Magnify Rectangle Callout, that can help you turn the viewer’s focus toward an important bit of information. The Mobile Device Callouts allow editors to animate swipes, zooms or taps, while the Fly-in 3D Pointers provide a chance to explore the plugin’s 3D text capabilities. The Ripple Callouts 3.0 plugin makes adding animated annotations or enlarging objects in a video look easy because it reduces the amount of time you have to dedicate to adding these effects to a video.

2. FCPX Magnifier From Pixel Film Studios

Price: $29.95

Instead of spending countless hours on animating hundreds of keyframes to track the motion of the Magnifier effect you can use a preset this plugin provides to magnify a part of the image up to 1000% and track a scene. The Pixel Film Studio’s tracking technology can track multiple objects in a scene accurately even if you haven’t set a single keyframe. The Mask and Scope presets that ship with the plugin enable you to experiment with different magnification options. Installing the FCPX Magnifier is easy since you just have to double-click on the preset after you download it and follow the on-screen instructions. Before you start installing the plugin, make sure that all other apps on your computer are shut down, since open applications can affect the installation process.

3. Mahoney Artistic Magnifier

The Artistic Magnifier is an effect that was originally designed as a Title, and you can attach all types of objects, including text, to it. The effect maintains the edge alignment in the magnified region of the scaled media, and it never goes out of frame. This technique enables the enlarged section of the media to move in the opposite direction while the magnifier is moving away from the center of the screen. You can easily reposition the effect or change its size while adjusting the Roundness, Border Width and Border Opacity settings can help you make the effect’s edges smoother. Installing the Mahoney Artistic Magnifier can be a bit complicated since you have to install the effect at a very specific location on the computer’s hard drive. Fortunately, the complete installation instructions are available online. 

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Final Cut Pro X is one of the most powerful video editing software ever created, but performing certain video editing operations with FCPX can take hours of hard work. Using Magnifier plugins can help you save time on animating keyframes or annotating videos since they offer a number of presets that can be easily applied to the footage. Do you use Magnifier presets for FCPX often? Leave a comment below and let us know what is your favorite Magnifier preset for FCPX.

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