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8 Best Valentine's Day eCards Online Makers and Apps

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Everyone enjoys receiving a card from someone on Valentine’s Day. But in today’s world of technology, going to the drugstore at 2 AM in a mad dash for the perfect card the night before V Day is going out of style. Instead, why not make your cards online or through an app? In a world where everyone is connected, you may even be trying to send a card to a friend that lives across the country.

Whatever your age, wherever you live, electronically sent cards to make life a lot easier, especially during the holidays. Whether you’re making one for your friend or that special someone, check out one of these sites or apps to help you make Valentine’s card and send it electronically.

Best Valentine's Day eCard Makers [Online + Desktop + Apps]

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1. Creating Valentines’ Day Greeting Videos with Filmora

Filmora is one of the easiest video-making software for creating Valentine's Day videos for the loved ones in your life.

Benefits of creating a Valentine’s Video with Filmora

Show your love with your own voice and image: Filmora allows you to import your own video footage and record a voiceover to annotate. You can also use some classic moments of Valentine’s Day movies to make a memorable video.

With the pre-programmed text and title templates, you can write on creative some words in the video.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Here is the detailed guide about how to make a Valentine's Day video with Filmora. Download the free trial version of Filmora and make a lovely video for your loved one today.

2. Valentine Card Maker

Valentine's Day Card  Maker Interface

Available for: Web-based

This website has a pretty simple layout that you are sure to figure out quickly. It is easy to use and straightforward with cute designs available for your card. You can customize what your card looks like from a few of the site’s pictures, edit what your card says, and change the size of the font. Once you’ve made your card, you can edit the font and the color to make it a little more personal. This is a very good, simple site to use for your Valentine’s e-card. This site probably has the simplest layout on the list.


1. Limited Valentine Card layout

2. No Animation effects available

3. Fotor Valentine Cards Maker

Fotor Valentine's Day Card  Maker Interface

Available for: Web-based

Unlike the last one, this site seems to be a bit more complicated, with a lot more features to use and design your Valentine's card with. Once you chose your template, you can edit the background color, insert your own pictures, and basically completely create your own e-card.

You can edit everything on the template and are able to customize every detail down to the color of your words. The Fotor Valentine's Day card makers also provide some lovely stickers, This is basically Photoshop for ecards. If you’re looking for something less simple and more hands-on for your card, use this e-card creator.


The free version will have a watermark

4. 123 Greetings

Available for: Web-based

123 Greetings Valentine's Day Card  Maker

This site has animated, video cards which are the cutest thing ever. You can pick a card and customize the message. You choose what you want it to say, however much you want to write, and send it to your Valentine over email. You can edit the font, font size, and color of your message for an even more personal card. This is also a good and pretty straightforward website to use. Who doesn’t love a cute video card?

This e-card maker also features some pretty music by default to play with, and you can also change the music as well.


You can't change the words pre-built in this card maker.

5. Valentine’s Day eCards

Available for: Web-based Valentine's Day eCard  templates

Do you love video cards? Of course, you do! This website provides several templates in different tones for different people. You can make a cute, funny, heartfelt, or romantic Valentine's eCard for anyone. However, it appears that you have to be a member to access the full content. Don’t worry though, you can still use this site without having to pay for a membership! Without a membership, you can still access free video cards and personalize the greeting before sending your Valentine.

6. Valentine Greeting Cards Maker

Available for: Android

Valentine's Day eCard maker for Android

Hey Android users, this is the app for you! Sorry iPhone people, keep reading to find the app for you. With this ecard app, you can pick a style of card, customize the message and font, and send it to whoever you like! You can save your designs, or send it through one of the available applications on your phone.

7. Blue Mountain

Available for: Web-based

Blue Mountain features a huge collection of ecard templates for different occasions and holidays in different tones. Besides cute, funny, heartfelt, inspirational, and offbeat Valentine’s eCard template collections, you can also find some ecards characters from famous movies and TVs.

Valentine's Day eCard templates

You can change the text font, size, and color as well as the background color, but it seems that you can’t change the template words. You can send this Valentine’s eCard to several people at the same time. However, you have to become a member to send it to your friends and family members, and for unlimited sending, you’ve to pay $6.99/month.

8. Romantic Card Maker

Available for: iOS

This app allows you to make Valentine’s cards for your loved ones straight from your smartphone! This specific app is designed for an iPad or an iPhone, sorry Android users, it’s the iPhone’s time to shine. This app includes many customizable cards, ringtones for you and your loved ones to share to put you in Valentine’s spirit, and a countdown until V Day! You’re sure to love this app.

What are you waiting for? All of these sites are free and are ready for you to use! Get your glitter and paper hearts ready and go get 'em, Valentine!

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