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How To Reduce Audio Noise With The Right Tools (Offline/Online)

Do you know videos get annoying when there is distortion in them? However, you can reduce audio noise in your videos using denoise tools.
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Jul 17, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Videos are like a hook that keeps us engaged for a good long time. Similarly, they are a great medium of information and entertainment. Good video content help us learn better and to memorize the information in it. However, this can be a problem when videos have issues like annoying background noises. Even distortion or jittery sound can turn a good-quality video into a poor source.

Nevertheless, there is a solution to almost every problem. There are tools that can help to remove distortion and background noises from a video. Such tools will help you reduce audio noise in the background or any distortion in your media file. You can download such software that will help you denoise your media content. In this way, your content will sound crispier and sharper with better audio quality.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Are The Benefits of Audio Denoising in Videos?
  2. Part 2: Wondershare Filmora: How To Denoise Audio Properly?
  3. Part 3: Online Solutions: Reduce Audio Noise With The Right Tools

Part 1: What Are The Benefits of Audio Denoising in Videos?

There are tools that will help you reduce noise from audio without any hassle. Such tools are very useful when it comes to removing distortion from your audio files. You can also denoise your files, but first, learn some of the benefits of audio denoising.

1. Clear Sound Quality

Audio denoising help to clear any unwanted noise, hiss, or any other background voice. This feature helps to improve the overall listening experience of the user. Once all the distortion is removed, the audio of your project will sound better and more polished.

2. Optimized Communication

Having clear and clean audio is important in videos for effective communication. Moreover, it makes sure that viewers can easily understand the dialogue or message. Better sound quality also improves the overall communication within the project or a video.

3. Professional and Factual

When there's background noise or disturbances in the audio, the content appears to be faulty. It also can make the video less professional and not as trustworthy. If we remove the background noise, it helps the video to look more meaningful and professional.

4. Enhanced Audience Involvement

Clean sound keeps people interested and helps them stay attentive to the story. Moreover, people tend to be hooked more to the information in the video. It helps viewers to stay engaged, follow what's happening, and enjoy watching the video.

5. Availability and Diversity

Reducing background noise makes the speech clearer and easier to follow. Additionally, when subtitles or captions are available, then it makes the video more captivating. This makes the videos more accessible to more people with diverse backgrounds.

6. Adjustable Editing Opportunities

Removing unwanted noise from the audio while editing a video gives us more flexibility. By doing so, you can work on your project later. Clean audio allows us to make accurate changes to the sound, like adjusting the volume or adding effects. Additionally, it makes your audio file better than before.

7. Uniformity and Uninterrupted Flow

By eliminating noise, each video part will have a similar sound profile. Meanwhile, this will create a smooth and uninterrupted audio experience for the viewers. Consistent audio quality is important in providing a seamless and unified viewing experience.

8. Audio Reconstruction

Eliminating such noises from audio is very helpful for fixing older or damaged recordings. It enhances the quality and makes it easier to understand audio. You can even reconstruct your old audio files and keep them safe. This will also help you to improve the quality of your old audio files.

Part 2: Wondershare Filmora: How To Denoise Audio Properly?

Wondershare Filmora is a comprehensive video editing software that features many effective video management tools. From video editing to denoise audio editing, everything is possible in Filmora. For those who are new to this tool, Filmora makes it very easy to manage such videos. To know how you can using Wondershare Filmora, look below into the steps:

Reduce Video/Audio Noise
Reduce Video/Audio Noise
Step 1Add Audio with Noise on Filmora

On opening Filmora on your computer, continue to select the "New Project" button from the home screen. As this opens a window, continue to the "Import" options to add in the video or audio that needs editing. Drag and drop it to the timeline to continue with free audio noise removal.

add video for denoising
Step 2Adjust Audio Settings

As the media is imported successfully, right-click to open a list of options. Select "Adjust Audio" from the drop-down menu to open the audio settings on the screen.

open audio settings
Step 3Successfully Denoise Audio

In the "Denoise" section, you can activate options such as "AI Speech Enhancement," "Wind Removal," and "Normal Denoise." Also, you can set the sliders of "DeReverb," "Hum Removal," and "Hiss Removal." After correcting the audio, click the “Export” button for opening the window to save the final product.

adjust audio settings for denoising

Part 3: Online Solutions: Reduce Audio Noise With The Right Tools

Your noise distortion or annoying background sounds is no more a hassle. These top 3 free audio noise removal online tools will help you with your problem. In this section, the steps of how to use these audio deniosers are also provided.

1. is one of the most comprehensive video enhancers and editors out there. It can improve the quality of your images and also can edit your videos in a breeze. Besides this, it is also a great online audio noise reducer. You can import your audio files and simply let the tool eliminate all the distortion from your file.

Step 1: Access the online tool by going to its website. As you continue next, select the “Remove Noise Now” button to lead to a new window. Then, drag and drop your audio file from your system.

open media io website

Step 2: Next, in the "Noise Reducer," select the type of noise you want to remove from your audio file. You can select any of the provided options for removing the type of noise present in your content. Once selected, select the “Reduce noise now” button to initiate the process.

set noise reduction parameters

Step 3: Continue to preview your audio file under the "Result Preview" option. Proceed to download the file once completed by pressing "Download."

preview and export denoised audio


This online video editor provides a diversity of features to its users with qualitative assurance. Not only can you edit videos, but provides the feasibility of editing audio. If you have recorded content with background noise, it can be easily removed using To know how this noise cancelling online tool works, follow the steps as follows:

Step 1: On opening the browser screen and navigating to the official link of, click the "Clean your audio now" button.

open veed io denoiser

Step 2: You will be led to a new window where you can add the distorted video or audio. Open importing it successfully on, continue to the "Settings" section from the left, and look for the "Audio" settings.

upload audio to veed io

Step 3: To remove background noise from the audio, click the "Clean Audio" button and access "Done" from the top-right corner. Continue to export the video successfully from background noise remover.

remove noise and export

3. Kapwing

Another impressive online video editor, Kapwing, provides its users with the option of removing noise from audio. With a clean and simple interface, it is not difficult to reduce audio noise through Kapwing. For an understanding of how this audio noise reduction online free tool works, follow the steps below explaining the operations of Kapwing:

Step 1: As you access the online webpage of Kapwing, click the "Upload video or audio" button to continue further.

open kapwing website

Step 2: As you tap the "Upload" button on the new window and add your video, a new editing section opens on the right panel.

upload audio to kapwing

Step 3: Look for the "Clean Audio" button in the "AI Tools" section on the right to remove the audio noise from the added media. Once it is done, click the "Export Project" button on the top to download the edited video successfully.

denoise audio and export


To conclude, videos are a great source of entertainment and information for almost everyone. So, why go for a video with too much distortion and jitters? Wondershare Filmora has added an excellent feature to denoise your video or audio files. This tool has a feature to reduce or remove background noises or distortion from your videos. With this feature, your video files will have a more clear and sharp audio sound.

Reduce Video/Audio Noise
Reduce Video/Audio Noise
Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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