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Best 6 Glitch GIF Makers to Create Glitch Effect GIFs with Ease

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Back in the 80s, glitch art was popular within the community of graphic design. It gives a strange and distorted effect to your videos or photos that seem odd at first. Glitch effects can come in strips, inverted colors, or waves on a video. It looks like you are watching television, and the signal suddenly gets lost, giving a bad reception to the TV screen.

However, the glitch effect gained popularity through the years and is now available on video editing tools and GIF makers. You can even give a new look to your pictures. Either you want it to be like the old VHS footage or turn them into a static scene just like in the movies, a glitch GIF maker can do wonders for you.

Part 1: How to Choose Glitch GIF Editor?

The best glitch effect GIF maker depends on who uses the editor. There are content creators who prefer to have hundreds or even thousands of glitch effect options. Some do not want to go through the hassle of choosing from the list and rely on pre-made effects. To narrow down your options for a glitch gif maker, check out some factors you need to consider.

1.File Sharing Options

In the digital age, almost everyone creates content for social media consumption. Having the luxury to immediately share your glitch GIF on your social media account after editing saves you time. If you are this type of creator, make sure you choose the editor that offers such a feature.

2.File Format Support.

You can assure that most glitch GIF maker supports popular file formats when exporting. It will also be a plus for the GIF editor if, aside from the usual file formats you use, it can offer a broader range of formats to address different project requirements.

3.Quality of Exported Files.

Not all GIF editors have high-quality resolution when exporting files. Be sure to check each feature first before choosing an editor.

Part 2: Top 5 Glitch GIF Makers

If you are still undecided about which glitch GIF maker to use, you can refer to this list. It is narrowed down to six different editors that most creators use.

Best 3 Glitch GIF Maker Online

A glitch GIF maker online lets you create and edit GIFs using your browser and frees you from installing or downloading software to your device. No need to worry about compatibility issues with your operating system as everything is done on the web.


To avoid the hassle of creating your effects, you can rely on Photomosh’s selection of twenty-seven glitch effects that you can utilize to create GIFs. On its interface, you can select whether if you want to create a GIF, JPG of WEBM. To the right of the interface is the list of glitch effects with its intensity setting that you can adjust.

It’s a user-friendly web-based GIF maker that can also analyze a video or an image and create a random effect. You can just click or tap the Mosh button to begin.

glitch gif maker photomosh


  • It offers a broad selection of glitch effects.
  • Creators can download and save their outputs on a computer or hard drive
  • Offers easy process in editing photos and video clips
  • Mosh button provides users an easier way to make excellent glitch effects
  • Supports various file formats, WebM included


  • It does not guarantee a high-resolution output
  • Online file sharing is not supported


The glitch effect is just one of the many tools that Pixiko has in terms of video and photo editing. This web-based gif maker is user-friendly dedicated for beginners in video editing. All editing tools are placed in the interface, making it visible for users to select and customize GIFs.

glitch gif maker pixiko


  • Free and easy to use
  • Offers drag and drop capability


  • Offers limited glitch effects
  • Does not support direct file-sharing online
  • Exporting videos will take time

If you prefer the comfort of using pre-built glitch effects, is your glitch GIF maker. You do not need to create an account to produce a glitch GIF. Once you access its website, you just have to upload your file and choose, click on the Effects tab and make and find the glitch effect. provides real-time previews so you can immediately see the changes as it happens. It is also web-based allowing users to create GIFs on any device.


  • It allows file sharing through Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can also copy the link to your exported video for sharing.
  • Offers options for download your video as MP4 or a GIF
  • Provides various glitch effects
  • It is free.


  • The free version comes with a watermarked video output.
  • The interface takes time to load for longer videos.

Glitch GIF Maker Apps

Editing using the web has its perks, but some creators and editors do not want to feel the hassle of logging in to an account to edit videos, GIFs, and other content. Here lie these easy-to-install GIF maker applications for you.

1.90s Glitch

For smoother performance, interactive features, and security, you have the 90s Glitch to explore. This GIF maker app is developed for android users with user-friendly interface fir for all ages. Apart from glitch effects, you can add texts, shoot VHS videos, and retro filters and frames to your GIFs.

90s glitch gif maker


  • You can share your GIFs to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, WhatsApp, and more.
  • The application offers smooth functionality.
  • Users can work and edit even offline.
  • It allows live capture camera and glitch in real-time.
  • Supports HD quality when exporting.


  • Some features need to require an internet connection to function.
  • It eats up storage on your device.


Glitcho is another GIG maker application dedicated to android users. It has more than sixty VHS, vaporware and glitch effects for you to choose from. Whether it is a photo or a video you are editing, Glitcho’s advanced features allow you to choose among various color and RGB shifts, edit random seed, and adjust the thickness and intensity of all effects. Whether it is a photo you are working on, no need to worry since it offers a GIG generator.


  • Support file-sharing on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Support live capture and glitch real time
  • Allows users to choose files from the gallery and put glitch effects


  • You need to purchase some glitch effects as they are not for free.

Part 3: How Do You Make a GIF Glitch?

Turning your ordinary video or photo into an extraordinary one is just a few clicks and taps away. Using glitch GIF maker PhotoMosh, follow these steps below to transform your content.

  1. Launch PhotoMosh from your browser through You can click Load File to import your video/photo or click Use WebCam to take photo/video.
  2. On the upper left of the interface, you have the option to create JPG, GIF, or WEBM. You can click among the three. On the right side of the interface are several glitch effects that you can explore. Tick the box to preview the effect and perform the necessary adjustments.

    customize glitch gif photomosh

  3. To explore several effects without ticking the boxes, you can click the Mosh button at the bottom of the interface, and PhotoMosh will provide glitch effects for you. To adjust the thickness and speed of the effect, check the options on the right side of the interface. After all the adjustments, and if your video is good to go, click Save.

    save glitch gif photomosh


Social media content has been very competitive, and having to catch the attention of social media users takes creativity, style, and uniqueness. With all the glitch GIF maker options that are free and user-friendly, creating unique and eye-catching content is never expensive anymore. With just the right tools for every creator, you are assured of fresh content on your channel.

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