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How to Remove Audio From Video in Magix Movie Edit Pro

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Sep 01, 2022• Proven solutions

A poorly recorded audio can ruin a perfectly captured video, but luckily all video editing programs allow you to remove audio files you don't want to use from your project. If you recorded the audio from your Smartphone or a camera that doesn't feature a professional microphone, chances are that the audio in that video clip will not be used in the project you are working on.

We will show you how you can remove audio files from a video in Magix Edit Pro in only a several simple steps that take a minimum amount of effort and time.

Removing Audio from Video in Magix Movie Edit Pro

During the editing process original audio files are often separated from the video files because video editors can manipulate video files better and the audio files are replaced by the sound recordings of better quality.

1. Place the video clips onto the timeline


The first step in the process of removing audio from the video will require you to place the video clip onto the timeline. You can do so by clicking on the 'Import' tab and dragging the file to the timeline from the folder in which the video clip is stored. After you've positioned the video file onto the video track in the Magix Movie Edit Pro you will notice that the audio file isn't displayed, which means that audio and video tracks are linked together and that all the changes you make on the video file will also apply to the audio file.

2.Separate the audio and the video

magix ungroup

In order to avoid changing the speed of the audio file when you are trying to alter the playback speed of the video file, you need to separate the two files. You can do this easily, by selecting the video clip on the timeline and clicking the 'Ungroup' icon located on the editor's toolbar. Upon clicking the 'Ungroup' icon you will be able to see the audio file on the track directly below the video track.

If you would like to remove an entire file, select it and then right-click on it. From the menu that emerges select the 'Delete objects' option or just hit the 'Delete' button on your keyboard. However, if you would like to use parts of the original file utilize the 'Split objects' tool to separate the parts of the audio file you want to use, from the ones you don't need. Then after cutting all the parts of the file, you don't want to use, delete them by using one of the two methods we described.

In order to reach a high level of precision, click on the 'Zoom current object' icon that is located in the lower right corner of the editor. Choosing to zoom in on the audio file you are working on will enable you to have a better control over it and apply all the changes and audio effects with a higher level of precision.

3.Export the project as an audio file

After you made all the changes you wanted and removed all the parts of audio files you didn't want to feature in your video you can export only an audio file.


Select the audio files you want to export on the editor's audio track and click on 'File/Movie export'. From the 'Movie export' menu, select one of following options 'Audio as MP3' or 'Audio as WAV', depending on the output format you wish to use. Adjust the export settings and wait for Magix Movie Edit Pro to complete the export.

A better way of removing Audio From Video

Removing audio files from videos in Magix Movie Edit Pro is easy, but if you are looking for a video editing software that provides more powerful audio editing options consider using Filmora. Wondershare Filmora is equipped with many advanced video editing options that will enable you to create perfect soundtracks for your videos. Editing audio files with Filmora is easy because you can perform all the essential editing tasks with just a few simple clicks. The program supports a large number of audio file formats and even enables you to narrate your videos, and add the files you recorded to your project effortlessly.

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