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Replacing Sky Background Using Adobe Photoshop: A Comprehensive Guide

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 29, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Editing images is an essential point for photographers to make their work stand out. Creators use certain editing tools to polish their captured media. Suppose having an image with low sunlight that dims the natural beauty of the surroundings. In this situation, replacing sky backgrounds seems the only way to set a stunning landscape. 

Photographers mostly rely on Adobe Photoshop sky replacement packs for this purpose. Using this option, users put life in their dull media with skies. Without further delay, learn everything about sky replacement Photoshop in this guide.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How Good Has Photoshop Been in Helping Users Make Crisp Pictures and Media?
  2. Part 2: A Detailed Guide on How to Replace Sky Background in Photoshop?
  3. Part 3: An Alternative Solution: Wondershare Filmora Providing Workability with Easy Background Replacement
  4. Conclusion
Sky Replacement
A cross-platform works like magic for background removal or sky replacement photos!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: How Good Has Photoshop Been in Helping Users Make Crisp Pictures and Media?

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor tool designed for professional digital art. It is widely used to grow business through designing virtual backgrounds and graphics. You can adjust the subject's features and poses to make perfect portraits. To transform letters into artistic expressions, it offers Photoshop brushes and paints. Users can collaborate with their teammates and share work for approvals with this tool.

Key Features To Look Out In Adobe Photoshop

This tool can accelerate workflow with its latest features. It allows you to expand, add, and remove content from images with high-quality results. The following are some key features of Photoshop for your better understanding of this tool:

  • It offers a sky replacement Photoshop feature that can change the sky from captured images.
  • You can remove and replace your background in Photoshop and refine it as required.
  • With the remove object feature, users can erase unwanted objects from images.
  • Use the “Colorize” feature and make your black-and-white images colorful.
  • Enhance workflow by using “Layer” masking that hides part of images without erasing them.

Part 2: A Detailed Guide on How to Replace Sky Background in Photoshop?

With AI integration in Adobe Photoshop, you can change skies with simple clicks. It provides a collection of skies from the Blue Skies, Spectacular, and sunset categories. Also, users can import any sky from their gallery or download one from presets. To do so, let us show you how to change the sky in Photoshop in given steps:

Step 1: Bring your desired image to the Adobe Photoshop. Head to the top toolbar and click the "Edit" option next to the "File." Look for the “Sky Replacement” option from the list.

access sky replacement feature

Step 2: After tapping "Sky Replacement," you will get a respective screen on your front. Press the downward symbol next to the "Sky" and pick one sky from available options.

change sky in photoshop

Step 3: Alternatively, you can hit the "+" icon and browse the sky image from your system. When you choose one, it gets added to the existing sky list. Select that and tap the "OK" button to apply changes in your media.

try other skies and confirm

Part 3: An Alternative Solution: Wondershare Filmora Providing Workability with Easy Background Replacement

Changing sky in Photoshop is difficult for beginners and requires a basic skill set. It may take a lot of your time to understand its functionalities. That’s why choosing a tool with simple operation and high-quality output is important. In this regard, you should use Wondershare Filmora as a better option for everyone. It is a video editor that offers a variety of powerful features.

Using this tool, you can remove and change the background from your images or videos. With the integration of AI, it can automatically detect the object and foreground.

Other Prominent Video Editing Features

Apart from changing background, Filmora can perform A to Z video editing tasks. Let’s explore some of the key features to overview its fruitful functionalities:

Free Download
Free Download

1. AI Text-to-Video

Who needs a camera and crew when you can effortlessly generate video from text? Filmora can transform your text into an engaging storytelling video with just text prompts. After getting the video, you can customize the video’s appearance with fonts, styles, and colors. Users can add smooth transitions between text elements for a cohesive flow.

ai text to video filmora

2. AI Music Generator

Sometimes, we get tired of searching for music that perfectly aligns with our video content. In such cases, AI music generator saves us by providing the music we want. It offers you many options to choose from different genres and styles. You can set the music duration and number of tracks you want to generate. Then, you can make manual adjustments like balancing sound and auto normalization.

ai music generator filmora

3. AI Image

Similar to text-to-video, Filmora can generate images from text. To do so, just describe your imagination in simple words. Then, you are asked to pick one resolution from given options. You can use the generated images in your projects directly. It allows you to generate an image from your chosen style. A few of the styles include Freestyle, Cyberpunk, and Futuristic.

ai image filmora

4. AI Copilot Editing

While editing projects, humans often require suggestions or assistance. For this purpose, Filmora provides you with AI Copilot as your personal AI assistant. It will prevent errors in your editing by sending error messages. You can get the best editing solution as per your needs. This way, the quality of your project gets increased.

ai copilot editing filmora

5. AI Vocal Remover

With advanced algorithms, it is an exceptional feature of Filmora. It relieves your breath by removing unwanted vocals from your audio or video. You can now completely remove vocal sounds from the video and add your recorded ones. It’s an automated process that separates voice and background in the media panel. 

ai vocal remover filmora

Steps To Remove Background Using Two Unique Ways with Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is one of the easiest tools to operate that anyone can use to get desired results. It allows users to approach the same features in different ways. Similarly, there are two unique ways to remove or change the sky Photoshop background, which are given below.

Free Download
Free Download

Method 1: Using Chroma Key

Step 1: Start your project in Filmora and import two files in the timeline. Bring the background clip first in the timeline, then the original file. Cut the unnecessary portion of background-clip.

importing media files

Step 2: Keep them selected and come to the "AI Tools" option in the right-side panel. Enable the "Chroma Key" toggle, and AI will automatically replace the background. You can use the “Tolerance,” “Edge Thickness,” and “Edge Feather” sliders for manual changes.

use chroma key to remove background

Method 2: Through AI Portrait

Step 1: Import your background clip and main video in Filmora 13. Place the background clip on track 1 and the main clip on the 2nd track in the timeline.

adding files to filmora

Step 2: Hold both of them and head to the right-side panel. Press the “AI Tools” option and scroll to access the "AI Portrait." Enable that option, and your background will automatically change with AI. Now, you can make manual changes by moving the “Edge Thickness” and “Feather” sliders.  

using ai portrait on filmora


To wrap up, let’s say that Sky Photoshop sets the right tone for your media with landscapes. On the other hand, this feature might prove difficult for some users to handle. Thus, they can rely on Wondershare Filmora for convenience. Beginners and professionals can benefit from its extraordinary features in video editing.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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