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[Top 9] Best Solutions To Go For When Creating an AI Thumbnail

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 17, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Thumbnails are a small visual preview of the images, videos, and documents to represent the linked content. They are mostly used in web pages, video playlists, and photo galleries to offer a visual preview to the users. Furthermore, professional YouTube content creators put extra effort into making captivating thumbnails for the videos. Such thumbnails help in click-baiting and gaining maximum viewership on YouTube.

In this article, we will highlight some competent AI thumbnail makers in detail. With such AI tools, you can create desired AI thumbnails in the best visual quality. Hence, consider this guide to use AI thumbnail creator for your YouTube videos without putting in manual effort.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Some Other Top-Rated Solutions For Generating AI Thumbnails (Online)
  2. Part 2: What Are The Benefits of Using Thumbnails in Generating Online Content?
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: The First-Base Solution To AI Thumbnail Making
  4. Conclusion
AI Thumbnail Creator
Generate template-driven video thumbnails with the help of AI in Filmora.
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Some Other Top-Rated Solutions For Generating AI Thumbnails (Online)

Although Filmora provides a wonderful experience creating thumbnails, you must know about other online options. In this section, we will highlight some reliable online AI thumbnail generators with their key features.

1. is an efficient tool that uses AI-powered algorithms to create thumbnails. These intelligent algorithms bring authentic results within a few minutes. To use this thumbnail generator AI, describe the thumbnail through the text field. You can write multiple words by adding commas to provide a comprehensive description. Once done, click the “Generate” button to craft the AI thumbnail.

veed io ai thumnail maker

Key Features

  • io can function as a video editor to alter the settings of your video. Using this tool, you can add subtitles to your video in your preferred language.
  • It includes a screen recorder to capture your screen activities in high resolution. Afterward, modify the screen recording with its editing tools.
  • To generate vibrant images for your work projects, try its AI image generator. With this tool, describe your imagination through words to craft convincing images.

2. Simplified

Simplified is a famous platform offering unique features to generate videos and images. By navigating to its AI thumbnail maker, you can select the size of your thumbnail. Once done, explain your video content in the given box. Moreover, you can add personalized colors, text, and images without hassle. This online thumbnail maker AI also offers different options for thumbnail templates to generate attractive results.

simplified ai thumnail maker

Key Features

  • This tool offers an AI Writer through which you can create outlines and scripts for the videos. Craft compelling captions for your social media posts with this feature.
  • It contains a free graphic design tool on which you can create posts and illustrations in real time. Once done, publish the created design on this online platform.
  • To make excellent presentations within a few minutes, try its AI presentation maker. Describe your topic in the text field, and the tool will use AI technology to create presentations.

3. Thumbnail.AI

Thumbnail.AI is a basic tool with a beginner-friendly interface. It’s a specialized tool in which you can make both manual and AI thumbnails. For AI generation, you have to add text and additional explanations in the given boxes. Moreover, it offers three thumbnail sizes: square, rectangle, and vertical. To craft more captivating thumbnails, insert images relevant to your content. Thus, this thumbnail generator is the best option for beginners.

thumnail ai ai thumnail maker

Key Features

  • To add images to your thumbnail, this tool provides three options. You can search, link, or upload images on this thumbnail AI tool easily.
  • While creating thumbnails, the tool allows you to incorporate different elements. You can add icons, shapes, people, and social media banners.
  • The customization options let you change the background color of the thumbnail. It also displays multiple options for font presets.

4. Hotpot.AI

If you want a comprehensive tool to create AI YouTube thumbnails, try Hotpot. It’s a free tool containing hundreds of YouTube thumbnail templates. After choosing the template, you can edit it without any skills. On the editing window, alter the width, height, and background color of the template. Furthermore, apply unique patterns and brand logos to the thumbnail for more effective results.

hotpot ai thumnail maker

Key Features

  • Are you annoyed by the unwanted people in the background of your videos? If yes, use the AI background remover of this tool to eradicate unnecessary objects from the background in an effective way.
  • If you have a collection of vintage or old photos, colorize them with this online tool. With its colorizer feature, you can apply natural colors and shades to old images.
  • This tool also includes an option to enhance the quality of facial images. It can remove blurriness, scratches, and tears from the uploaded images.

5. Canva

Canva is an all-one tool providing a robust interface to create designs, photos, and videos. By accessing its interface, you can find thousands of templates of multiple categories. You can filter the templates by choosing a specific style and theme. There are different themes for YouTube thumbnails on Canva, such as illustration, company, and business. Furthermore, select a thumbnail designed in your favorite color.

canva ai thumnail maker

Key Features

  • On this thumbnail AI generator, the thumbnail templates are 100% customizable. After editing them, you can download them quickly.
  • Canva offers a PDF editor to edit and manage your PDF documents. Perform basic and advanced editing on your PDF files through this tool.
  • Using this tool, make photo collages by combining desired photos. You can select attractive borders and styling boards to create collages.

6. Appy Pie

This AI thumbnail generator offers up to 47 thumbnail templates for your YouTube channel. You can preview and edit the thumbnail template within a few clicks. Furthermore, you can also design your own thumbnail by entering the text prompt. On its interface, it gives you the option to drag and drop the relevant images. By doing so, the tool will insert the relevant images on your thumbnail to generate the best results.

appy pie ai thumnail maker

Key Features

  • Do you want to create captivating avatars? You can try the AI avatar generator of this tool to create a personalized avatar by uploading your own photo.
  • This tool consists of an AI text-to-video generator to craft stunning visuals. By using your textual prompt, generate a flawless video. Afterward, you can customize it from the given options.
  • Using this online platform, add voiceovers to the videos with AI technology. You can write the narration in text and choose a preferred language. The tool will create a voiceover in natural voices.

7. AI YouTube Thumbnails

Do you want a professional and expert tool for creating AI thumbnails? This online tool is able to create 5 thumbnails for your video within five minutes. You can enter your video’s title or description in the text field as instructions. Afterward, the tool will email you with five attractive and relevant thumbnails for your video. Hence, it’s an easy-to-use tool to generate eye-catching thumbnails in minimal time.

ai youtube thumbnails tool

Key Features

  • Using advanced algorithms, this tool can convert the text into AI slides in an efficient manner. You can copy-paste the text, and the tool will generate an AI presentation with a single click.
  • It offers advanced options to edit your Google slides to generate compelling results. You can remix layouts and content to create astonishing slides.
  • This tool can help you collaborate with your team by sharing custom themes and styles. This will help you to stay on board while designing for your brand or company.

8. Snappa

Snappa is widely used to craft high-resolution images in desired colors and styles. Using this AI platform, create YouTube thumbnails with many templates. You can also start from scratch to display your creativity to the world. Moreover, upload a frame from your video to add a background in the thumbnail. It also offers thousands of royalty-free images, which you can utilize in the creation of thumbnails.

snappa ai thumnail maker

Key Features

  • In this AI thumbnail creator, choose different dimensions to create images for social media posts. You can create Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other posts through this tool.
  • To customize the template, add different elements from the options. You can add background, shapes, and effects to personalize the template.
  • It provides multiple options to add graphics while designing a thumbnail. Add icons, vectors, photos, and uploads from your PC.

9. Picmaker

Picmaker offers the easiest way to create YouTube thumbnails in the desired manner. In this thumbnail AI maker, you can get perfectly sized YouTube thumbnails in the correct dimensions. You can use fancy colors and stylish text fonts in personalizing the thumbnail templates. Furthermore, download the thumbnail in many formats, such as SVG, PNG, PDF, and JPEG.

picmaker ai thumnail maker

Key Features

  • To create perfect online graphics, try its image resizer tool. Using this tool, you can resize the created digital designs according to the requirements of a particular platform.
  • This AI thumbnail generator allows you to create customized brand kits. Create a brand kit by uploading fonts, colors, and logos effectively.
  • By using its free photo editor, enhance the visual appearance of your images. You can apply captivating effects to the photos from the listed options. Also, blur the specific parts of the photo to add an aesthetic appeal.

Part 2: What Are The Benefits of Using Thumbnails in Generating Online Content?

Using thumbnails in creating online content can bring you many benefits. More specifically, if you want to generate thumbnails for YouTube videos, it can help you gain massive viewership. To know more about the benefits of thumbnail AI tools, read the below part:

1. Promotion of Brand

If you want to do your brand marketing, adding thumbnails in the videos can make an impact. You can add logos associated with your brand colors and fonts. This will help in gaining trust and credibility from your audience. Furthermore, it will display your professionalism by adding thumbnails relevant to your brand or company.

2. Enhanced Visual Representation

Thumbnails in a video help users browse and locate the content. With improved visibility of the content, users would be able to identify the content of your video. Moreover, it can increase your click-through rate (CTR), which can positively influence your viewership.

3. Offering Aesthetic Value

If you want to grow your YouTube channel or a website, YouTube thumbnail AI can help. They add an aesthetic appeal to your content, which can grasp the attention of viewers. Additionally, it will compel the viewers to explore your channel. As a result, build a strong community on your platform that can influence future progress.

4. Making Your Content Stands Out

In this competitive era, there are millions of channels and websites on online platforms. To gain a competitive edge among other channels, adding professional thumbnails is essential. Hence, make a prominent identity in the crowded online space through thumbnails.

5. Better SEO Ranking

Some online sites encourage the usage of thumbnails in the content. The reason is that thumbnails provide a preview to the users before clicking the video. In such a way, users can browse the content effortlessly. Hence, it can provide an improved SEO ranking that can highlight your content.

Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: The First-Base Solution To AI Thumbnail Making

If you want to experience a desktop-based solution for thumbnail AI creation, Wondershare Filmora is there for you. By launching this tool on Windows or macOS, you can execute professional video editing in its robust interface. Along with basic editing features like trimming and rearranging, utilize its AI tools.

It uses AI technology to provide the best performance in editing videos. It not only boosts your overall productivity but also brings perfection in editing videos. With the latest Filmora V13 launch, you can avail yourself of many game-changing features for video editing.

After this launch, you can modify your videos with the upgraded interface and intuitive controls. The new features include AI Copilot editing, AI copywriting, AI vocal remover, etc. Furthermore, it has also introduced an AI thumbnail maker to craft aesthetic thumbnails for the videos smartly.

Free Download
Free Download

AI Thumbnail Creator Feature of Filmora

The AI Thumbnail feature of Filmora uses advanced algorithms to recognize the best shots from your video. By doing so, it can capture three thumbnails from your video that are linked to your video content. It also provides many customization options to meet your requirements for generating thumbnails. You can apply desired color schemes, fonts, and design elements.

Filmora also consists of up to 58 thumbnail templates to provide you with inspiring ideas. Moreover, it also supports advanced text and image editing to create flawless thumbnails. Thus, you must try the AI thumbnail generator of this tool for automated results.

Step-by-Step Guide To Use the AI Thumbnail Feature

Do you know how to use the AI thumbnail maker of Filmora? Here are the relevant instructions that can help you in this regard:

Step 1: Access the Thumbnail Generator

Launch Filmora on your PC and import the desired video. Once done with editing your video, hit the “Export” option. It will instantly open the Export window on your screen. From there, click the “Edit” option in the top left corner. This will open the thumbnail generator of Filmora on your screen.

access export section and edit thumbnail

Step 2: Determine the Desired Video Frame

After accessing the thumbnail generator, you can see the best frames of your video on the left side. These frames are gathered by AI technology to bring you the best frame options. While keeping in the “From Video” section, choose your preferred frame and then tap on "Edit."

select desired ai generated thumbnail

Step 3: Choose a Suitable Template

Now, the tool will display the thumbnail templates of different categories. Specify your category and then select the required thumbnail template from the listed options. Once done, tap on the “Save” button.

set template on thumbnail and save

Step 4: Convert the Frame into a Thumbnail

Once you have saved the thumbnail template, the “Export” window will appear. From this window, click “Export” to convert the video frame into a thumbnail. After the conversion, check the AI-generated thumbnail by clicking the “Open Folder” option.

export final video


To make your YouTube videos look aesthetic, you should add relevant thumbnails. This will engage the viewers and help them to locate your content. Thus, being a content creator, you should know about some compelling thumbnail AI tools. By using AI-supported thumbnail creators, you can make attractive and high-quality thumbnails with little effort. Therefore, we highly recommend Filmora, which can create flawless thumbnails with up to 58 templates.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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