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Best Green Screen Movies

The green screen is as important in filmmaking as actors and directors these days. This is because the beautiful background you see in a movie scene is most likely to be a green screen work rather than a reality. If you call a movie that uses a green screen in the background as a green screen movie, then every movie of the modern era will fall under this label.

Even the video creators who publish their videos on video streaming platforms like YouTube, they also use green screens in their background. While editing, they replace the green screen with anything beautiful and eye-catching. Previously, Windows Movie Maker green screen technique has widely popular in movie making, but now, it is replaced by professional video editors. Here is our list of the top ten green screen movies that you may not be aware of.

1. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a 2010 film filmed on green screen almost entirely. The dark fantasy film has an ensemble cast of Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and Helena Bonham Carter. Directed by Tim Burton, the film features strange creatures, crazy buildings, and unique plants.

alice in wonderland

90% of the film has green screen portions and even the director used lavender lenses to counteract the nauseating effect. It was a huge success and all this was possible due to the green screen technique. Made on a budget of $150 million, it grossed over $1 billion.

2. Aquaman

The superhero film Aquaman was released in 2018 by DC. It featured an underwater kingdom of Atlantis with the help of the green screen technique. The making of the movie was primarily done using green screens and it turned out to be a commercial success.


The movie received praise for its visual effects. In fact, most superhero movies are entirely dependent on the green screen filming for all the stunning backgrounds. Sorry to break it to you, but the movie was not shot underwater. It is just a perfect combination of the green screen and extraordinary editing.

3. Avatar

Avatar is the highest-grossing film ever, and the success belongs to the green screen technique. Through the green screen effect alone, the director of the film James Cameron was able to create Pandora, an alien world. It offers the best visuals with lush forests and brilliant performances.


The graphics in the movie are still not outdated, and the movie left the audiences astonished especially because of the stunning graphics. Most graphical parts belong to green screen film, and we are all waiting for Avatar 2 where the green screen technique is sure to take it to the next level.

4. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Directed by Zack Snyder, another DC green screen movie was released in 2016. It was filmed using green screens even for the active scenes. There are many who think that green screen filming is all about changing the background to something beautiful.

batman v superman

However, they are part of every action sequence, especially when the background needs to be interesting. That is why you will find green screens everywhere in the movie, and they are the reasons why some fans wonder how the cinematography is achieved.

5. Life of Pi

Life of Pi was undoubtedly a masterpiece. It has stunning visuals and the cinematography was made using blue and green screens. The makers of the film were able to create roaring waves and ferocious tiger scenes using the technique.

life of pi

In fact, whenever you come across extraordinary scenes in this movie, it involves green screen filming technique. You will be surprised to know that the tiger was not even real but a part of graphic editing using blue screen technique.

6. Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth is another highly acclaimed film for its visual effects. It featured some weird characters and the locations were simply outstanding. It was made with 300 shots and took almost five months of post-production where green screens were converted to stunning visuals.

pans labyrinth

There are many who consider only the modern movie maker as green screen movie maker but this movie was made back in 200. The film won many awards and it was also commercially successful. The credit clearly goes the video editor and amazing use of green screen.

7. Sin City

The movie has been famous for all the wrong reasons, but there is one thing that the movie got perfectly correct, and that is the use of the green screen. This film has a lot of digital backgrounds and black and white visuals. Despite a lot of effort in the VFX, it went on to become a commercial disaster. But it did bring the green screen technique into the limelight from a very different perspective.

sin city

8. Star Wars

The 1977 film Star Wars was made with blue screens for sequences of X-Wing. It was one of the earliest films to make use of green screen technology. Today it has become one of the cult classics. Many believe that Windows movie maker green screen is the main thing apart from the imagination of the movie writer and the director having a perfect viewpoint. You can literally consider this movie as the pioneer of green screen technology in the film industry.

star wars

9. Titanic

Titanic is the first movie that comes to mind where you would think no green screen movie maker play any part. However, we are sorry to break it to you that the most popular movie scene in Titanic movie used green screens. In fact, throughout the movie, green screens are widely used for stunning graphics and actions. Most parts of the movie were shot in the studio with green screens instead of a real ship.


10. Jurassic World

We cannot possibly end the list of green screen movies without mentioning Jurassic World. The reason why Jurassic World series was famous is that people used to wonder how the movie was shot with dinosaurs to play with. The majority of the movie has used the green screen technique not only for the backgrounds but also for the realistic look for the dinosaurs. After Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Jurassic World movies popularized the green screen technology.

jurassic world


The green screen technique has become an integral part of almost every movie. Literally, nothing is impossible in a movie scene when you have the helping hands of the green screen technique. In fact, using the green screen technique is a regular thing with video streamers who use green screens in their background for better graphics. Video streamers have moved on from Windows movie maker green screen to a professional video editor green screen for easy editing and stunning video quality.

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